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Not surprised, very saddened by the news... #7
I would like to see the automatic updates function like the PS4 has. Wanted to play forza horizon 2 in the morning and there it was, needs an update -_- #3
Seasson pass keeps getting better value #12

the game is top quality. replay value is there because it is a fine pick and play without grinding or other time consuming elements. #14.1
Good article (a rarity in n4g)

The order is a fine game, cinematic and fun. lenght is just right, i have played many games that bored me and kept going forever. Glad i preorder on psn, even the soundtrack is top notch quality #22
Game is sooo freaking good

Plan to use the $15 promo for the season pass. #3
Ps4 has better hdware for gaming. Xone has better hardawae for everything else, and high quality gaming #9
That is very wrong

On the other hand i bought driveclub and .iloving it. I know it makes people mad to be lied about a free game but man drveclub is worth the price. Great racer #13
Boring? Wow i must be easy to entertain, i was hooked from beginning to end. Love the game, worth the digital preorder, looking forward for dlc or sequel, this is my type of game #19
Very pleased with the order. High quality from beginning to end #57
Better game? Sounds like you have not played drivclub, i have oth and i hae my own preference #4.1
I have both, will take driveclub any day. One i focusedon cars, the other is focused on everything else #5
Im buying t, can't believe the amount of criticism this fine game is getting. Is just dumb #9
Grabbing it asap #1.2
The absence of the first one is surprising and makes little to no sense from a gamers perspective. As for the developers it seems they just went the easier route. I will wait for a heavy price drop, i still have lots of borderlands 2 to play and the whole pre sequel game. Im interested, just not now #9
Will sony release the update for external hard drive? I have not heard a word about this. Xone does it and it is a great feature #9
I like the hard drive adapter, but if an update allows for external hard drive, like xone does, then this is pointless. Does nyko knows that the update is not coming? #6
It seems they are aiming to have ps now on smart tvs and other streaming boxes. Is more for those who dont own and dont plan to own a console #1.4.1
Yeah because i have to pay for psnow, is not optional
Dont like it, dont buy it #1.3.1
Sweet, i have been liking my xone more and more as i learn to use all its functions since november. I got the ps4 at launch and the xone keeps impressing me, great console no doubt. Haters gonna miss out on some fine gaming #16
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