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Recommend everybody try Shadowrun or watch the Lets play!

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To be honest I thought this game did a poor job compared to the flash game 'Coma,' in terms of having a deeper meaning. Criticize me all you like, but this game has very few clues to give the real meaning behind the game away. The game Coma does this much more brilliantly, it gives some much less indirect clues, but the actual meaning can be easily established in the mind of the player. Coma gives you much more ways to interpret the game and its only a 20 minute game.


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LOL too bad the old DOA characters are hotter

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Meh the old DOA characters are way hotter:
Pretty much the only reason I play the game lol.

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Yeh I agree with you Donnieboi, Japanese games are the best... you forgot to mention the game Catherine which was epic. There's just something about Japanese games which Western developers can't seem to create.

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