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It makes sense, Sqaure Enix 1st studio is making FF XV while their other studio is making Kingdom Hearts 3 until the they all join up. Birth By Sleep was made by this team so its in good hands #15
Watch the treehouse in depth gameplay. You can see they have both this mode and a traditional mode #8
At least somebody does #11
heck yeah I put it up there with the new Rayman and Donkey Kong games #1.2
Hey everybody remember to use enter your 10 dollar psn gift card code that you received with the Playstation 4 by tomorrow #4
Loved the game, the powers were amazing. Kind of felt it was short but I just finished Persona 4 Golden and in this game you didn't spend hours searching the city for shards (which I loved in the first two). Wish they had some extra side missions instead of killing the same undercover guy in a hoodie 15 times (hasn't he learned his lesson). Cant wait for Infamous 4 and the rest of Paper Trail #22
Cant wait to see a title that says: here's how infamous vita looks #17
They didn't lose the rights to Shenmue. Copyrights last 70 years + so unless they trade it or sell it they didn't lose it. What they did lose was the trademark from non use. This means that somebody else can use the name Shenmue for video games but can't use any of the same characters or assets #7.4
Man I love these headsets, but also this is my first wireless one. Sound is great, and I caught some bit sneaking up on me in Killzone. What else do I need #7
May noooooo #4
Can i get a vita version plz #6
This game is dead, I rather focus on real games like infamous 3. People say Rockstar owns Sony a game but so much changes behind the scenes. I remember that document that said Destiny is timed exclusive and that changed. Maybe Rockstar promised a GTA on the Vita instead (short prayer) #13
We can't have a lens of truth between the consoles for Metal Gear GZ because it'll ruin the entire game #30
leave it on a cliffhanger, make people buy next gen, well played. I will just buy the definitive phantom pain with ground zeros packaged in #6
Well, we're waiting #68
Between Worlds is amazing and has a plot that is actually pretty interesting especially at the end #7
Patch me in some team chat and Ill be so happy #6
Pop in a blu ray and then it will update the system for you if you are on the internet #6.3
Give me that Team Chat too plz #19
Where is team chat, thats my only complaint in this amazing game. #4
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