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lol I completely agree with this review. Bloodborne is nothing special. It has clunky combat, a clunky camera, if something like that giant pig rushes you, it hits you taking half your health away, then before you can even get up during the animation, it registers another hit and you're dead, back to the beginning. The game is a mediocre action game like all the souls games, only trying to be different by removing checkpoints and removing all progress if you die, only having to find the c...

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It's missing Aloy, which quite frankly is a better character than Lara Croft and all the others on the list. Mostly because she needs skill, intelligence and weapons to succeed. Chloe Frazer on the other hand is completely unrealistic as a female character as she easily out muscles waves upon waves of trained combat soldiers. Lara Croft does the same thing and she's a skinny little chick with no muscle but performs unbelievable physical feats. At least make it slightly realistic!

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The people commenting that "not everything has to be political" are stupid. No one is saying EVERYTHING must be political. They are saying it's ok if something WANTS to be political. Metal Gear Solid is very political, so is every game featuring a real life war. War IS political by nature. The Nazis were a political party. This idea that we can't be against political movements like the Nazis in games is ridiculous. We can also be against Alt Right Neo Nazis of today, just as...

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MegamanXXX you're wondering why he's getting down votes? I'm wondering why the 5 tards down voted the guy who just reported the bleeding file size lol

It's not that big a file size when you consider other games' file sizes that were nowhere near as graphically amazing as this game.

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This review and criticism is stupid. Everyone wanted this game to be a divisive political satire with strong political points that would enrage conservatives. That's not what the devs sent out to do. This isn't The Daily Show or any other late night talk show where they rip conservatives and Donald Trump a new asshole every single night, it doesn't matter if they deserve it, which they do. The game is supposed to feature alt right idealogy, but becoming a preachy political diatrib...

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This should read: No one at the Trump White house is qualified, PERIOD.

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There are plenty of PS1 and PS2 games that I can still go back to. Even MGS1 still holds up. The crash bandicoot games were remade and they were super difficult back then and still are, but if you're into that style of game it's well done.

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Right... because Call of Duty totally hasn't been a cash cow for Activision for the last 10 years. They're paying themselves massive bonuses, and hiding profits just like any other business.

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Yes but aren't they remaking Demon Souls so they'll need the money and resources to develop and test the remaster?

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It is just pixels, and it's also one of the funniest parodies of a real life episode out of Lindsay Lohan's pathetic life, which makes it all the more hilarious.

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Judging by how easily triggered all the virgins on this site are, all over a big pile of nothing, they need all the help they can get seducing girls -_-

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They're all clickbaiters...


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The clickbait is strong with this one... this guy clearly sucks at the game and is looking for reasons to complain.

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Someone is actually playing this game? You can't release a broken game and then months and months later, after everyone has forgotten about this game, and laughed at its winning "worst game of the year" award from Yahtzee. How clueless can the devs be? Use that money to make a better game next time! No one is playing this broken mess -_-

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lol dude, wipeout and crash n sane are both hd remakes of old games, gt sport is half a game sold at full price with out of date cars from 2014 and earlier (which all still sound like vacuum cleaners), and MLB is just for baseball fans.

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Gamers: Kojima couldn't get any weirder after the ridiculousness of the MGS series.
Kojima: Hold my Sake.

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lol seriously? You're worried about there being unoriginal themes and ideas? How completely bonkers and out there does Kojima have to get for you to see something interesting that's never been done before?

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