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Hopefully the spike in psvita sales in march would increase developer support for the psvita, make 2k develop bioshock and capcom making a monster hunter and resi evil vita and increase the overall quality of vita games creating more sales worldwide #4
Xbox - likely. Ps4 - GO HOME UR DRUNK!!! #36
Only way this game is gonna be interesting is if the pirates are somali pirates! #1.1.18
If Assassins Creed 4 is related to pirates, then I hope we get to kill all the somali pirates! #70

i think to pik up stuff in the snes version like koopa shells u hav 2 hold the run button and run onto the shell and it picks up the shell and to throw it u let go of the run button #3.2.3
roflmaooooooo! #3.2.3
dont forget birmingham! #1.1
yeh when i read the title i was like 'wtf? what about the ps1 ps2 ps3?' and then i read it more carefully and now i understand it. however i am sure that other n4g readers would misinterpret the title and go crazy #1.1
lets change the question, which one of the two handhelds would be more likely to be stolen or robbed in a secondary school or college? the one which is more likely, is the one you should buy because it is actually worth it!

i'll give you a clue... the one which is more expensive, about 15 times more powerful, a way better design, and has more hardcore 'badboy' 'sikk' games on! #42
'is the wii u a next-gen console?'....

go home ur drunk #31
tbh the vita is more like a ferrari #5.1
everybody please downvote this retard #6
i see the xbox guys are pissed that they just have gears and the ps3 guys have all the exclusives PMSL! #47
its a good thing gta V was delayed (annoyingly to the same date as killzone mercenary), because THIS GAME IS EPICCCCCCCCC!!!!! DEFINITELY GETTING THIS DAY 1!!!! #72
hopefully all the vita games are getting a price drop #6
Naughty Dog are probably the best developers ever! first they smash it with crash bandicoot (3 is my favourite platformer game ive ever played, completed it like 4 times!) on the ps1, then jak and daxter on the ps2, then the 3 uncharted games and now the last of us which is gonna be EPIC!!! #21
lmfaoooooooooooooo! #2.1
everybody downvote the website #1.1.1
they must be trying to make up the money which was lost from resi 6 :P #12
this game is epiccccccc!!!!!!! soul sacrifice is going to 'sacrifice' crapcom and monster hunter!!! #13
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