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***how is USPS bad? who else is going to take your crappy letter from california to new york for a measly 45 cents?***

You just highlighted part of the problem! USPS is operating at a loss and is unsustainable. How is that for investment by our government with tax payers money? How is that not bad?

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I think the shift is similar to how iPhone shifted buttons to touch screen except Kinect is broader and therefore has a wider range of applications.

It will be interesting to see how this technology moves forward in my day to day life.

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Yeah, Gears of War 3 has caused me to essentially stop playing any other game in my library and I have a fat backlog too.

Right now playing Mass Effect, and scared to touch Gears 3. Last time I did, I played 4-hours straight and completely lost track of time. I had a blast!

Ghost Recon is coming, and frankly I don't know if I will buy it despite being very excited for it. Gears 3 and ME would keep me busy!

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Nintendo made many and "too" succesful first party games. Third parties was complaining and pulled support!

Ironically, too many first party games can have a negative effect on the industry.

So if you care about games, you want the platform holder to ensure:

a) ease of development with low barrier to entry (as possible).

b) biggest business opportunity possible. That includes maximizing user base that is willing to ...

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I was cracking up at MrBeatdown above, then this!


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... and the rest of the core Team Ninja members. They all left for Valhalla studios with Itagaki.

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I agree with you that no companies are saint. Just by the fact that they are a company for profit means they automatically get a bad rep.

However, that list is about the *worst* companies, so they are measuring what consumerist visitor thinks of the companies *relative* to each other.

MS has over the last decade spent a lot of time repairing their image. For instance, they match employee contributions for donations and even donates fo...

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Then you are in the minority that enjoyed this game. I think the critics has pretty much spoken about what they think. It sits less than 60 on metacritic, and you can blame the hate on lack of Itagaki, but my personal experience is this game [email protected] balls.

I didn't want Ninja Blade meets Dynasty Warrior with one weapon and severely dumbed down AI.

The story, I don't know, I couldn't bear finishing it. The premise is pr...

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Activision's main crime seems to be re-hashes and DLC. If you compare them to the competition, they are a freaken saint. They don't try to sneak in anti-consumer behavior. It's pretty much straight on business, you want it, this is the cost. Nothing hidden.

EA on the other hand does:

* re-hashes their sports game annually
* locked out competition in sports games
* introduced online passes to the industry,
* introduced expir...

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You managed to make a poll on consumerist to some kind of fanboy war!

This is consumerist, not Microsoft Fanboy & Investor Club.

***Sony is on there because their stock dive bombed this last decade as well***

From the consuemrist perspective, it isn't about investment. It's about how consumers perceive these companies and Sony is on their most likely due to the hacking inc...

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Because the list seems pretty spot on, with [email protected] companies like EA, AT&T, USPS (yup, our government sucks), Comcast, CitiBank and Walmart is on the list. All pretty bad companies from personal experience and their impact on the industry.

Surprised about Netflix though, but they upset a lot of people with that price hike.

These are the companies I would suggest myself, other than Netflix.

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@Iceman X

There certainly is a possibility to use Kinect for FPS. Ghost Recon showed a Kinect implementation and it looked pretty good.

I just don't know if there is a market for it.

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...except it's not acknowledging, it is to compare yourself to the leaders! Standard PR/advertising tactic.

Nothing wrong with it, but you do want to compare yourself to the leaders not the laggards.

Why do you think MS compared the original Xbox to the PS2?

***It makes you appear more competent, at the very least, and investors take such talk as a sign that you're learning from your rivals to make moves to i...

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***Move tracks movement in a 3D space.***

PS Move in that video tracks a point in space and connects the joints to the main body. That is why the arms are off at 0:29 in your video. You can clearly see where the users arm is, and where the software thinks it is. Not even close.

**Not just hands, but your head and body as well.***

I guess that is accurate, it racks your body, your head and your hands, but NOT ...

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You can blame it on Itagaki fanboys, but just about all news outlet has given this a dud score.

Have you tried it?

The only redeeming about the game is the core mechanics, that well... Itagaki did. The quick time events, the lack of weapons and the toned down AI jacking up difficulty with Dynasty Warrior mechanic isn't doing it any favor. That's just a small selection of the issues in NG3.

I love Ninja Gaiden, hence my avatar picture....

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What if you bought the game new at the store, but the online pass code expired? Yeah, a bunch of you will find that in a crop of EA games as they older.

If all this blows up with all three console manufacturers, I will jump online and just use Steam. They have been remarkably friendly towards their consumers and been very responsible with their digital policies.

On the other hand, if you prove yourself I might lean in your favor.

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Difficulty should be more about choice and there is nothing wrong with lowering that barrier. Not everyone has hours upon hours to "challenge themselves".

If you want harder, it takes two seconds to flip the switch.

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You mean the rest of Sony is dragging down the Playstation business?

The company stock is like on a 10-year low and that's terrible considering inflation. Reality is that just about any division within Sony is tanking except for the Playstation business whom took major losses early on.

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It's more than that though... The technology is a slight improvement on the Wii Motion Plus. The people that wanted that type of experience likely got it for less than half the cost before Sony even introduced PS Move.

In essence, with the new found fidelity there hasn't been much new experience making it worthwhile.

What Sony need isn't more marketing, but quality software that shows why PS Move is needed and what new things it introduces over Wi...

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