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The Switch still lacks the basics the eighth generation consoles offer and it’s a ninth generation console.

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Sea of Thieves is on PC and XBOX; Horizon Zero Dawn is only on the PS4, big difference.

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True not one thing guarantees a win, but lacking in power, exclusives, and or features creates a greater probability of losing.

Exclusives create incentives, multiplats creates unity, and features create new ways to enhance gaming.

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Buying a company isn’t the problem, just look what happened to Rare. Microsoft just need people to create IP’s and hire a company to develop the games.

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XBOX ONE has no exclusives, all the games are also on PC, and usually free online to boot.

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I’m the opposite, Bungie played it too safe and the games just added a little more with each instalment. 343 take risks, changed things up, instead of added shields one year, a new grenade type the next, to crazy high jumping while weighing a ton...🤨

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This is why Nintendo consumers are so confused, they don’t even know what console belongs to what’s generation...🤦🏾 ;‍♂️

This person most likely thinks the Wii and Wii U are the same...😂

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That's true despite what a consumer buys the Switch for, it's considered a console first so therefore the successor to the 3DS is still coming, theoretically. Thus another confusion that Nintendo created with their consumers, lol.

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Nintendo sees the Switch as a home console first with a portable option secondary, so therefore it's fair game since they are competing against one another.

What's next not having a typical microphone setup in comparison to the other consoles is not fair as well?

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I think Disney owns the rights to Star Wars; EA is just the developer working on the video game adaptations.

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It can get player’s choice award or something along they lines of a “popular award” title but I think a game that’s gets GOTY award needs to be finished. Else this can promote other developers to release unfinished games and use PUBG as an excuse. Consistency is key with awards in my opinion, never any exceptions.

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I was thinking thinking the same thing, it’s the same platform. For someone to make a title like that, Microsoft isn’t communicating to the gamers as efficiently as they may think.

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With all the UI changes, older themes won’t be compatible with the redesign which is annoying. As with the PS4, all UI themes are compatible not wasting any developer’s time designing and consumers money within a single generation.

Plus why redesign something that works, hence the PS4 UI.

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I wonder if that’s her mom, and just showing different points in time from the last trailer...🤔

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So if you have Steam and a PS4 you are covered for 80% of the games listed...😂

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What are the odds of someone keeping their old games and not the console to play them on?

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Website contains malware

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Yes the headset jack for the XBOX 360 was is on the controller but you could only use the proprietary headsets. While every PlayStation with a headset feature could use any headset with a USB but now the PS4 can use a USB or a 3.5 mm jack.

There are no USB ports on the front of the XBOX ONE to even charge the console with making things inconvenient if you use the back USB's.

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lol, what is up with these links, this is the second time a website might have a virus.

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Just so people will know, I think the website contains viruses.

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