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I agree with you about the Ubisoft conference, I did fast forward through quite a bit of it, but at least a few of their games really impressed - the South Park game hit all the right notes!

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Ghost Recon Wildlands did something similar, switching between four perspectives, but they didn't have 12 year olds shrieking at everything. Plus, there was no reaction cam, and the camera didn't switch between them every 5 seconds. The Sea of Thieves demo was downright dizzying at times.

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The original is one of those games that stays with you. If you plan to play the original, make sure it's on the PC, the Xbox 360 was clumsy and quite buggy.

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The new protagonist's name is Morgan Yu. At least it's a little bit more multi-cultural than Brody Pierce or something like that! But, I totally agree - the Aboriginal style really made the game unique.

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$11.99 is a bit expensive for it IMO. If you intend on playing it on the PC, I would advise waiting for the Steam sale later this month

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Do you think it'll run well on a lower end machine? I've got a GTX 950?

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I notice you didn't put The Binding of Issac on your list - I never understood how it was Zelda-like either.

P.s. stairfax temperatures (Im a big JonTron fan too!)

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My absolute favourite PS1 game <3

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This isn't the spotlight. This is people blindly capitalizing on a militant fanbase, using any excuse to bring up Uncharted 4 so it'll get more hits.

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Last year at E3 I got so excited when Phil Spencer came onto the stage with "one last announcement" dressed in a Rare Ltd. T-shirt. The announcement of Sea of Thieves was still great and all, but it's no Banjo Threeie. Here's hoping for this year!

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I'm so pumped for July to actually be able to test out the Toy Box! It looks great so far.

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This kind of reminds me of Final Fantasy Chronicles: My Life as a King (a downloadable game for the Wii). You would build up your town and send villagers on quests. Hope this is good!

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The thought of paying full price honestly makes me shudder: $79.99.... it'll be $39.99 before the end of the month for sure.

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@ThePope They re-balanced the campaign for solo and co-op. I believe they made it more difficult both in solo and co-op. But with a game like that what's changed most is the multiplayer, they've added a lot of community events and playlists, like Griffball that has re-vitalized the Halo 5 online community. I know how you feel, personally, I hated the campaign because I couldn't play it in split-screen, and the online multiplayer just didn't grip me.

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Game reviews are basically just an extension of the film review system. It works for movies. They're static experiences. Meanwhile, video games are some of the most subjective media ever created. While reviews are also subjective, reviewers try to hide that subjectivity instead of embracing it, which is quite dangerous. Instead, a more anecdotal and embedded system of journalism, that evolves with the games would be a lot more intuitive and would even stay relevant for as long as a video ...

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Think about Halo 5. Which is a console game. They've balanced the campaign difficulty, fixed bugs, added community game modes, added fresh maps and launched new missions. The game isn't what it was when it launched for better or worse.

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Portal 2 is already in the works! There was a tech demo released for the Vive!

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That's awesome! 900$ seems a bit steep, but those would be pretty sweet for 3D movies.

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You're in luck! I think that there's already a demo of Wipeout using VR technology, so a full release probably seems likely with Sony VR. Early rumours have also claimed that the package will include a bottle of Tylenol (just kidding about that last part).

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