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""Objective (I know, very 'un-n4g'ish' of me!" "


One good thing to come out of this -hopefully- is that you won't get as much douches uploading a "new" gameplay video of -for example- The Division, whilst being an E3 trailer from 6 months ago.

Now that annoys the hell out of me. #4
Apologies to cleft5.

Unlike anzil and others, cleft5 did actually understand the article. #1.1.36
@ anzil, cleft and all the other idiots that can't read: I'll modify the text for you so you'll understand as well:

Today Microsoft’s Director of Product Planning (ALBERT PENELLO) revealed on NeoGaf that he (ALBERT PENELLO) did ask the executive that runs third party relations at Microsoft (SOMEONE ELSE) about it, but he (ALBERT PENELLO) was simply told (BY SOMEONE ELSE) that he (ALBERT PENELLO) doesn’t need to know.

Got it?! #1.1.21
-snip- #1.9
The problem for me with Forza is that they just can't seem to figure out how to get the lighting right.

Take the latest direct feed gameplay from Gamespot for instance. In extreme lighting circumstances (i.e.: loads of sun rays glaring), the game can look really awesome and pretty damn realistic, but once you take that away and enter more shadowy areas, it just looks very flat and unrealistic.

I think there's no denying the game has a lot going for it... #4
"For us, Forza 5 is the game to beat. It just screams high production values and a disturbing amount of dedication from the developers. The graphics are second to none, and so far ahead of the competition, it's almost discouraging..."

"If we can manage to even somewhat approach what Forza 5 is achieving, we'll have set our next-gen goal..."

I appreciate their modesty, but surely they'd want to aim to surpass Forza rather than t... #1
I think thisismyaccount makes an excellent point.

PC Elitists (not calling all PC gamers elitists, mind you) only really care about how high res and sharp everything is. But sharp does not equal an aesthetically pleasing looking game.

Console games tend to look more aesthetically pleasing because there's a much heavier focus on post processing effects that make the game more visually engaging, like smoke/particle/blur/DOF effects or subtle things like win... #1.5.3
"...People don't realise the amount of work we are putting into the development of next-gen games, and I'm convinced that when they do, they'll have no problem paying up to $100 or even more for a game that reaches the high quality of standards we are set to achieve..."

Oh really? Wanna bet?! #3
"...We are aware of the fact that GTA 5 will ultimately be the better game with much better production values and probably will be even more fun than our game, but as with any kind of event or competition: taking part is more important than winning itself..."

I admire their attitude, but it's hardly a winners mentality...Still, I guess it's a popular franchise, so they have nothing to worry about. #2
".... A Sony developer that had been involved in the design of the Playstation 4 GUI stated that they were in fact 'quite charmed by the Metro UI look and feel' and used that as a basis for the design of the Playstation 4 GUI..."

Really? Surprising...though you have to admire Sony for being that honest about this kind of stuff... #1.4
Oh, didn't notice it was PS magazine. Then no, they probably won't make the same article for Xbone... :D #5.1.2
Don't worry, I'm sure they'll upload the same article again tomorrow, but with a quick 'search: PS4 -> replace by: Xbone' edit.

Minimal work, double hits. Gotta love 'journalism' these days. #5.1
"Some Playstation 4 developers reportedly removed one of the 4GB RAM modules to put it to better use elsewhere and allow for even better airflow in the Playstation 4, seeing as that second module would likely never be used anyway..."

That seems a bit drastic though?! #1.8
"The Playstation 4 has potential, but the involvement of lead design, and allround jerk Mark Cerny, seems to give its counterpart, the Xbox One, a massive headstart from the get go."

That's a weird thing to say... #21
Better specs != Better device.

There's a lot more to it than that, but yeah, even so....At this point I wouldn't confidently declare the Xbone as the better device. It may well turn out to be in the end...but if I had to bet my life on it, I wouldn't. #8.2
"Even though its counterpart Xbox One seems to be a better device"

Shitstorm in 3...2...1.... #12

Gamingnerd? What the...that's not my name! Haha... #6.8
I love how the biggest of Sony trolls are calling out an MS troll for being

N4g at its best! #1.1.13
*looks at post history*....

Nope, sorry... ;) #6.2.1
*looks at post history*....

Ah, I see. :p #6.1.1
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