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oh look its Polygon trying to remain relevant!
Garbage site no click from me

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Lack of metal gear solid 3 is BS

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developers are free to do whatever, PERIOD.
No ifs and buts. All these other moral busy bodies can go get screwed and or make their own games

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yes first few times is fine, but you have to remember that these guys are paid to write about gaming, they are game "journalists" yet this simple console layout is too confusing for their simple minds

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How is this morally inept and corrupt POS of a website still allowed on N4G?

Seriously why?

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give it a rest you moron. millions of people have finished dark souls games. nobody says "i am a king, worship me".

dont forget what made dark souls a cult hit in the first place. never pander to your lowest common denominator FromSoftware.

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now that was a joke. They made it so accessible that babies can beat it. They catered to the baby market and its not selling.

Dark Souls is unique and there is a certain distinctive nature to the game that would be foolish to remove to appease the "masses"

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Street Fighter V may have a ton of problems but gameplay is certainly not one of them

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agreed. I respect what ever ND chooses to do , however i feel it is a dumb decision to have it removed, especially since the team already had it modeled and everything.

At the end of the day it is only a video game, having these goofy outfits just adds to the replay-ability.

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I would love the option to name screen shots and more importantly video clips as i save them

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if nintendo is good at anything it is artstyle! Nintendo have a history of producing technical marvels, not only in gameplay but also in graphics.

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I admire your guile and courage to explain to this blogger the intricate thought process of my comment.

Your critique of his article is SPOT ON. I couldn't have phrased it better myself. I wouldn't personally waste my time trying to argueing with him considrering how terrible this click bait title is.

No Mans Sky could be the second coming of christ or just pile of shit. I for one am intrigued and all these nonsense bloggers got...

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Agreed! As long as it is not a full priced retail game im excited to give it a go.

*to the author of article*

With an attitude like that i can't imagine how fun your sex life must be :)

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f*&k mei cant believe i actually agreed with you. i think hat deserves a bubble

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are you sure about child of light? i dont remember that one

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the random disc eject thing happened to a buddy of mine and it was annoying as fuck. luckily his PS was still under warranty and got it exchanged for a new one.

the analogue thing happened to 3 of my controllers. stupid week ass plastic coating was a terrible idea

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Youc could say WD and AC are open world action games with some RPG elements

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No. No it is not.

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amazing value!

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gamecube felt more powerful. i had a ps2 during that era and only got a gamecube much later after its "death". I was extremely impressed with games such as metroid prime and resident evil 4. They still look pretty solid graphically till this date

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