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totally agree and it is for the multiplayer that i will double dip.waiting on a good offer here in the uk before i do so though.

ive spent enough already on launch day version and all dlc #1.1.1
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photo mode will be patch day 1 i believe. as for multiplayer i guess just wait for release tomorrow when people can actually get hold of it #3.1
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the survivors is just a 'score system' and it gets quite emotional as you link your facebook account as it makes all of them your real life mates.

the best multiplayer game ive played this gen along side souls series #2.1
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had a go at took forever to get a hands on at the expo.

I think it has great potential.played as medic but didn't get a chance to revive anyone! couldn't say if it is well balanced or not and for me that will make or break this. with lack of single player it will be a hard sell for me but I have to say,I liked what I saw.need to get more hands on before making a decision #1
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it wasn't as good as iNFAMOUS 2, and the only reason for that to me is the length and slightly week story.

I loved every second of I:SS albeit the short time it took to finish good/evil stuff #1.1.4
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True. Maybe that analogy is not the best i could have used, but the point still remains.

If enthusiasts of these tech gadgets and toys love buying them day one, it is not necessary. But something we can all agree is that it makes us tech enthusiasts happy picking up the newest and coolest stuff on the market.

edit: The ps4 is the first console i have ever bought on day 1. and ive been gaming avidly since before the sega master system #1.6.2
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was it necessary to buy the latest iPhone when you had the previous model?

stupid questions directed to enthusiasts of phones/gaming consoles/ mp3 players/ TV set or anything really we purchase for our entertainment.

Me getting ps4 day one was not necessary but i certainly do not regret it. Resogun has been the only title so far that has been getting a lot of attention from me throughout this first year, but i have also had some pretty good experiences with O... #1.6
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They should have had a £10 upgrade offer just like they did with need for speed rivals and cod ghosts and battlefield 4.

I bought it day 1 with season pass. I think people in that situation deserve at least a discount. #1.1.3
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not to sound like an arse it being alpha/beta and all but the loading time is way too long on ps4, here is hoping they sort it out #6.3.1
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not so easy i imagine, due to the fact she had some ai programmed to help joel in sticky situations. ie flanking a clicker or runner with bricks and bottles or her pocket knife.

yes it looked stupid and broke the illusion , but it didn't do enough damage to the masterpiece as a whole.

@biggcman lol for me 2. it cut the tension a little bit

@irishguy i disagree, i found the enemy AI extremely impresive, don't know if it was the AI its... #2.1.1
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whats the loading like in the beta? it was quite long in the alpha and that was my only complaint of the alpha.

would love to try it out if anyone has a spare beta key? #WishfulThinking :)

thanks guys helpful bub. the gameplay of the alpha is all i needed to sell me on the main game come september #6
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yay.congratulations you have a rig that could hypothetically run bloodborne but never will.
tell me again how amazing 240fps is and how much of an idiot the peasants are for the low pixel output. /s #8.3.3
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how many fps does bloodborne run on PC? id rather be a peasant than a fool #8.3
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I love how the "master race" has so much time on their hands after counting pixels and frames to be in console posts and spread their morals on hypocrisy.

PS you have a PC try googling the difference in pricing and differences in currency worldwide . while your at it Google bloodborne, sunset overdrive, the last of us, splatoon, zelda and resogun :) #1.2.2
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Call me when you can run the last of us at any frames per second. Also bloodborne: shove that in your PC and smoke it #1.4.4
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Blame the badly worded article. Unfortunately lbp3 won't appear on xbox #4.3
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its developed by sumo digital, guys who made the vita version and arguably the best LBP yet. there are also media molecule team members actively helping in the development of this so i am not worried.

The reveal of this was both surprising and extremely pleasant to watch looking forward to this and using odd sock to race like a mad dog #1.1
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for me it was sunset overdrive. such a fun and quirky looking title that oozes class. im actually interested in phantom dust and spellbound too but i hate it when games are revealed with no gameplay, so ill keep my eye out for those. #1.8
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Looks insanely fun, wow #5
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It should be reptile on xb1 and sub zero ps4. would make the most sense, but both are pretty cool covers as it stands #1.5
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