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can sombody point me n the direction of umm....
you know.... #18
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no halo was just
i would rate them the same, no better or less.
average gamez, nothing special at all. #1.14.2
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just bought 4 for 5.
for some reason 5 seems more like it should have come out for ps4.
and im actually willing to wait to get it. #21
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i need this game. #3
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When magazines was alive yes.
Under the internet act, no not at all.
Even that magazine from gamestop is pure garbage. #7
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Here we go...
If you are not said culture, please stop speaking for them.
If nobody wants that shyt system leave it be.
Hell not everyone in the states want it either.
These ******* articles man...
If its not downing nintendo, its about that shooter game, if not that
then this.

It shows who really are not gamers....

Edit: maybe they are bomarded by western standards,
and are trying to get 500mil and 2b... #5
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Well marketing does consists of paying reviewers, and some people on here
to hype said game.
To all those who like it enjoy. #56
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This is funny..
The ego invovled in this is very ******* shameful.
And this joke war is based on just that.
We allowed casual, and mainstream to not only tell us how to game,
but instigate a "war" as these clowns call it like this is basetball/football.

And it started with the 360.
Only the paid and who truly don't game promote this.
Hell you heard how the person who made fez feel about jpn games,
and yet... #17
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This shyt is garbage.
That truly is 500mil well spent, pay them all.
just saw the ad during the football game, hell the people posting here
to hype got their cut too.

I guess its easy to pay people what to think...... #20
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I can only image the possibilities on wii u.
They need this and a naruto. #1.2
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i don't give a ****, where is the vita version of this and live.
This is bull****, *******. #4
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never played it. Whats so special about this flash game.
Is goat and farm simulator worth this much? #27
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what find funny is that all these articles about the box failure, yes failure in jpn.
yet these people keep claiming they are not needed.
How disgusting that they force you to like something you don't,
then ostracize for not wanting it.

Not including the name calling.
A company spending 2 billion on minecraft some shyt i never cared to play,
and people wonder why a none gaming company who wants to invade privacy
can't g... #25
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I guess its bad for m$‚ but screw destiny i don't know why this game is hyped.
Not to spoil anybodies fun, i don't know i'll jus go play goldeneye.... #22
7d ago by gano | View comment | Trolling
I never played and never care for half life anything,
and xvi should be talked about as a ps4 title.
The wait is long and to be honest enough games are out that i can wait.

jrpgs are fine for those that want them, i'll never touch a western one though.
Until then go for what you want but i think part of me wants to deny
that versus started as a tech demo like 7 was and 13 trilogy was supposed
to be the ps3 ff run until a new system... #11
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thank you.
More articles to attack a whole nother culture they dont understand.
New age american gamers are so whiney/stupid they got fbi involved in gaming.
Over something as dumb and stupid as online bullying, and
wonder why they dont wanna be invovled with that.

Talking bout drm locks and so forth, and think they wanna be invovled
in that.
The biggest game talked about is destiny, pftft lol!? really.
Hell, the jaguar... #16.1
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he's a boss, he knows. #18.1
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actually i'm not a fan of movie actors playing in game roles.
But he does look like a good fit for silent hill, andif they are using this budget better include akira. #13
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So much hype i'm forgetting where to get off at! #19.1
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So..... can somebody confirm if he can grab the toriyama and grab
a team and make a spin off or prequal/sequal like cc?

If they ever continue this somehow, i want the system its on.
Somebody f******* do it!? #9
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