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"I don't care what you think about me. I don't think about you at all."


If you're too child-like in your thinking to understand why remasters are popular for companies to make, then you will never, EVER run a business successfully.

There is more at play here than the low-brow, self centered, crybaby politics that gamers rant on about.

There is absolutely nothing political about remasters. It has nothing to do with which console something got released on.

It has everything to do with finding markets. If the... #1.1.23
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I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't 1...
You have 99 disagrees because you're a whiny little bitch.

Sad but true fact... trolls SMH #1.2.15
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Dude, reviewers lie and give purposefully bad reviews, fishing for fanboy hits, and it works every single time, so it continues.
You don't have to take my word for it... #1.1.26
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This is just ridiculous. Halo didn't have aiming down sights and neither did most other FPS games of the time.

Times changed, Call of Duty became super popular, and ADS is in everything now. We all love it and it feels archaic like Counterstrike when an FPS doesn't have it. It ads realism and immersion, makes guns vary in accuracy, ads depth, I mean what's not to like? It's what you're doing in the game that must differ from other games to be original. Th... #1.1.9
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Bikes would be very difficult to do as it's a whole other game engine.
Also, if they can't get the engine noises to sound like something other than a vacuum when in reality you're supposed to be hearing a roaring V8, then Poliphony can go screw. I was the biggest GT fan in the world back in the day with GT1, 2 and 4, 5 was a big mess with long loading times and 6 had a graphics downgrade if comparison vids are to be believed.
Every other racer out there has the s... #1.1.5
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lol it isn't "Wrong" it's called competition, stop being a baby. #1.1.96
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Yeah this picture of PS4's taken before the store even opened probably. The sales stats show everywhere PS4 outselling the X-bone so this joke of a marketing manager can stop the lame, classless sleight of hand already. #1.1.21
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I know right?
lol but really, this is because support for the game is going to cause Ubisoft to lose money, since so few people bought AC:U. It was poorly optimized on every console, and there's just too much competition from other better optimized games this holiday season that anything extra should quite frankly be free. #1.1.1
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lol whenever I hear about a big website and people whining about it being biased, all I hear is WAHHH WAHHH WAHHHHHHHH ~ Artie Lange

If you're complaining, you're a little bitch who ignores all the pro X-boner articles, and all your attention is attracted to the tiniest negative thing about your stupid console. You need psychological help if you're like this. Get a life you losers. #1.1.41
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FPS mode will be treated the same way that most tacked on multiplayer game modes from 10 years ago were treated... you will try it for a bit, and either strangely like it or toss it aside like an old shoe. #1.1.7
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If I trusted reviews and just based buying decisions on a number I would've never bought The Suffering on PS2 with a metacritic of 77, and it was one of the best and most unforgettable experiences on that badass system! #1.1.6
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lol this guy is not a journalist, he's a little dipshit blogger with zero writing skills, grammar, or editing. He makes absolutely no sense in his reasoning as to why one game is going to be good or bad. Complete waste of time. Downgraded! #1.1.3
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Here's how you know the article is shit and written by someone who never plays racers, and is not a car guy.
The entire game is filled with European cars... NO American cars, and NO Japanese cars. The Venom GT was only included because it's based off a Lotus, a British car.
This is a huge partisan decision if you're a car person. The fact that it wasn't even brought up as an issue tells you everything you need to know about the reviewer. When you ask him what... #1.1.21
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lol this is like the difference between each iPhone each year, just a tiny percentage better but with Apple you get the massive marketing campaign and lines out the door. #1.1.10
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The real reason for higher stats is xbox gamers have no lives and play games 20 hours a day. Destiny is basically a grind shooter, so those with the most time on their hands will have the highest stats. Especially those with no real life friends, girlfriend, or job ie. the average X-boner. #1.1.4
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"Dear Investors, we didn't get a significant sales boost, so to prevent you any discomfort, we will purposefully neglect to report on it so you don't get discouraged and do the unthinkable, like sell our stock and buy Sony stock"

~ Schmuck Executives at Microsoft #1.1.2
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lol who cares, it's a bunch of useless crap for virgins to display on their shelves to scare off the opposite sex.
I feel bad for any schmuck who's still a man child spending this kind of money on a bunch of useless junk that will collect dust lol #1.1.5
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It's very great on Sony, especially considering the underhanded marketing tactics Microsoft has been employing with its Destiny Cologne or whatever it was... with a link that leads to you buying the X-bone with Destiny bundle.

Although really, this has been going on since the days of Nintendo and Sega, nothing has changed, except now the flame wars are fanned on the internet instead of at the school playground. #1.1
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In case anyone doesn't realize, retailers will show games several months before release. We already know it's coming to PS4, what we don't know is when, so the retailer is just putting it out there that it may be available at some point in the future.
This was done for Duke Nukem Forever and that took 10 years to come out lol
But really, it will probably be a 4 month exclusivity. #1.1.6
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The dev that is commenting didn't have a strenuous game that pushed the hardware, plane and simple. When your game engine is optimized to push the hardware, you'll need all the RAM you can get and then some!
Plus, not all game engines are well designed, and don't take advantage of the hardware efficiently. When some devs claim they are "maxed out" what they're really maxing out is their game engine, not the hardware, which is why you always see a more advanc... #1.2.2
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