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"We are, and always will be, just gamers."


Agreed. Can't count the number of times we've re-watched The Office seasons here at GLHQ. Such a great show. #1.1.1
Looks so intense; like a modern-day Gradius #2
This is too weird, and yet too cool at the same time. I wonder if the bears eat beets and like Battlestar Galactica... #1
You're not going to get any approvals until you mark it as having been fixed, otherwise people giving you approval will risk being penalised. #1.1.1
This may be an eight-month-old article, but I gave it my approval as it was a damned interesting read and others should get the chance to see it. #1
Great to see games like this being covered #1
There are no words for how much I love this. #1
No, you're right; I never really considered that if a comparison between the Wii U and PS4 is valid then a comparison between a high-end PC and PS4 is just as valid.

If it were to say "Look how much better the PC is than the PS4" then not having like for like would certainly be a factor. In this case, however, I'd concede. #2.2.1
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I'm actually a PC gamer myself, but I DO agree with the commenters above. If you're comparing, then you need to compare like for like, otherwise the results are skewed. It's good that the reviewer brought them both down to having similar graphics settings but, without details of what the actual PC specs were, it's not really a valid comparison as the PC's GPU alone could easily cost as much as the entire PS4. #2
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I still play my Vectrex from time to time, and it sits only three or four feet away from me while I work. Awesome little machine. #1
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To be honest, and speaking only for myself, I've played numerous games on console and PC, but the whole experience is always more... I dunno... fluid and immersive (in most cases) on the PC. Only thing that can sometimes kill PC gameplay is when you're expected to use the entire keyboard, but that's just because I prefer a controller and have done since before the Amiga days. #3.2
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Not a BF fan, but such an interesting read nonetheless! #1
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That's absolutely fine, to be perfectly honest. Hating the review or thinking that the review is incorrectly scored is par for the course, and we'd expect nothing less. We'd get the same response if we gave a game an 8/10 if someone else thinks it should only get a 2/10 - it all comes down to personal opinion.

The only thing I personally had an issue with was that people believe it was done for traffic, hits, or to be controversial. It wasn't. We'll ne... #4.4.1
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So you're saying that we said to Keegan "Here, review this game that you bought yourself but give it a shit score on purpose so that six or seven folk on N4G will disagree with it"... is that right? Doesn't make sense to me.

Doesn't matter if you disagree or call BS on it. We know otherwise. #4.1.1
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Although this will likely fall on deaf ears, we're not the type of site who actually cares about generating traffic, nor do we care about controversy. In fact, we'll usually cover games that other sites will avoid because they know that they won't get any traffic from writing a review of a game made by one guy in his bedroom.

We're all about having an opinion, and nothing more. The fact that Keegan has scored the game at a 3 doesn't reflect the views of... #4
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There's a couple of mentions of Trials in the review but, as you can imagine, it would be unfair to draw too many comparisons an better to review the game on its own merit.

BUT... you're asking here and, as the one who wrote the review and who has played Trials HD to death (and is obsessed with track-building) and a fair amount of Trials Evolution, I'll answer your question.

The physics in Trials can't be touched, and UTF doesn't come clos... #1.1
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Mark it as having been "Fixed" then or you'll still not receive approvals #3.1
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Perhaps if you read the article, you'd see the reference? #1.1
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This was the game which swallowed most of my money in the arcades, along with Return Of The Jedi, Psychic 5, 1942, Gauntlet, NARC and Nemesis. I just couldn't get enough of it. #1
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Looks like a pretty interesting game, but it's a shame that the majority of gamers (I imagine, anyway) won't see past the fact that it's a point-and-click or the fact that it doesn't have cutting-edge graphics. #1
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