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Seems like someone at sony got fed up with polyphony while turn 10 keeps releasing GREAT racing games in a yearly basis

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Its very simple, developers wont develo for the ps4 neo advantages. Games will keep being ps4/xone standard and the new hardware will go tremendously under used. Just like it happened with the NEW 3ds upgrade

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you are welcome

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it is wired and to my knowledge there is no lag (I play bloodborne with it and is perfect)

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NO LAG (Bloodborne plays flawlessly with it). It is wired but that is not a big deal for me. For best results use a usb hub with DS4 connected otherwise the security chk on the PS4 causes a 10min reconnect cycle which sucks balls

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No latency, it is wired and to enjoy it best it requires a usb hub+ds4 connected for bypassing the security check on PS4. I play Bloodborne and any latency in that game would be death guarantee (LOL), there is none. The crounusmax is AMAZING. It does require to be properly updated with the software (it has a PS4 essentials package and all).

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great controller. use it on PS4 with cronusmax adapter and im loving it

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Only way to stop the cash cow remasters is not buyin them, plain and simple. If they sell well then there is a market for it

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Not surprised, very saddened by the news...

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I would like to see the automatic updates function like the PS4 has. Wanted to play forza horizon 2 in the morning and there it was, needs an update -_-

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Seasson pass keeps getting better value

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the game is top quality. replay value is there because it is a fine pick and play without grinding or other time consuming elements.

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Good article (a rarity in n4g)

The order is a fine game, cinematic and fun. lenght is just right, i have played many games that bored me and kept going forever. Glad i preorder on psn, even the soundtrack is top notch quality

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Game is sooo freaking good

Plan to use the $15 promo for the season pass.

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Ps4 has better hdware for gaming. Xone has better hardawae for everything else, and high quality gaming

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That is very wrong

On the other hand i bought driveclub and .iloving it. I know it makes people mad to be lied about a free game but man drveclub is worth the price. Great racer

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Boring? Wow i must be easy to entertain, i was hooked from beginning to end. Love the game, worth the digital preorder, looking forward for dlc or sequel, this is my type of game

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Very pleased with the order. High quality from beginning to end

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Better game? Sounds like you have not played drivclub, i have oth and i hae my own preference

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I have both, will take driveclub any day. One i focusedon cars, the other is focused on everything else

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