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lol did anyone not look at the detail on the track? GT Sport's track looks almost blank with no details, whereas GT6 looks like actual concrete with tire marks.
Look at the aliasing on the top of the dashboard, it's terrible on GT Sport and perfect on GT6.

Unacceptable. The cars STILL sound like vacuum cleaners, even though Yamauchi lied and said they were built from scratch.

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lol obvious troll is obvious.

You've obviously never been to college so how would a dumbass like you know?

And what other game had all the locations that look identical in design and graphics as UC4 that they copy and pasted from?

I don't need to tell you to not procreate since you're probably too annoying and repellent for any woman to be around anyway.

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Everyone, stop attacking the source since other sources are saying the exact same thing. Did you even look at the gameplay videos and hear the horrible engine noises and outdated sound effects?

Polyphany Digital is getting lazy. This is the same game engine being used since day 1, thus you have the screen tearing, the aliasing, the bad smoke effects, the exact same engine noises (that sound like vacuum cleaners) and tire screeching noises since GT1. Nothing has been rework...

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lol GT6 was a joke... I've been a diehard GT fan since GT1 and I'm sick of the same outdated game engine with the same cars that sound like vacuum cleaners.
The engine is showing its age, with the screen tearing, aliasing problems, frame rate drops with lots of cars on screen, all on a game that barely looks marginally better than GT6.
The car models look alright, but everything else just looks dull, drab, lifeless, and even though Yamauchi claims the audio was red...

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And this is why Internet bloggers and anonymous Internet commenters will never run businesses... their incredibly poor sense of judgement and absolute zero business savvy.
Here's a free business tip: capitalize on your strengths. Do what you're very good at. Naughty Dog is very good at making big games like Uncharted and The Last of Us, so it should stick to what it excels in. If it starts doing mobile games and small puzzle games and $10 side scrolling platformers, it would ...

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In case people don't get it yet, the market for reviews is very saturated, and if you have a new website it's hard to get noticed and get any clicks whatsoever. IGN, Gamespot and few others have tied the market up in terms of click throughs for somewhat objective reviews, so people create overly negative reviews of just about everything just to get clicks. It's about money, not journalistic integrity. There is no editor, there is no journalistic standard that people are following,...

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It may have something to do with the PS4K Neo or whatever it's going to be called. Extra power means they can push the game further on the new console, add VR support etc... it's going to be F'ing awesome.

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Doesn't anyone know anything about marketing? You don't talk about the next product while it hasn't been finalized, and you don't mention it when your current product is still in its sales prime. That's a great way to see current console sales plummet is talking about the next one and how great it will be.

You don't see Apple talking about the iPhone 8 and how much better it's going to be than the iPhone 7 when the iPhone 7 hasn't been relea...

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Kojima wanted to replace Hayter for a long time, wanting Kurt Russel to play Big Boss since his character in Escape from New York was the original idea for what Snake would look like.

Secondly, everyone on here who has never done a thing in their life needs to settle down. You have never worked on anything for 18 years, and have never known what it feels like to feel so under appreciated given all of your hard work. Don't sit there all smug and pretend that you have any f...

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The PC build is at a clearer, higher resolution giving it that more clinical look, whereas the preview build has a lot of motion blur giving it an overall softer look.
The biggest difference is the lighting and atmosphere of the preview build. It's much more of a realistic atmosphere with far superior lighting techniques used.

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...and guess what ladies, he's single!

But really, who doesn't like trophies?

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lol it sold 1.28 million...
To put that in perspective, Gran Turismo Prologue alone sold 4.2 million. Hardly a sales winner for the X-bone, but if you're an arcade racer type with little racing skills, have at it.
Forza 6 is better just for the car selection, modification options and so forth, but I'm a sim guy, with actual racing knowledge.

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The only Doom with any horror in it was Doom 3 and its expansions. The previous ones were run and gun shoot em ups like this one is. If anything, this goes back to its roots and ditches the flashlight that can barely see anything (originally needing to be held on its own with no weapon... how dumb).

It's up to the designers to say what they want to create, so get rid of your own personal preconceived notions about what you think the game should be, because it's not y...

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That's because technology was created to be more convenient. But in doing so, we've all become lazy and anti-social.

Smart phones were created to connect us, yet we spend all of our time staring at phone screens and barely face to face with another human being.

Online gaming has done the same thing. We have taken all the personable attributes of multiplayer away just so we don't have to get off our asses and actually see each other.

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I don't get all the hate with RE5... it was a competent game at least, I had a blast playing multiplayer co-op! The weapons were interesting and the enemies were decently varied. At least there were no fixed camera angles, tank controls or retarded puzzles like in every RE game before RE4.

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Well it does mention hackers, so of course it's about PC mods... what's dumb is the PS4 and Xbox One being mentioned, since the article has nothing to do with either system, and one of the mods was on RE6, a last gen game.

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If you're getting that many outages, your internet sucks. Try resetting your modem, you can do this by unplugging it and plugging it back in.

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I can believe it, the NFS reboot was terrible, had terrible cars, limited customization, and sloppy driving mechanics.

Of course it went on sale that fast. As soon as most people play it they wonder why it isn't 10 bucks already lol

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Knowing Kojima he really wants to do something completely new, and has wanted to do something completely new since MGS2, but fans kept threatening him if he ever stopped and begged for more MGS.

MGS is likely dead... they lost their creator and the artist who made everything look the way it does, and a lot of people left the company (which is why Konami put out job postings for the next MGS game, no one is left since everyone worth their salt will likely be working for Kojim...

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Geesh... is Konami really a company run by professional business people? Because they're acting like a petty, bitter ex girlfriend, passive aggressively jabbing at everything Hideo Kojima does.

From barring him from attending an award ceremony, to now trying to drown out any hype for Kojima by literally saying "We can do Metal Gear without you"...

Konami thinks the market is all mobile gaming platforms, and have abandoned console gaming. They ...

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