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Halo 5 was just a bad game

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Does this has some impact on gameplay aspects of the character?

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Must be sad to see life through the lense of races, minorities and all that social justice warrior stuff. How about making games fun and original insall the remasters we are getting

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Beware of the power supply connection, it connects between ps4 supply and power outlet. Not a good thing

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Quiet expensive, that mouse better be darn good

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Og ps4 hdr support?

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I never understood the hype for this game. The visuals were bleak and the concept was flawed as heck. They hyped it up like crazy

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A diverse 3rd world country, hence they must be happy

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is like a trial of the game. no biggie

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wow folks here sure are sensitive about the ps4. Sony is not doing a dual shock elite simply because they dont care much about it. they licensed some xbox one look alikes and that is that. i use the cronus max for using the xbox elite on ps4. the ds4 is absolutely not for me

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The tomb raider exclusive was a nice move by microsoft, while not so good for gamers. Tomb raider has been on ps since forever and for ps4 gamers to miss out for a year is jusr not cool. This is a nice game btw

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Wow i thought this was left for dead in the water. This just shows that the xbox team is being lead by a gamer mentality. They dont have much to win from improving this game performance yet they did almost a year later. This backwards thing is great, im enjoying some really great gaming from previous gen and i love it

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This console is truly amazing. Makes Red dead redemption and assassins creed 2 look stunning with the upscaling. Slick box that fits easily on the backpack, heck i started taking mine to work to play on lunch time. Just a great console

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Infinite warfare must be a pretty lame game

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The ps4 pro is $100 more, no 4k bluray and the advantage in game is completely dependant on developers, and we have seen how only first party games take advantage of this perks. While the xbox one s is a refined console version, the ps4 pro puts the burden on developers to use the extra perks. We will see how thise plays out

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The xbox one s is a great console

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