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It looks like EA knew that the other Star Wars game was not going to happen anytime soon for a while and pushed BF2 into place. The campaign was fine but the online is boring as despite the changes, it feels like a throttled back duplicate of the last one's gameplay to me.

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Exactly. It costs nothing but a persons time to try it and with the Holidays, many people have extra free time.

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I hope they are not doing this as sales have disappointed as I want to see the series go on. I hope it is more of the hey, we did not get the hype and attention that some other releases have received but we are solid.

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Yes but now there is a greater emphasis on it.

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He had nothing to do with the. He was a composer of the music, not the man behind pay for play.

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That is some great advice, thank you for sharing it.

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I think what has impressed me the most is that all three modes have been solid and enjoyable. I did not mind the campaign for Ghosts as an example but found the online to be frustrating. The Alien mode was ok but that having to start over if you did not survive the end battle grew old for me. This was a well-balanced game from the start.

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I have been lucky with the PC version as I have not had many issues getting online. I have had some issues with hit detection, balance, and possible hacking. Had a guy earlier crouching in a corner, I emptied a full Sub Machine Gun clip with those penetrating rounds into him. He took them all, got up and one shot killed me. Kill Cam showed the hits pale screen with splotches all over. Guys were complaining all game about hitting people multiple times and yet they go down with one shot.

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I am not saying it did not sell well. I am saying it sold below expectations and was considered a disappointment sales wise with Activision and compared to other games in the series it had a very mixed reception from many gamers. I liked it but it was clear that there was a backlash against the future setting.

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Compared to past CODs they were not. It did not sell as well as expected and had the most hated trailer on You Tube so I would not call that satisfaction. You can see numerous threads where Activision admitted disappointment with the game. I do not remember them doing that for any other COD title.

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I played some pending stuff at PAX West that seemed to be interesting. Both were delayed into 2018 but the Until Dawn Prequel shows promise.

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I think they pretty much have abandoned it.

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There is a big difference between a bribe and selling an ad. We have had people offer us things for positive stories and such that could be used in an ad campaign and I turn them down. I always say my staff and I will call it as well see it.

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We do see the new hardware setup for the PSVR being used in the bundles and I know at launch supplies were limited as they could not meet demand. I pre-ordered and got ours but have staff who still have not picked one up as they had a hard time finding them and online prices were too high. Now with the bundles there is a solid supply and decent pricing.

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I also think that the new wave of releases from Sony will be more in keeping with what the Pro can do but I have wondered if making the games universal between the two systems will hamper it.

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Thank you. Those are great points. I often say to some of the reps I have good dealing with who are now at P.R. firms it seems odd to me to have companies who buy and sell ads to one another then negotiate for first reviews, pictures, video, etc. It seems as if this lacks credibility as how can you be fair, honest, and objective when you paid or were paid by the same people you are supposedly doing an unbiased review for.

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I have to write a From the Editor for the magazine and then I am back in.

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Its not all about conflict resolution it is about a shared voice and working with one another. In the film organizations, many are rival outlets but their is a mutual respect amongst members and it fosters healthy competition and in many cases raises quality and allows them to operate on an equal base as while some will always get special treatment, there is it the least a base level of cooperation with the studios that they can count on which when they do long term planning is key. There is ...

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I think the issue is how long will they remain gone. I said the moment they announced that all future DLC would be free that the game would be loaded with microtransactions to make up for it. EA has always been big on them even when they killed off franchises. Look at Dead Space 3. They figured it was Star Wars and we can do what we want as even if they grip, fan boys and the sheep will still get it and once they do we have them. Well they underestimated how much venom there would be over thi...

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They seem to keep doing many things right and we can see what they have in a couple of weeks as well at the expo.

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