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The Naval Combat is pretty much the best thing about AC3 and AC4.

But really, the list is kindof stupid, as it doesn't list games that lost money, just games that didn't live up to profit expectations, even though they all made profits, "Not enough Profits" is not a good excuse to put down a game as "unsuccessful". Stupid greedy corporations think the only thing that matters is what their shareholders think, and that the integrity of games don'...

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The headline should be "Programming is really F'n hard, way harder than anyone who doesn't know code realizes, so shit happens when you release the same game on 5 different platforms"

You can only do so much with the time you have. Anyone who has ever worked a real job with deadlines knows this, and if your code requires certain timing to be just right and it won't work on 5 different platforms all with different timing, that's tough to deal with whe...

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The article is about the x-bone doing better in NA than in Japan and Europe, it has nothing to do with a comparison with PS4. Sales numbers are already in and PS4 is outselling the x-bone by an extremely wide margin in most regions.

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Getting a ton of cool stuff for free - that's the Gran Turismo way.
Want extra stuff in Forza? Pay another $50 on top of your $60 game to get all the cars, and even more money for all the extra tracks.

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You don't need to boycott Bayonetta 2, it isn't first party Nintendo, and it's on Nintedo's console, so its sales will not be stellar. They will be forced to port to next gen to make up for losses.

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I feel somewhat bad for the guy but not entirely, and he doesn't deserve a free xbox after getting his money refunded, he's just somewhat inept.

I get it that people go on and on about it said the word "picture" somewhere in the description, but the category was wrong, as it was sold under "electronics hardware". There is clearly an attempt to scam, hoping that a buyer wouldn't see the word "picture" down in the description, as if th...

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It would certainly be nice if the $10 upgrade program was done, however knowing the capitalists that are Sony and Msoft, and knowing how console owners are used to taking a cactus up the ass every time a new revenue stream is exploited... it's not happening. Console owners are used to paying $40 for Angry Birds when you can get it for 99 cents pretty much everywhere else. Of course we're going to be expected to pay 30-40 bucks for an all-dlc included "definitive edition" of ...

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lol who cares what he does with his money? The title of the article is clearly misleading in a trolling attempt at cheap and easy hits, the guy doesn't like Nintendo, so what?

Besides, being rich doesn't mean your kids need to be entitled, materialistic brats who should get whatever they want for no other reason than that their parents' can afford it. We already have enough materialistic, whiny, entitled brats who grow up to be adults with the same morals, values...

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It's called creating "fake demand".

When people don't think they can't get something because it's scarce, they want it more, not less. You want things that are scarce, not plentiful. It's called Marketing Psychology, read a book.

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lol what a dumb bitch... she sees a girl who's a total whore getting arrested for drunk driving, crashing her car, and Lindsay's first thought is "THAT'S ME!!! I'M A BROKE DUMB BITCH WITH NO CAREER, AND I NEED DRUG AND BOOZE MONEY, GET MY LAWYER ON THE PHONE!!!"

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The X-bone hates dicks... insert joke here about the oversized X-bone being a fat lesbian who will cast vengeance on you for inserting a dick into your conversation... LOL

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For those unaware, the only exclusive stuff according to Kojima at a previous press event was the integration of xbox smart glass. If it were extra missions or stuff gamers actually care about, that would be plastered on every single piece of marketing material you could find, so you have nothing to worry about.

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LOL wow, what a huge pile of wussy boy pansies, doesn't anyone get it that this is capitalism? Business is cut throat, people's bonuses and in some cases, jobs are on the line, so you're going to get shots left and right. Microsoft has been doing it since forever, this is nothing new. Just look at the "Hi I'm a PC" and "Hi I'm a MAC" commercials, it's all about differentiating yourself and showing what you have over the competition. If you can't...

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I had heard that the drive spinning faster results in a lot more heat generated, which kills consoles earlier than they otherwise would. Again, I've only heard this from people who installed hybrid drives in the PS3 only to kill it within a year, so do so at your own risk.

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Polygon is a hater website. Besides, if you're basing your buying decisions based on what bitter, hating, jaded troll reviewers think then you're a SCHMUCK

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Really, if you're basing your console buying decisions based on reviews, you're a schmuck. Especially launch title reviews, then you're a super schmuck.
If you read all the negative reviews, you will never see a bigger group of bitter, hating, trolling, jaded pile of man-children.

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The review is filled with nitpicks and nonsense that the average gamer would never, ever complain about. This is what you get when you read retarded articles from the Financial Post.

The reviewer complains about the dumbest shit. Don't bother reading it, the guy writing it is a bitter, hating loser who feels there should have been more verticality to the levels, doesn't like it that a pointer isn't on screen at ALL times showing him where to go and how far away, h...

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For those unaware, according to coders and programmers the thing that is inefficient and not utilized and optimized properly is actually the game engine, not the console itself. This is the reason for some games looking and performing better than others, meanwhile each dev claims to be maxing the console out.

It is true they are maxing out the console, only they are using a very outdated or inefficient engine which is causing less than stellar results. Forza has a fantastic ...

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It looks like the same thing happened to his gym membership... they also took it back within 2 hours.

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1080i is not "more or less 720p". It pushes 1080 pixels interlaced. 1080p is progressive scan, it's a different way of displaying pixels that takes more processing power, thus only higher end hardware can run it ie. PS4.

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