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lol, what is up with these links, this is the second time a website might have a virus. #3
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Just so people will know, I think the website contains viruses. #40
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I'm a computer programmer that has designed databases in school mind you and my best explanation would be they did not normalize their database making such things as changing a user name difficult.

If what I'm stating is true they are in a worldnof hurt when upgrading the system and it's better to fix it as soon as possible than later on. I also want to point out that the reason Sony stated is baffling to a database admin when you can easily use a unique identifie... #43
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What I find funny when PlayStation didn't have anything equivalent to achievements Playstation was put down but Nintendo still has nothing like that and is still praised. It's like Nintendo does what it does because it gets away with it, what the Wii U today should have been what the Wii did last generation.

In my opinion they have good games when it comes to first party, but everything else would be a no and a vast majority of the first party games are geared to a... #21
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I always find it odd that people call it slim when it's actually called die-shrink from my understanding how the console gets smaller. #28
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That's not death animations it's respawn animations, lol, can the journalist at least be a gamer when writing about video games. #10
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Lol, being objective is looking at things solely through science, like for example doing math.

1 + 1 = 2

You can't argue that because I came up with that answer using science. Science has many different fields using your report example when being unbias it's solely looking at what did you see happen. Bias comes in when someone says i say, "the robber run that way,"when in reality it was just a person running but the bias creates a reason wh... #4.1
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I would have to disagree because objective is basically looking at things through a science while bias is looking at things personally. This is where knowledge is power the more you know about a certain industry the more objective you can be because you see things by design than likes.

This is where the gaming industry lacks knowledge in the field they are writing about. Any programmer will tell you there are ways to look at a program objectively. #3
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You do know last generation on the XBOX 360 cases stated resolutions that weren't supported natively with most if not all their exclusive games. Just check any exclusive stating resolution and odds are it's wrong.

No one sued them, to be honest it's kind of ridiculous. #2.4
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At: the author of the article

You're paying for the service not the games, so buying the game to just have unlimited access to the stream would not support the service. This is similar to GamyFly, Rogers, or Blockbuster not Wal-Mart, Best Buy, or EB Games.

Another thing, if you already own the game, why would you pay for that particular game, lol something tells me you don't have common sense? #14
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People have to understand that you are not paying for the video games, you are paying for the services. The prices are actually reasonable, it just when comparing them to purchases they appear expensive. You need to compare them to similar services like Rogers video game rentals, or GameFly that actually have higher prices. #14
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Sony's method of the Move and camera would deem more useful than the Kinect and some foreign object. #5
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They are both racing games but it's good to keep in mind that Forza Horizon 2 is an opened world while Drive Club from my understanding is a typical linear racing game. FH2 might be a better comparison with GTA5 on current gen consoles than Drive Club. #48
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In short yes graphics matter no matter what the platform it is, whether it be on mobile phones to computer rigs. It's just mindless when people argue over different versions of the same game because they are supposed to meet at a median and if there are major differences than a side-by-side comparison isn't needed.

Whether it be 2D or 3D, graphics is what hooks people into most games if not all just like movie trailers do for movie goers is what game-play trailers do... #60
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The title just show how knowledgeable the person is when it comes to basic game designs. #12
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You do realize games in the same genre will play similar to each other right? In theory every game in the genre copies the core game mechanics with their own flare / skin. #2.2.1
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I can never understand how stuff like this is gaming news, what's next Epic Games CEO farts? #72
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I find it funny that gamers cannot bring up topics related to video games without someone getting bent out of shape. If a video game gets GOTY award is it really that bad to mention a game that you think should have won?

Not everyone wants to live in a tunnel only looking at one thing. The person with "logic" as part of their name has the least amount of logic. #1.2.7
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This is the kind of stuff people always suspect from companies but never really have any proof of it. #46
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From my understanding of the "content id" on YouTube is to demonotize or monotize depending on what perspect you are seeing from so YouTube only makes money from amateurs and amateurs can't profit off of their posted videos.

If YouTube wanted this all along, they should not have introduced the monitization model to amateurs in the first place. #22
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