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I'd like to see a medieval Ryse sequel like was talked about somewhere awhile ago.

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Exactly. I enjoyed it for the period and the atmosphere, and action. It would do fine on PS4 as a more 'casual friendly' game next to the likes of Bloodborne (also very atmospheric but much harder).

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I think if they want to maximise profit they should look at putting it on PS4 too- especially if it wasn't a sales monster at launch on Xone.

I really enjoyed the game actually, despite its limitations. I like hack n slash games in historic settings, and it was pretty atmospheric.

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How does it affect hardcore types if there is a mode for those who want an escapist experience instead of a massive challenge? They can play their way and others can play their own way...isn't a good game best shared by as many as possible? Hardcores can still brag about doing it the tough way, so I'm not sure I get why it HAS to be hard only.

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I hope they do the Uncharted trilogy :)

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Yeah I wish the gaming media made more comments in support of variety of game difficulties rather than just praise a game because it has decided to be challenging. I have family, work, and a variety of interests and so I don't really want to be stuck in a spot way too long or searching google for ways to move on in that limited time. Sure I'd love to try the challenge first a few times, but if I wanted trial and error I'd play a lot more retro stuff...

This gam...

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I know most love the challenge and replaying things over until they achieve the kill, but some of us are into gaming for escapism and have very little time to actually play. I think keeping it hard is great but have a casual mode that changes the difficulty for those who mainly want to explore and enjoy blowing off steam. This game looks too good to limit to the die hards.

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Those locations...I don't think those are real cities/towns in Italy? Never heard of them...

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In 2008 there was this...

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A great idea really, if it can be made fun and not too depressing! It can't be much fun trying to survive in Syria right now...

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thank god...looks much more medieval than previous images etc. which looked like it was more Dishonored-like.

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I can't wait for the rumoured Game of Thrones game they are supposed to be making :)

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Yes, Australia would make an awsome locale if it isn't just Mad Max desert

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This game has an awesome vision....but will it get enough support from gamers who seem to flock to the samey-type games?

I hope so.

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I'm not saying that their games don't sell. I'm saying they simply don't have enough of them....and not enough variety.

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They are still advertising X1 and PS4 pre-orders....

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Wow, how did you score it for less than $174! Good job

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Those games just aren't enough to hold consumer interest. They need new franchises. What's good about Ubi is that they use funds from existing franchises and sequels to fund new ones. When has Nintendo tried to create new franchises? Stagnation in software isn't good enough.

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Nintendo just doesn't seem to get that a steady stream of games are necessary to keep consoles alive.

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It's amazing how much post-publication DLC this game is getting

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