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These are the ones that came with my copy of the game. The Merica Weapon wasn't included, so I'm sure there are others from the different collections.

And I'm not sure what interview you're talking about but that is not the info that Volition has released. In their infograph, they said there are 30 different weapons in the game, with about 450 upgrades, and 111 different weapon costumes and skins.

This is true. Anything before 9am EDT is against the rules. I wonder what the justification is.

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I appreciate the comments, the ones who understand that it is my opinion and those who think an ad hominem disproves what I'm trying to say. The game is average, that's what that 5 means, and many probably didn't even thoroughly read through the review and just threw a fit because I, the writer, did not enjoy the game. I don't have to defend what I've written; it's all true, and I stand by every word. You, the reader, will take it however you want: a review, a troll po...

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Duh. It's opinion piece. That means it's wrong.


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Always awesome to watch.

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