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lol seriously? You're worried about there being unoriginal themes and ideas? How completely bonkers and out there does Kojima have to get for you to see something interesting that's never been done before?

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Who else is worried about this growing trend in the industry? Our outcries are just a vocal minority if these figures are any indication. Microtransactions are here to stay, adopting Free to Play revenue models to full priced games. Season passes were bad enough, now you have to pay more money to keep up with everyone else in multiplayer.
Who else hates this?

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There is no Pro patch for AC yet, so it looks identical right now. Just like Evil Within 2, they're doing the patch post release.

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Dead Space was the worst ruining... micro transactions in a full price game, with co op that was mandatory to get all the story and access to certain areas. Sure Rock Band was oversaturated, and Burnout was basically killed off even though it sold a ton on PS3 back in the day.

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It's the GT Sports bundle with the regular PS4 slim... if only it had a single player that was more than just time trials, license tests and driving scenarios. The meat of it is online, or at least they're hoping. It will be a couple of years before a proper GT game comes out since it takes so long just to make 1 car (6 months)

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The team in Montreal that did Origins is doing this game. This may mean Rocksteady is doing yet another bigger batman game down the road, or god willing, will be working on something fresh and cooler like Spawn, which could use all the same game mechanics and engine if you think about it, with some new stuff to keep things fresh and interesting.

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Developers are really dumb on this issue... they don't like the Nazi symbol because it represents hatred, oppression, violence and the Holocaust. Meanwhile, the game itself is visually depicting images that the player participates in of said hatred, oppression, violence and the Holocaust, shooting and killing people, but that imagery is fine? The symbol for that imagery is what they have a problem with? You're literally shooting people in a game, that actual imagery is less offensive ...

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Does anyone here read? Rockstar has made somewhere in the hundreds of millions of dollars in shark cards alone. They are riding the gravy train with low operations high profit margins. It's a cash cow business for them, so of course they're going to delay any game that will draw a single player away from GTA 5.

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The director should fire himself. "I don't want to tell the story of humankind with just men. We have to make babies"
Sounds a little Fox News Bill O'Reilly to me. It wouldn't surprise me if he wanted to offer jobs to women in exchange for sexual favours. I mean, make babies? Seriously? These kinds of men are disgusting -_-

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Yeah, but you won't notice much difference unless you have a good 4K tv. I'll stick with my PS4 Pro since the 1080p tv has its own benefits of higher FPS and graphics fidelity, I'd wait for a PS5 when 4K TV's come down in price and it makes more sense to move in that direction.

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It has hardly been optimized. The character models look hideous, and I know that because the actors they are based on are gorgeous. Everyone looks like a bad wax figure with very poorly done facial animations, awkward and terribly done animations for all kinds of things, terrible AI, terrible writing and dialogue (which is supposed to be the reason I play the game multiple times).
I have a 30% off deal from black friday of 2015, that's how long ago this was put up for preorder. I...

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Xmen Origins was the only good xmen game, the rest are crap.

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lol you haven't played the game yet, kid.
I'm just waiting for the 6/10 review from GameCritics for all you dumb fanboys to get your panties in a wad.
Can we please all get GameCritics off Metacritic already?

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The game was never targeting 60FPS, the author is dumb.

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The blogger who wrote this garbage is such a Microsoft shill who needs to spit Microsoft's dick out of his mouth.

In response to hearing someone had a PC: "thats great, i'm glad you chose to get on the ms platform :)

it's unfortunate that you are forced to pick only a ps4 to play a sony exclusive"

What an ass wipe.

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I actually like that we're getting newer consoles earlier. Why be stuck with the same graphics potential for 8 years like the PS3 and 360? It was such a drudge by year 5, I was ready for something better long before the PS4 debuted.

Your old system isn't worthless just because a new one came out. You can still play games on it, Sony has already said that no game will have exclusive features for the next console, you can keep your PS4 if that's what your budget ...

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There are two aspects to MGS games - the gameplay and game design elements, and the stories.

Gameplay got better every single game, it never really got worse. There were always strides of improvements, there's no doubt.

Story is subjective. I'm a diehard MGS fan, and MGS 1 still has far and away the best story. It's not even close.

MGS3 story is ok but it got really ridiculous and overly Japanese with the subtext and the ...

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lol did anyone not look at the detail on the track? GT Sport's track looks almost blank with no details, whereas GT6 looks like actual concrete with tire marks.
Look at the aliasing on the top of the dashboard, it's terrible on GT Sport and perfect on GT6.

Unacceptable. The cars STILL sound like vacuum cleaners, even though Yamauchi lied and said they were built from scratch.

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lol obvious troll is obvious.

You've obviously never been to college so how would a dumbass like you know?

And what other game had all the locations that look identical in design and graphics as UC4 that they copy and pasted from?

I don't need to tell you to not procreate since you're probably too annoying and repellent for any woman to be around anyway.

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