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Games having been growing fine for ages now. The industry is larger than it has ever been in its history and this is due to larger audiences consuming the medium.

These days there are games that cater to gamers of all walks of life and i wouldn't want it any other way. If you have problem with "X" Game then buy "Y" game for heavens sake. #2.4.1
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im a gamer and i will scream it from the top of my lungs.

You ashamed of calling yourself a gamer cause what the anti's paint our image to the media. They love to label us as misogynistic , nazis members of ISIS etc and you fell for it. Well f*ck them.

Shame on them for declaring gamers dead and shame on them for endorsing bullying of "geeks basement dwellers and Virgins". The Sarkeesians, Wu's and Quinns want the spotlight on themselves to... #1.5.2
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pretty much everything they do IS amazing.

One thing i would like though is for them to reinforce their online systems and purchase/rent more servers to deal with influx of online gamers. i think that is their biggest flaw and one that could be potentially damaging to the brand going forward.

Having said that, their history from PS1 days shows that they are willing and able to output tons of games from all walks of life. with games such as rime, wild , no ma... #1.2.3
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me 2 . it is bloody annoying. i tried change my psn email address to my you tube email address and still no luck. it is the only thing i havent got to work #1.4.5
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it is in the store. works great however i cant log into my you tube account for some reason. anyone else have this issue? #5.3
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im loving the mp3 playback alot. it feels a little smoother/faster for me 2. havn't tried remote play yet with 2.0 to see a difference neither the share play stuff. Anyone here want to hook up and give it a spin? Overall im impressed.

The only issue im having is i cant log into the youtube app for whatever reason. Anyone else struggling to log in? #1.7
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i prefer Dark Souls 1 overall but the combat system and mechanics of Darks Souls 2 are much better IMO #6.2
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I approve of this award so far. #1
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like the concept but i will be interested to check out what the gameplay is like #8
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lol im still struggling to beat any boss, but that soundtrack though!

I can see the potential... #1.1.2
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inspired by , not SoTC. You can definitely see the resemblance #4.1
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I have heard about this but haven't seen it in action yet.
Inspired by Shadow of the Collosus and Demon Souls? Count me in!

Thanks I also found this

have a helpful bub :) #1
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@fxa5209 Did you miss batman arkam city. crysis 3 before that not to forget stuff on Vita also. i thought so. Games are games regardless of AAA status or not.

You don't like the service don't subscribe. nobody is forcing you #5.1.9
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"As the press release reads, Ryse, which was also nominated for Best Trailer/Opener, claimed the Best Game Design trophy in spite of tough competition from other high profile and critically-acclaimed contenders"

Why doesn't this article mention the other titles it had to compete with? "games journalism" #1
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Interesting looking game. Gonna love running around a destroyed Manchester in a mech suit! #1
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agreed plenty of hours of fun to be had with this bad boy. looking forward to some swoop action! #1.4
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likewise. gonna try before i commit. #2.1
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wasn't she the girl that slept with reviewers of her game?
Man seriously this woman is messed up. Stop playing the victim card when you flaunt your assets for favourable reviews.

The negative stigma to women programmers comes from insecure men. Im happy to play any game made by any being of any source. #1.3
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of course we should celebrate sales. The more sales of all games the better for our industry and the developers who work for the industry. It is always sad to here studios closing left right and center.

That being said some games get more sales than they deserve and sometimes it could get to publishers head and they start milking the succesful games for all the wrong reasons #2.2.5
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except COD is actually *gasp* a decent game. Even though they milk the sh*t out of it and rehash it yearly (which is why i don't buy it yearly) it still remains a fun competitive game #2.1.4
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