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@ the truth 24/7 your such a dick without nintendo we would have no playstation or xbox, show some respect idiot . #3
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Nintendo will end up selling more consoles than microsoft and sony purely on the fact that most people will get one as a second console. The thing with nintendos wii u is it will bring fun social games like mario kart,wario party etc and will end up with the best platform games as this is what nintendo do best. Also the ps vita & ps4 cannot match the same gameplay as the wii u game pad. #17
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Its for justice league rocksteady are working on a justice league game there is also a movie in the works #5
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This guy has never predicted anything right and yet hes still in a job all he does is state the obvious yet what he forgets to mention is all the support from the indie developers in which nintendo is targeting looking for new ideas because lets face it these big name developers are playing it safe by just rehashing samw old games ie cod,fifa,assassins creed,splinter cell etc #6
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Games montreal actualy did a good job with porting arkham city over to the wii u the neat little touches they added to the wii u game pad were great the only problem i came across was a few frame rate drops but this is probably down to the game being a port and developers just getting used to wii u so i reckon they will do a great job with arkham origins #11
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People are U turning to wii u;) #19
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Nintendo haters moan and dis nintendo directs but u know what i bet sony and microsoft do the same thing next year just remember people nintendo are always first to do anything and everyone copies them.To be fair to sony what ive seen on ps4 it looks impressive and they have got there cross play with the vita sorted so nintendo really needs to watch out for sony this time.As for xbox done thats finished before its even started ive got a samsung tv that does everything that xbox does ie facial... #23
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Right first off ea has always had love/hate and threatened not to release games for nintendos consoles and will end up bringing games to wii u the only real major loss is fifa, secondly disney will make ea release star wars games on wii u as disney really like the wii u also ea are not the company they used to be they ruined battlefield with there servers just killed the dead space franchise and why everyone is excited about ea dropping the online passes this just means ea is going to con mor... #14
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Two to three discs and will probably have to be installed on hardrive if you take into acount la noir which uses three discs and is nowhere near the size of this game or another possibility is that the disc unlocks a hefty download online. #7
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Dunno how this is gonna work on xbox and ps3 as the wii u gamepad controls are ace #5
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Rest assured people here is a list of games that will be announced around E3
1.mario u
2.smash bro u
3.mario kart
4.yoshi yarn
5.starfox u
6.metroid u
7.luigi's mansion u
9.kirby u
And a few surprise titles from third party developers
Also batman origins,splinter cell,fast & furious, just to name a few #8
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Yawn ,yawn,yawn wiiu is pants ,wii u is not nex gen im bored of all these haters and stupid remarks personally i love the wii u its a great console i agree its not showing us anything new in the graphics department but some of the games and how the pad works with them are really good.
Yes it may be dogged with old xbox/ps3 ports but is this a bad thing i dont think so arkham city works well with the gamepad zombiu is awesome i suggest all u wiiu haters who dont own a wiiu give zombiu... #38
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Makes me laugh why non wii u owners keep saying it suck as there are no games all you sony and xbox fanboys only ever play cod/blops, battlefield or killzone anyway try and deny that. #20
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Badly dissapointed in bioshock infinite. This game was so boring to playing through and it was nowhere as good as the original bioshock it had no atmosphere no puzzles how and why it got all these rave reviews is beyond me. Personally dishonoured is a much better game with hell of a lot more to do the reason i mention this game as i feel bioshock infinite looked and felt abit like this game but nowhere near as enjoyable #15
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Seriously no shops have got need for speed on wii u in stock ive tried asda,tesco,hmv,grainger and even game and whats more worrying some shop staff in a certain shops didnt even know anything about it. How is a game suppose to sell well if nobody gets it in stock.I for one will be welcoming digital downloads if they just lower there prices. #8
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The problem with nintendo they spend to much time and effort in trying to reinvent the way we play games theve had a few major flops (powerglove,virtual boy etc) but they are still here and i believe sony will go before nintendo does what nintendo needs to do is concentrate more on making more games and bring back some of there old gaming characters after all nintendo is the disney of the gaming world and disney is still going strong.COME ON NINTENDO STRIKE BACK SOON #20
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I wasnt aware there was a problem ive not experienced it the biggest issue theres no one playin it on wii u #2
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Live gaming feed is pointless who wants to sit there watchin a friends game id rather be playing my own game thanks. #51
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