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A time the end of the day, who really cares? Yes it would be nice but, it doesn’t really change anything.

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I’m not going to hold my breath, famous studios under Microsoft’s watch loose what they once were.

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I can see Microsoft having a steam-like service but they created two ecosystems. Contrary to Steam and the Steam box all from the same ecosystem so if one flopped the platform is still making money.

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I think it can vary; I have used wifi and played fine but, still recommend a wired connection if possible.

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Nintendo lacks in ever department with the eighth generation consoles being a nineth generation. Every port will lack some kind of feature seen on other platforms.

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Does this mean ID Software will sue every developer behind a first person shooter on the market...😂

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It’s funny how people say next gen 60fps and 4K is a must when the Nintendo Switch is a ninth generation console.

Why does Nintendo get a pass?

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It’s funny so much talk about cross play, every generation a company says no and a different one say so yes, lol.

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Lol, so professional; categories: Europe, North America, & “the rest of the world.”

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I don’t think the games far are bad, but the Switch is just a more attractive Wii U. Once you get your teeth into gaming, the platform lacks; but a good gateway drug in to gaming.

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The family membership is cool, but still using a smart phone for voice chat is so backwards.

To make things worse; Nintendo developers use account names with online game modes, making it that much more difficult to make friends online. It looks attractive but, when actually analyzing what they offer and how it’s executed, i’ll pass.

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I think the only reason why I think it’s so popular on the XBOX because Microsoft’s focus is having the best looking version of a game. Yet online play is bottlenecked by the other SKUs making it almost pointless with the push of online play over offline play.

I do think unifying the digital store should be mainstream like smart phones and Steam.

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God of War is an Action-Adventure game, it has puzzle to progress, lol. Don’t know why that bothers me...🤓

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Killzone 2 for the most part looked better, just that the environment wasn’t as dynamic as the target render for obvious reasons.

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Exclusives do sell a console but multiplates help people convert platforms. 4K gaming is nice but this generation 1080p is good enough for most people.

The point i’m generally making is that Nintendo is in a world where a smart phone has more functions / features than their gaming device. There will be a point where people will realize the lack of technology will hinder the type of games they want to enjoy.

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The Switch is another Wii U in my opinion, just a more attractive Wii U. Power may not be everything, but it will affect multiplats, especially when XBOX 4 and PS5 are released.

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The “game pass” is the only thing saving XBOX else, people would just buy a PC.

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The Switch still lacks the basics the eighth generation consoles offer and it’s a ninth generation console.

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Sea of Thieves is on PC and XBOX; Horizon Zero Dawn is only on the PS4, big difference.

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True not one thing guarantees a win, but lacking in power, exclusives, and or features creates a greater probability of losing.

Exclusives create incentives, multiplats creates unity, and features create new ways to enhance gaming.

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