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You're all missing the point ^

Nintendo isn't trying to "beat" Sony or Microsoft and vice versa, they have carved out their own market that has been untapped forever, they can show whatever they want and people who love Nintendo will buy it, the casual gamers will buy it, and Microsoft and Sony will spend bilions trying to steal each others' market share; the problem is when you take that approach you both just end up wounded as companies.

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lol @ ^^
Who are you kidding, you think the average game its going to take a lot longer than that for the average gamer to get laid:

This guide is for all you forever-virgins out there who can't figure women out.

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WWE games made by someone other than THQ? Finally!!!
THQ apparently wants to throw a bone to the Attitude era wrestlers and pay them to include them in WWE '13. Those stupid idiot wrestlers from way back when like X-pac have zero career and nothing going for them, sitting around picking their ass living off of whatever they made, and they scoff at the idea of having their likeness be put in a game where they virtually don't have to lift a finger, they just get paid for doing n...

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With these early scans you can only see what games will look like, there are all sorts of other things that the heavy processing capabilities will allow you to do, like more advanced AI, more advanced physics, running multiple AI's at once that behave differently so it isn't just duck, cover and shoot for everyone you're up against.

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@ IamPewpew
What you need to realize is the internet is the wild west, and that you should take publicly given scores with a grain of salt. There's very little objectivity anymore in gaming journalism, so you'll also have to take gaming website reviews with a grain of salt too, as they rely far too much on opinion, and don't stress objectively what a game is like, good or bad.

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@ 360 fanboys^
The long list of PS3 exclusives that look head and shoulders better than anything the 360 has ever put out is embarrassingly long, everything from Killzone to Uncharted to GT5 to MGS4, I could go on and on, there's not even a hint of comparison. Not to mention you still need batteries to run your wireless controller. No bluetooth support, I mean really? What is this the 50's? lol
Forget it, if you want the best games you need a PS3, period.

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Best looking game on xbox? That isn't saying much lol
@ da_ ^^
Microsoft NEVER cheaps out, they always overspend on marketing, massive dev teams, Bungie's Halo teams could populate a small country for crying out loud, M$oft spent a billion dollars alone on marketing for Kinect. If anyone needs to stop cheaping out its Sony with their lackluster marketing campaigns for all of their biggest potential releases.
Besides, what is on 343's resume? They were cre...

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Of course I read it, the author doesn't understand that the auto industry comparison is invalid. He claims that cars should come standard with free GPS a la games should come standard with free online access, free DLC etc. It is clear the author has never been to school to study how business works, because there is an inherent cost in creating and mantaining an online service, as well as an inherent cost in adding a GPS unit to a car. Nothing is free. Different customers are willing to pa...

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General Kaos up there sounds like he works for Nintendo. Who talks like "Everyone that invests in a Nintendo product will be well taken care of with more and more 1st class Nintendo exclusives." other than Nintendo employees. Nintendo has been reporting the biggest losses in its company's history if you follow the stock market, which makes this guy's statement categorically false.

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So this author was so clueless, he didn't know that people were in business to make money? Really? He goes on and on stating the business practices of companies and then comes to the conclusion "I guess they're just in it to make money". Who woulda thunk eh? Of course they are!

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Pachter's comments all come from his gut, same as George Bush, and look what that kind of decision making results in?

Pachter has no idea whether his claims are correct, he looks at pieces of industry data and then makes gut predictions that mean basically nothing, but do you think investors would know any different if his decisions were crap or not? The industry doesn't care that much if you're right 100% of the time, its noone's jobe to be right all the ti...

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All of this pre-judgement about specific things in the game when you know almost nothing about it? Don't criticize the boss battles for not being unique when you haven't played them yet, please!

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Why spend tons of money on a new game engine with a ton of glitches that will take years to iron out, when you have a perfectly capable and smooth game engine that millions of people buy into every year? You won't see a change in the game engine unless gamers stop buying Call of Duty, which I don't see happening. The next generation you'll see the same engine just upgraded, don't expect anything different from Activision, they're pressured to make massive profits and you d...

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There really is no such rule as a "3 game rule", look at sports games, FIFA is one of the biggest selling franchises in history, people need their updated rosters and tweaks to gameplay it seems, because they sell like hotcakes every year, what business would be dumb enough to let one year go and watch profits go down the drain that year from something so lucrative? Until you understand business, you will never understand the games industry, because its all about money, don't de...

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Sounds like typical internet troll whining and complaining to me

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Looks like this list was made by some kid who just wrote down all his favourite games in his collection and called it a day.

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Exactly, I played this on PS3 and it didn't look blurry or washed out at all, in fact it was darker than the 360 version but didn't have the missing pieces of detail with shadows being way too dark in some cases on the 360. I adjusted the brightness and it looked fine, framerate was fine, lens of truth is a garbage website and always will be.

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The PS3's framerate is fine, and it isn't washed out like some troll sites have been incorrectly reporting (lens of truth, more like lens of lies). Honestly who cares about kinect? We all know voice recognition never works 100% of the time, especially if you have an accent, I'd rather be able to strategically map out my actions with the screen paused than yelling at the screen in the heat of battle with it not understanding me.

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What is it with the Japanese and their obsession with very western looking girly boys with effeminate features, its as if all of Japan were populated by 13 year old American girls lol I mean who finds this new Dante the least bit compelling? Noone, and that's why we get this empty meaningless attempt at reassurance from the guy whose career is staked on this game being successful.

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This is according to Microsoft who is desperately trying to make sure their multi-billion dollar investment doesn't become a useless obsolete feature like Sony's Sixaxis features. Take it with a grain of salt.

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