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Ours is pretty much sitting there as aside from Zelda we have not found mich that interests us.

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Exactly and this is the type of thing thing that will get me back playing.

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I had others on my list years ago but X-Com finally got a nice update. Bulletstorm got a good one as well.

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If they can identify it comes from a game they earn bonus points.

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It is a nice piece of hardware. I think the debate is if it is worth the price and I think many gamers might say no and find other options, while others who do not care about price would love this.

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They have been updating it alot so it has improved greatly.

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Also, you can buy a name brand 4K TV with a bigger screen for almost half what they want for it. I can live without the curved screen if it is going to be $500 more.

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I think Sony announcing a PS5 could be a problem. Look at all the people who ran out and got a PS4 Pro last year as they figured that the enhanced options was a bridge to the next system so they paid up even though many like myself had a PS4. So now we are told oops, here is yet another new one a year later. While I am sure it would sell it would make me and likely others think twice is they pull a PS 5 Pro a couple years after launch.

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I played it but for this segment we are looking at newer ones. I played Dirty Bomb ages ago but it should get more exposure but I fault their P.R. as they simply do not send out enough news and new info to keep it in the minds of those not playing it on a regular basis.

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I think the rise of Cosplay has caused more and more developers to step up their game and offer more variety to game costumes. While I do think that some so called Pro Cosplayers take themselves way too seriously and I have issues with people gaining fame and finance for copying copyrighted characters, it is good publicity for the companies.

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How so?

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Yes but seeing how Destiny 2 has not been played yet by many and they are all in a pre-release state.

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I think Bethesda is doing fine. Fallout 4, Dishonored 2 did well and won awards, let us also not forget that DOOM was a hit. They have a strong lineup of games coming so I think PREY will find a place. Just wait until It is $39.99 and there is new DLC. Many companies have a review policy like them. Most cherry pick larger outlets to give review units to first and the rest get them day of launch. I have zero issues with them as honestly they have been one of the better companies to work with i...

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We have two PS systems in the house. PS4 and Pro as well as the 3 so that would not be us. I just have a hard time with FPS games on a controller and prefer a mouse and keyboard for them.

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I played it yesterday and the four maps were really fun; some of the best DLC maps in recent memory. The Zombie mode is fun as well.

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I was telling someone at the radio show with the price of 4K enabled cards coming down it is up to the monitor makers to fall in line. It is cheaper I many cases to by a 4K TV of a much larger size than it is a 4K monitor. I also think with the PS4 Pro and Scorpio combined with the more affordable 4K cards, we expect this to be a big point of emphasis at E3, 4K gaming.

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They do not have hands on schedule for us. I have a meeting set and they mention another game which is presentation and hands on but Destiny 2 is listed as Presentation only. Now they may have the public beta out by then or have not settled on what they do there but for press your meetings are usually spelled out in terms of what you will see, how much time you will have and so on.

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It was at the end of the livestream. They had the head of Blizzard on video from China. They are the same company though as it is Activision/Blizzard

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I am curious if they will do hands on at E3 like they did with the first. We have our meeting set with Activision and they did not mention hands on for this one but rather another title as this just had a meeting which is usually us in a room watching footage.

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What is your take on PC users having to use Battlenet?

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