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This weeks deal on xbox one s with all its 4k features is a freaking steal, ith he halo bundle plus a game one gets three games at $300, i upgraded my xbox to the new one and it was so 9400110899637010471240orth it. The 4k upscale really cleans up the cockpit in forza, looks much cleaner

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it would depend on how expensive the scorpio is

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it was good for consumers to know how soon the xbox one would be outpowered by scorpio. not everybody is looking to spent $300 easily

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my next buy will be a gaming PC. this gen has been very dissapointing

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i am not paying for a 4K patch. If they want to charge then i miss out it seems. If gamers pay for it then that will set the standard for milking the sht out of gaming

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truth is i dont give a sht, this is a sweet deal for me to upgrade

is this N4G or wall street stocks news???

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with HDR on my TV, this deal is amazing for upgrading. Halo 5 and Forza 3, trade in a couple of things i have and this is a steal!

You should value time more, while Scorpio is being develop you will be enjoying some fine high quality gaming

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Gt collision physics resemble those of bumper cars. No good

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This gen did not delivered 1080p/60fps gaming which was a big letdown to me. Now the premium upgrades add salt to wound. Im convinced my next significant investment will be on a gaming pc. All i wanted was 1080p/60fps on my ps4 and xone, we got neither and now is al aboit resolution but no mention of improved gameplay like bigger and better worldmaps etc. fellas, we have been played by sony and ms

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This is just a winner, the visuals, the gameplay, the cars. Wow wow wow

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from the same PS4 fans...

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my only concern is that consoles like PS4 and Xbox One were released half baked to open the gate for premium revisions. PS4 was expected to deliver 1080P/60FPS and it did not. I wont be buying new consoles as they release, honestly right ow im good to go for a very long while

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amzign how behind PSN is even after charging the sub

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i only remember when i see these articles. in reality 4k BR has never crossed mi mind, BR is good enough and 4k streaming services is more practical

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reserve the room for recreation? that would make a sweet lunch hour!

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The xbox one s is VERY tempting. I might upgrade in the holydays with some sweet bundle

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It actually looks better than i thought!

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