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No worries; just glad it could help. There'll be times when it won't make any difference, like if a load of rogues are chasing you down and are unrelenting, but for regular scenarios it should make a huge difference.

Last night, for example, I watched from the safe room scaffolding in DZ02 while three players kept running at the building in front, then running back again. After a few moments, one of them breached the wall and ended up inside the building, then not...

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Absolutely. When I read that someone suggested creating a secondary character, getting them as far as the Base of Operations, then transferring all of your stuff into the stash and then have that second character pick them up just so it wouldn't interfere with your DZ placement I thought it was ridiculous. Just one more thing that needs to be changed to balance things out.

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I believe the DZ placement is to do with everything that you have on your person (whether it's equipped or not) as well as whatever is in your stash. So if you have higher-end items kicking around in your stash then that's affecting the zone placement. I'm not sure if that's still the case, but it certainly was a while ago.

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You're probably right, in all honesty. Our scoring system is based on 5 being average though, whereas most sites generally class 7 as their average. So, for us, 7/10 is actually a good score. It just doesn't look that way, by today's scoring standards, sadly.

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Wow. I remember this on CDTV. I also remember how hokey it was, sadly.

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Personally speaking, I think it's just being representative of real life. You can't even walk into a shop these days without hearing people speaking loudly, and swearing all the time. So in situations of danger and anxiety, it's going to be escalated.

Would be funny if devs made allowances for those who didn't want to hear swearing and had them replaced with 'fudge', 'flip', etc. Could make for some interesting listening.

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Runs at about the same quality as it does over my crappy net connection!

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See, I've never actually played an MMO and even though Bungie claim that Destiny isn't an MMO... it feels like this IS what an MMO would play like. Are you an MMO player yourself? Does the obsession with stats ever end??

Don't get me wrong... as much as I hate that I'm not actually doing anything of worth, I genuinely look forward to playing it even though it is, at its core, pretty boring! ~M

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I don't really crave any new experiences with gaming anymore, to be honest. I'm far too jaded with it all. Have been gaming since I was eleven years old, so thirty-one years now... and it's just all so formulaic, to the point where I gave up on excitement a long time ago. Sadly. I doubt that excitement will ever return.

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I don't believe they have basements in flats... the headspace would be far too restrictive. Next time I visit, I'll lift some floor boards and have a look.

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Where have I hated on anything? You're being a tad oversensitive just because someone dared to point out how coding works, don't you think? There's absolutely no hate there.

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Perhaps I'm missing the point, but surely all of GTA V's advancements are ridiculously simple flags within the coding? As a veteran coder, I know that all that's required is to trigger a sample as the foot hits the floor plane. The sweat is also a simple trigger - if character speed > x then alter texture by overlaying sweat. Same for the hair - if time played > x then alter hair texture.

For me, advancements need to be more than if statements and trigger...

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You'd need a pretty tall stool for that, my friend!

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Agreed. Alien Breed, for crying out loud! ALIEN BREED! (Just don't screw it up like last time.)

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Funny, and true

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I totally agree. I used to be an avid record collector (big black things before CDs) and my collection consisted almost entirely of duplicates. An album would be released in the UK with one cover and one set of liner notes, and in the US it may be a gatefold with different cover art. The Spanish release would generally have a coloured vinyl rather than black, the Japanese would have extra tracks and the German may even have censored artwork.

Then you also have the territori...

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In between reading "Learn To Be Crap At Online Abuse In Ten Easy Steps (Because Twelve Is Too Many For You)" and generally being a bit of a troll... take some time to read my original comment. I never once said that I was one of those people who ditched Microsoft.

I know it's customary these days to be ignorant when replying to someone who disagrees with your own personal opinion, but it invalidates your argument when it's flawed in the first sentence.

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Given that all but two of the Xbox 360 gamers that I know (which, believe me, is a LOT) have switched over to PS4 and won't even consider getting an Xbox One because of how they feel they were treated... I don't think Microsoft could possibly pull off a winning move at this point. The respect, for many, is long gone and that can't be overlooked.

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Satire or not, you'd be surprised (or maybe not) at the number of paid journalists out there who review without actually playing. Our industry is one of the most corrupt I've ever dealt with.

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