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MM VR Lordran?

Yes Please #1
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@andrew TLOU no replay value? you are a freaking moron. i can safely say you haven't played TLOU and for that im glad. You wouldn't know a masterpiece of a game if it smacked you in the face and frankly you don't deserve too.

if you honestly want to see why you are so deluded check out the mutliplayer of TLOU #2.1.4
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@upbeat bad examples man.

both Dust and Spelunky where pretty good games. nothing ground breaking for sure but fun nonetheless, especially spelunky.

the last 2 months have been great in terms of AAA games, i hope they continue this path #1.1.12
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*runs to store to resupply nappies

honestly this would be too cool to try. This might get me into VR proper #1.1
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people still worried about a game from a studio like Naughty Dog?

Anything that comes from Naughty Dog is at the worst way above average. There is no way in hell Uncharted 4 will be anything less than amazing #2
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perfectly valid question. this is what they promised from November 2013 at the very least is them giving a ETA on it for people still waiting for it.

I caved in and bought it last week but Sony not at least addressing the issue is a little lame to be honest #3.2
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so what about the publications not reporting about sabotage of The Fine Young Capitalist's attempt to bring more women into game development. The same people crying wolf refuse to report that Zoe Quinn destroyed TFYC attempt at their charity.

Whatever suits their narrative. Where are these same SJW's to report when men get swatted? I guess they don't really care about these people because they tend to have the wrong genitals... #2.1.1
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propaganda at it's finest.

Fact most people being swatted are men. There is no denying this fact but wait, one woman may or may not have been swatted lets taint gamergate as the perpetrators. #2
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agreed. i think the picture was funny #2.1.1
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let the tipping of fedoras begin #1
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great video, it is a shame most antis will shrug it off as BS and lies #1.1
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Been playing binding of Isaac. Damn that game is bloody addictive #2.1
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@darkrider the deflections are strong with this one.

I'm honestly shocked at the stupidity you exhibit. Why are you asking so many questions?

It is clear to me you haven't read/examined the sources i have already provided you to read.

If you honestly believe that she hasn't done anything wrong, i honestly pity you. I have never met anyone who is so blatantly stubborn and one sided thinking as you.

P.S. Learn to read. N... #8.2.6
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@PeasFor That analogy is laughable at best.

@Irish Couldn't agree more #2.2
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Check out the special snowflake Leigh Alexander of Gamasutra and specifically her XOXO speech check out from 10:10 onwards if you cant be arsed watching the whole thing. SPOILER ALERT: She even admits to having an Agenda

or how about this incredible specimen. Another "journalist" who's incredible work ethics almost ruined an industry veteran
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ill probably get a bubbled down "off topic" for this one too but oh well.

They also steal articles and news from Youtubers and claim the scoop as their own as in the case of Total Biscuit letting the public know of Shadow of Mordors questionable practices. Screw Polygon. Their obvious bias towards Microsoft based stuff wasn't enough to distance me before visiting their site, but this new crap they come out and say and outright censorship of #Gamergate is their... #12.1
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Great stuff. I prefer Kung Lao to Liu Kang #2
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"It will not be a surprise that if we take out Candy Crush Saga as a game the number might drop significantly.

However we cannot do that and so must accept the reality that now there is a need for change in the traditional gamer thinking and in order to explore more financial success our game developers should come up with a strategy that will appeal to the majority."

These people are totally crazy. Do they actually think that getting a female prot... #4
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good news if true, crap website that i won't give any clicks to.

Maybe the UK police could now also arrest those disingenuous "journalists" at Polygon for lying, colluding and totally unethical practices. They are just as poisonous and vile as the Lizard Squad in regards to gaming. #2
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Good. Hopefully this sort of Sh*t gets less and less frequent. #1
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