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Not for AAA titles.

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Big difference is most if the Xbox games will be on PC as well.

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I remember how busy those chat rooms were.

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So I guess someone needs to make better games. Issue is nobody has come close to it in terms of popularity.

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It has not been beaten by anything for over a decade now so no reason to believe it will change. Despite all the pre-release hate and all the claims of it being a dying franchise, it smashed all the competition in sales in just a few weeks.

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I did say that as a mobile platform is was interesting so that is a pro.

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Exactly Released in November and outsold all others in about 7 weeks.

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No just stating facts. Their p.r. firm and reps can be difficult to work with compared to other companies.

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They are also limiting supply on purpose to drive up demand which is what they did with the Wii.

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I agree. I played 15 minutes at E3 and was not compelled to keep playing.

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Capcom of late has been really iffy with the press. They want coverage then run and cry poverty or do not respond when you ask about review copy. They did not usedto be like that so it is kind of a see what you get and do not expect much. We did do a radio segment for Friday on the game but who knows.

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My biggest issue is the one and done which I know is essential for play but I think makes players either run and hide or be too aggressive early on.

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I liked what I played and you can tell The Hunger Games and Smash TV is an influence but needs to hammer out some issues before I go back.

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I wish you could go GTA V style with them.

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It was a typo from the document sent to me so I fixed it.

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I remember a P.R. rep who said similar over Duke Nukem Forever and lost clients. He told me this is the way it is but you cannot verbally state this. While no publiaher woukd say if you give us a bad review you are done it is noted what scores are given and enough bad ones and smaller outlets can be removed from review lists.

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Makes you wonder how much import tax is behind this.

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I wonder if this will do well.

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The main reason is once you do one the rest start lining up and it gets old having to tell companies why you tend not to do Crowdfunding on the sites. SC did interviews and has sent trailers and such on a regular basis. Most take their free coverage, cash out, and blow you off when they get what they want. Even those that come to release cry poverty and never send review materials or follow through on stuff so we just said nope, not worth it as all we are doing is helping someone line their p...

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They are limiting amounts like the did with the original Wii so they are hard to find and they can increase demand. I remember having to wait until April after release to get our Wii and we found it in a Target near Disneyland as they had just had five arrive. Our order had been sitting for months so we got a refund. A rep told us well after that they have warehouses full of them and they were under orders to limit shipments to increase demand and encourage people to place orders to be filled...

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