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so is just under powered #27
Specs must be fun!!!
I will be playing my ps3 ps4 PS vita and leave with a smile on my face

When PC lovers can bring something other than specs then is all good and BTW there is no contest PC specs are always better, but consoles are where the gaming community is having its fun #24
Looks like he was not ready for the attention of success. Fez is nice, kinda of messybut nice #79
will it be too little too late? #19
Nice! #5
well i have played hours on all types of crowded gun fights and love it, game braking issues? no that i see, having borderlands 2 on the go is such a gem #6.1.1
not sure, reviews on amazon and psn (from customers) are very high praise. I have it and love it #6.2.1
ignoring ps4 and being limited by x360 (cross gen) will be the killing blow to this reborn tomb raider #37
wonder why Borderlands pre sequel is not coming to vita.
Borderlands 2 received a lot of love from vita owners #6
still too early. my ps4 has no games that i want (diablo 3 next week at least)

eventually i want the halo and forza and new ips on xone (on some holyday bundle, which MS is great at) #11
My true problem is that it is cross gen, so it will be limted by x360 specs, which is disgusting #47
to CD

this is a huge dump you just took on your fans. i Will not get an xbox one to support this type of shitty treatment.

drink your cool aid, shit your brick

and FK YOU #164
the order is a BRAND NEW IP!!!!
TR has been in PS platforms since the very first one

please be smarter than this buddy #4.1.4
as someone who played the PS3 game of Tomb Raider AND the remake on PS4 (yeah im a big fan) im truly annoyed by this.

CD just drop a crap on its fans, way to go MS keep ruining the party while shitting bricks #12
how is this a great move???? this is just stupid MS being buzz killington. Tomb Raider was born on PS consoles (at least it got big on PS One) and now the PS4 is the clear gamers choice console and this happens.

I may get an Xone eventually but still im a huuuge Tomb Raider (reboot) fan and this move sucks #2.3
even with the PS4 selling as is, WTF Crystal Dynamics?

this is a poor service to your fans, this sucks

leave it to MS to ruin the party when they are losing and shitting bricks #4
By playing thos sweeet consoles and great exclusives they have me by the balls #20
Sure they can fight but the ps4 is no lame duck. Wonder if the xone will suffer early retirement. Hopefully not #7
less articles more games that prove it

playing inFamous i beg to differ #48
Shadow ofmordor cant arrive soon enough!!
hate this gaming drought #38
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