Getting Ready For Our Phoenix Comic Fest Panels


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Looking forward to it. Curious to see if Battlefield 5 closes ground on COD due to a campaign.

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I would expect during their E3 showcase

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Welcome. It posted and I could not get it to reload to get in and fix it when I noticed it was off. I was able to get in and get it started and finally reached staff who adjusted it. Went out to speak at a school today out in the boonies

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FIxed it. Was in an area with bad connections and posted via phone.

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Updated the format. Had to post via phone in an area with bad connections.

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Game segment is about the 21 minute mark.

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I think this is a bad trend.

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Just make sure not to strain your hand.

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Some of the best they have done.

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I am really looking forward to Rage 2. I had hoped they would announce it last year as there were some small rumors before their showcase that it might be mentioned and when nothing happened it seemed like it was just that, a rumor.

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Everyone didn't hate it hence why there is a sequel. It ran just fine if you had the hardware. My biggest issue was multiplay being limited to cars only. I wanted a new Auto Dual or Interstate 76 or 82 where you could be in our out of cars.

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Thank you, I really need to spend more time with GOW. Sadly all the film reviews and the tv stuff combined with a convention and three panels and E3 coming up have been getting most of the attention.

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Yet I bet nobody will fine them for breaking the embargo oddly enough. I worked for two game publishers and in retail and there are very strict and severe penalties for breaking a street date or embargo. We used to get Disney films in a few days before release and we could not even say we had them in the store or show the boxes, packaging, etc, until the specified date. Anyone doing so would be fined or at the least would find future shipments delayed so you would not get stock until several ...

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It was a good DLC pack. Maps were fun and entertaining, more so than prior ones. How else are we supposed to review them? I am not reviewing it as a full game but as a DLC pack on a scale of 1-5 as compared to prior COD DLC packs.

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I just hope it has multiplayer and unlike the original it is not car only. I would love it to be like Autodual or Interstate 76 and 82 where if you leave you car, bad things can happen.

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cannot wait to see it at E3.

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I had a rival company try to downplay them saying the game industry does not create games in that sound range so there is no need to have them, My thought was that perhaps that knowing they are on the market now and selling, then perhaps someone would say ok lets see what we can do. Sound Blaster recently started to put out new cards as for the longest time I had people say you do not need a sound card as the one on the board is more than adequate, well now there is a new level to aim for.

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You do know it is one of the most popular online games.

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That would be a game-changing feature. Also an area to store Mountain Dew as that seems to be the marathon gamers drink of choice.

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It is something Al Bundy would do.

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