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The fighting looks like the batman games wich is really fun.

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I like the sound of this a lot. One concern is when is the next gen leap launching? $500 is good mòn

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I like how the PS4 pro improved the framerate of games like Assetto Corsa and Project Cars. I appreciate this subtle differences , of course the 4K also. The problem with the xbox is not hardware but the lack of exclusives. How much better a multiplat play on the Xbox X over the PS4 pro i already own? will it be worth the money? i dont think so

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Game looks solid, still need to read from sim racing websites on the handling. They did brag a lot about PC1 calculations for tires, it just happened that they were the wrong calculations

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Like the console a lot. However the xbox one s is looking empty on exclusives and the trend seems to be part of the xbox one x . $500 for a handful of games that are superior to what the ps4pro offers is a tough sell

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The psp had this function. Vita did not in order to avoid competing with the ps3

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I was hoping for a sequl

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The price is high for a better version of a game that will be on xbox s and most of them multiplats. What if ps4 pro comes very close in multiplats? Is it worth the extra money and lack of exclusives? Not for me

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Hope they dont keep reading from scorpio white papers. Specs this, specs that

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success and failure implies a binary situation when is not. there are levels of success, starting with making profits out of the devices and taking it from there. I would love Sony to follow up on this idea, is awesome and im sure they would deliver something more tech savy

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What is your point? Im just pointing out that i enjoy the ps4 pro boost. The good of one does not take away from th other

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i like the improvement with PS4 pro, specially with boost mode on racing games. For me is a big deal, Tomb Raider looks amazing on 4K

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The title of this article is terrible.

I want to know the cases where a woman was th BEST candidate and did not get hired due to gender. Best candidates can actually prove why they are better without signaling social justice virtues.


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as long as it backed by great games the console will be a win

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Misleading thumbnail!!!

the costumes are actually super cool authentic, nothing like the sweet babe on the picture (more disappointed than pleased about this lol)

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Pretty cool that the developers keep delivering the goods ;)

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Not forced, just sucked big time

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Hope this heroine is actually good, as the recent movies heroines have been flat out terrible

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great, i actually play games on consoles. cant wait to see games delivering the goodness

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how about spending 40 hours with your child? jk, but still games take a lot of time!

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