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wow man i just got chills

that ending floored me when i played it, just made me want to get the PS4 version #6
Just get some high quality games like it happened on the psp #9
Lets see:
Discounts here and there(around 10%)
Trine 2
pixel shooter something

Just with that, others im forgeting and what is left of the year it seems like a yes #19
Ys celceta is awesome!
should be on that list #5
i want to get an xbox one (titanfall bundle) but not yet. having a PS4 is enough for at least holidays 2015 where i can grab a nice xone bundle and play some exclusives #6
i prefer persona 3 story and characters. #1.1.3
lame product, overpriced

there are better options #9
it matters to me. just look at how much better the HD upgrade makes Final Fantasy X #64
i wish you were in front of me saying that crap

go ahead and be a corporate bitch #16.1.1
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Will PSN EVER be able to handle high traffic on special events???

come on man we are paying now! #16
the witcher 2 on PS4 with the current games drought would be a hit. I would buy it day one, and i already played it #11
as much as i like this, for Sony to do this the Vita is definetly bombing. I love my launch vita :) #9
that is why i bought the season pass for TWD season 2 and im just waiting until all episodes are released. we have options #9
the embargo is a concern for me because what i have seen from the game is a concern

This game is not looking too attractive, main character looks awful #21
weird comment
no hating, but be aware not wanting to play as a gay does not make anyone anti-gay. You cant tell anyone what they must accept in their lives #78.1
t will hurt sales
bottom line for me, i dont want to play as a gay character period, and if that makes me a dinosaur in today's media so be it #80
you described the case of turning on, but when turning TV off, the Ps4 goes to standby mode, which i dont use #7.1.1
yep that whole Bravia sync is sweet
i do appreciate having it ALL set turn on and be ready with the press of a button, PS button :) #8.1
i wish the PS4 would turn off when i turn off my TV, like the PS3 does

hopefully an update will enable this #7
exactly lol #5.1
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