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Playing Medal of Honour Allied Assault was life back in the day. I would love it if we could see something like that with new tech.

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World War 1 is so under-utilized in gaming. Verdun on Steam is proof of that; it's such a fun game, even though the graphics and polish aren't quite there.

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Don't forget wall-running! You've got to have wall-running!

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I totally agree! I find that the WW2 games that did come out in the past all were so focused on the same battles and types of missions (D-Day, Stalingrad, etc.) that there's still tonnes of unused material that's so ripe for gaming. The Saboteur (which isn't an FPS) showed just how unique of a world you can still craft in the WW2 genre, so here's hoping that more developers take the well of material and run with it.

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Is that the motto from Nintendo Power or the power glove? Haha

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I feel like there will be "no exclusives" is just something a company might say to ease tensions. Even if there's no technical reason for them -- like SNES games exclusive to the New Nintendo 3DS -- if this hardware experiment flops, I'd expect Uncharted 5 to be PS4.5 exclusive.

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I totally agree with you: the showcase reel is normally a part of the Nintendo Direct (and usually the most boring part) by putting it in a video alone, it was just depressing. Like honestly, why bother advertising "Super Meat Boy", as if the 2010 game based on a 2008 flash game would really drive console sales?

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You're right, it's really cool the way you have to keep an eye on the direction that it flows to stop pollution and contamination! From Dust is another really cool game like that with really dynamic water.

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I totally agree, the cool thing about Uncharted 3 though, was that it went from the a desert environment and made the best looking desert, and then went to the sea and made that look amazing as well! Naughty Dog is honestly a really versatile developer.

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I totally agree. When the Xbox One first came out, I got burned a few times by buying the 360 version of a game assuming it would be of the same quality - and it turned out to be a technical mess. Terrible visuals, long load times, and yet it shared the same "metascore" as the next-gen versions.

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It really is. I didn't think I could get into another Arkham open world game after playing the hell out of Arkham City and being extremely disappointed by Arkham Origins - but it's perfection.

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"This game is terrible."

Reasons 1 - 5 are basically just this guy saying, "It's terrible."

That's gaming journalism at it's finest.

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Not a very descriptive or well written article. In terms of the Smash Bros complaint, of course Nintendo isn't taking it seriously. Do you want a playable character to be the boy in the striped pajamas? Smash Bros is a goofy celebration of Nintendo star power--not a social commentary.

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Sensationalist journalism at its finest!

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The problem is that it was only a good demo. Good isn't good enough anymore. An on the rails and constricted, scripted experience isn't enough. Every time that demo is played, it will look exactly the same. No freedom, no emergent gameplay.

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Well what's best for gaming websites isn't important. What's important is whether or not Nintendo cutting out the 'middle man' is best for consumers. Free press is around for a reason!

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Bugs don't make it controversial. Everyone can agree that connectivity issues and glitches are "Bad"...that's not controversy.

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I find the "It's only 20 dollars argument" really weak. 20 dollars is not a deal anymore. Not when I can buy the Orange Box and GTA IV for less than 20 $ combined!

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Although GW2 and Diablo 3 were great, this is basically a console site so no PC games were included in the list :) sorry about that

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Yes, only ME3 is coming to the Wii U. The Wii U is tagged because the essentially pointless Wii U version is mentioned in the review.

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