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I can never understand how stuff like this is gaming news, what's next Epic Games CEO farts? #72
I find it funny that gamers cannot bring up topics related to video games without someone getting bent out of shape. If a video game gets GOTY award is it really that bad to mention a game that you think should have won?

Not everyone wants to live in a tunnel only looking at one thing. The person with "logic" as part of their name has the least amount of logic. #1.2.7
This is the kind of stuff people always suspect from companies but never really have any proof of it. #46
From my understanding of the "content id" on YouTube is to demonotize or monotize depending on what perspect you are seeing from so YouTube only makes money from amateurs and amateurs can't profit off of their posted videos.

If YouTube wanted this all along, they should not have introduced the monitization model to amateurs in the first place. #22
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How can you play single player if you have to be connected online to play off-line. The DRM removal comes through an update on launch day, so all the person can do is watch TV, lol?

Now that's a cold business knowing that's all the person can do, and they wanted an always online console. #1.12
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When it comes down to it Sony handles the authentication while developers create their own networks. As with Microsoft they create one big network that developers have to connect their games to. Similar to phones with carries (XBOX Live) or phones that are independent from a carrier (PSN).

In the end Sony's online is more flexible it combines the best of both worlds, PC and console online into one service, while Microsoft just utilizes the best of what consoles offer. <... #4
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I don't really trust reviews all that much, especially launch title reviews. I listened to them before and weren't that good and the ones that got around average were better games.

I'd rather see it for myself because I find when it comes to graphics or anything related to the picture/image it's blown out of proportion 9/10 times, lol. #83
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Microsoft was more about always-on using cloud computing while this is more about streaming games on different devices using cloud computing. One was used for control while the other is used for flexibility.

On top of that Microsoft uses cloud computing for things that should be downloaded locally like single player AIs or parts of the single player, while Sony used it in Uncharted for things like balancing out online game modes on the fly even down to weapon placements on th... #3.4
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You realize that when something works other companies will follow. Sony started the dual analog sticks which at first many people hated, and now pretty much every controller has one. Same thing with online, once a game perfects it, other games will follow because a standard design. #47.1
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Besides cost, power usage, and implementation I see many ways how a screen on the controller would benefit greatly over no screen. It would even be better if it was a touch screen even more possibilities. In the end I would take a reworked design that enhances interaction over muscle memory.

A second screen you can pull up menus in online matches without obstructing the view, and many other multitasking choices. The only reason I see them not doing it is because of the Vita c... #48
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You do realize that correlating behaviour to a race is racist?

A person's race isn't determine by their actions, but their DNA makeup. I find a lot of people do this with nationality as well, when a person can't look Italian when Italy is just landmass. #1.1.5
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I would say Dreamcast pushed online gaming, just that the XBOX games could not be copied using a computer like the Dreamcast games. Plus the Dreamcast was upgradable to a certain extent. #1.1
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I consider PlayStation All-Stars a Party-Fighting game as appose to an Action-Fighting game like Super Smash Brothers. Going into the game with that game design you will know what to expect from the game-mechanics. #2.1
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That was because if the XBOX 360 and PS3 were released about the same time the PS3 sold more per month basis than the XBOX 360 did. The one year head start that Microsoft had gave the public the perception that XBOX 360 is more popular.

You can play some XBOX 360 games online and they will be dead, but you can pop in a PS3 launch title with people still playing it. For example Splinter Cell Conviction a good game, but hard to find people. Thinking back at it now, I wonder how... #2.4
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Yes I do realize that but it's in context of the situations, it's still a gaming topic. It's reasons of getting an XBOX ONE as appose to other consoles in the market. If I talked about how I would play Dead Rising 3 under this article odds of being a problem are slim to none, as appose to playing a set game on another platform.

It's common to talk about other things in context of what the content is talking about. If it were a review on game A, I might talk ab... #17.1.2
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Art was never mentioned in my comment, and its a whole new concept on it's own. What I was simply stating that God of War has realistic graphics event through it's a fantasy setting.

In your comment you said you would take Okami, Dark Souls, and God of War 3 over Battlefield 3 any day. I didn't realize this at the time but Dark Souls and God of War have realistic graphics like Battlefield just that Battlefield is set in reality with Hollywood realism.
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At: georgeenood

Titanfall isn't an exclusive hence why it isn't in the list, it's also for the PC and XBOX 360. XBOX controllers were never really good with fighters, so it would be interesting if the new controller is any different. #1.1.12
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God of War 3 is a fantasy game but with realistic graphics. It's just taking something that is not real and if it were to be real, that's the developer's adaptation of a realistic God of War universe.

It's like having live-action adaptions of comic book characters, they aren't real nor the universe but they are put in a realistic world, if the universe would have been real (if the makes sense to you). That's the way I see it anyways, same with Harry Po... #11.1
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It's interesting that a lot people are dismissing graphics but a good portion of the website debates about what version looks and runs better of a particular game. As for me the version doesn't really matter because the goal is to look / run identical, but as with the game itself it depends on the game universe created.

Certain games I would rather have more realistic graphics adds the experience and others no. I really understand the author is trying to get at about,... #14
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Honestly I'm sure the XBOX ONE will be a good system but looking objectively I don't get much out of it besides the TV features.

Going PlayStation you have PS+ (rental subscription service), exclusive games like Infamous that are well designed (whether you like them or not), a controller that adds something new for input, separate subscription apps are not behind a pay-wall (more convenient for non-gamers), remote play, and UI features like the live game-play feeds /... #17
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