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Ill stick with my 47" 3d internet lcd sony bravia with my large sony tv speakers and awaiting my ps4 to join the family.

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Its acient history in my eyes

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Bf4 all the way 64 player and loads of vehicles to blow shit up...deerrrr!!!!!

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Na it aint a game changer not £430 pounds worth nope

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The one game im going to miss making the switch to ps4

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Hahah same company bit no chat between, imagine if samsung done that lol, xbox you just keep doing it way cant you chat between 2 different consoles vie xboxlive, still using live shouldn't be a massive problem.

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Driveclub/grand tourismo lol forza pfffftt

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Nice one xbox get it going keep digging that big hole to jump in

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The wii u doesnt even exist in my eyes, 299 is way to high for a very low powered machine with if im honest naff games.

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Or hold off and buy a ps4 or xbone atleast buy a console with power

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Because sony gives you the option @ElementX

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Dont like that phil he has a twatish looking face hmmmmmm.

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What a dumbass

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Xbox one boys got it wrong titanfall 10 and cod 1, glad im going ps4 bf4 1 hell yea

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Xbox one without kinect stands a better chance in my eyes, im going ps4 next gen I disagree paying for something I don't want to a 360 user and was hoping the new xbox was just a more power full 360 worth a slicker design that's all I wanted and needed in my life,it is a shame though.

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Looks alot better than dead rising

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That's so amazing omg good lord, im canselling my ps4 pre order for sure lmao

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Ms are in a mess to keep up with sony, keep going ms your doing a great job.........of pissing your console up.

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Ill wait a year for a ps4 than rather get a ps4, I hav3 my ps3 to keep me going and my 360, but never in my life will an xbox one come into my home,

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Hahahah keep it going xbox keep it going, you aint getting no more money from and my 360 anymore we have had enough,hello ps4 ♥♥♥

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