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"I don't care what you think about me. I don't think about you at all."


This dev team has no publisher backing them, they are self funded through a Kickstarter campaign. Indies require donations to get games made, thus they will be attracted to the most financially feasible option with the least BS. It isn't a matter of laziness but a matter of having no money even for a boxed retail version.

I can tell this little brat Stealth Pandemic hasn't done shit in his life, else he would've understood this fact about doing business. You can&... #1.1.5
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I deserve a PS4! I'm broke! Karma come my way! #1270
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Static 60 FPS is different than dynamic 60 FPS. Static means it's locked and never deviates. Dynamic means if there is extra load (ie. more cars on screen) then the framerate can dynamically deviate to compensate for the extra polygons on screen. If you've programmed it just right the player won't notice it, however if it's jerky it becomes very noticeable, it's all about how smooth the transition is between 60 and sub 60 FPS. #1.1.17
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It isn't just the darker shadows, it's the more advanced lighting, higher resolution textures and lighting on each individual object. It's also the higher and steadier framerate. We DO need comparisons like these, as not everyone is schooled in the differences of each version. I always hear X-bone fans clamoring about how the differences aren't anything noticeable in a feeble attempt to justify their fanboy attitudes. #1.1.5
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LOL @ Smallmammy ^
Watch out we got an internet bad ass over here!

There are just as many trolls who choose to hate Sony and/or Microsoft. If you don't notice the ones who hate Sony, it's because you're too busy hating Sony yourself that your fanboy eyes can only see people hating Microsoft - all of which was more than well deserved quite frankly.

If you aren't being paid by Microsoft to defend them, you're like a free prostitute... #1.1.2
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Yes, going to miss him, but if you've seen the amount of work that is heaped onto you day after day, week after week, year after year, being at the very top, you can only do it for so long before you have enough money that you realize the 60-80 hour work weeks aren't worth it anymore.

At some point you want to do what you really want and enjoy your life, where you don't need to do a lot of things that stress you out just for the extra money. #1.1.3
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There were more serial killers and sociopaths long before videogames even existed. Look at how Dexter displays violence - that it is a perfectly viable solution to a problem. It's no different than videogames. Yet, in real life we understand there are consequences to our actions, and that there are inherent cause and affect relationships between our actions and the outcomes of those actions.

If you want to argue mentally ill people, we can't frame all of life based o... #1.1.6
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Try telling a dev who is forced to work with the X-bone to make their game 1080p and 60fps... with all the bottlenecks it just isn't feasible for the vision that is put forth by the dev and publisher. This is why Titanfall won't be 1080p... they wanted different aspects that just can't run at that high of a resolution, and you need to make tradeoffs. If you were a dev you'd understand, so if you're reading this confused, know your place. #1.1.10
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You can't store games on external drives, just multimedia.
Also, the biggest hard drive currently in existence that will fit the PS4 is 2TB. This was a breakthrough in laptop hard drive technology. It's highly unlikely Sony will put this expensive new hard drive technology into its PS4, as it has always allowed you to upgrade yourself. That 2TB hard drive costs 150, so a $550-$600 PS4 with a few extra features may be a but much for some. #1.1.5
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LOL @ all the articles coming out lately titled "The X-bone may actually win 2014" and "X-bone may win this entire generation"

They're so butthurt over this they're going to need some ass cream and vaseline. #1.1.25
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Konami needs the money to balance its budgets and maybe make a profit. They haven't come out with any big sellers in a long time, so that's what you end up with... a $40 game that takes less than 2 hours to complete. I don't really see a lot of side missions taking up too much of your time. I'll certainly wait to see the full length of everything from more in depth reviews, since the sub 2 hour length has only been confirmed by one site. But really, if you pay $40 when you fin... #1.1.2
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I seriously can't figure out why Dynasty Warriors is still being made. If you think Call of Duty hasn't improved in gameplay and graphics, go check out the last 5 Dynasty warrior games... nothing but mindless garbage. #1.1.2
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Pachter is the biggest joke in the industry... well hey it takes one to know one right?

I seem to remember God of War and Beyond Two Souls being shown, both of which are less than 2 years old. I get it that some publishers won't want their games coming out on PS3 only for it to be made available for free on PS Now, there's a certain business case for this streaming service being made for games people actually missed, can't find anymore on shelves, and want to exp... #1.1.32
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The problem is, if people can't help but spread hate on something that's good for the industry, that affects the industry and which games are made. If you're too retarded to figure out TLOU, keep your retarded comments to yourself, and go back to playing CoD with all of your retard friends. You're what's wrong with the gaming industry, and why high risk projects in gaming fail. #1.1.1
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Dude ^ the team working on TLOU2 wouldn't be working on the port of the first game, it would be given to a separate smaller dev team filled with beginners so they can get some experience working with the console architecture. #1.1.4
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The PS4 has review sites that only review Sony Consoles, and vice versa. Sony sites may be more or less complimentary to a particular game and the same is true for Msoft sites. It proves virtually nothing when one is three points higher on average. Some sites also don't do the 10 point scoring system, yet it's extrapolated to a 10 point system which can throw off the scoring system. #1.1.20
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Yes yes, there will always be bitter, hating, butthurt fanboys who hate on Sony no matter what they do, as this page seems to be teeming with them. Yes, we would all like everything to be free, meanwhile getting an unbelievably cheap console that costs less than a high end PC graphics card. Go home crybabies, Everquest and other MMO fans finally have something to cheer for, and lord knows they needed something to make up for their having no life. lol

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RE4 already came out on the PC.... I'm pretty sure the PS3 and 360 HD versions were based on the PC code so they could actually be "HD", using the best assets etc. This can only really be a blatant cash grab, as you can get this on PC, and have been able to do so since May 2007. #1.1.1
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lol I can't imagine being worried... what are you expecting Playstation Now is going to cure your brain cancer? Then you'd have a reason to be worried.

If you don't like the service don't buy it, plain and simple. It's not there to save your life, not that you'd have one to save if you're someone who worries over the release of a game streaming service for last gen games. #1.1.3
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Go buy Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon right now, it's by far the best value for games on the list, and by far the most fun, the funniest, and the most perfect parody of 80's and 90's games and action movies like Terminator, Mortal Kombat, the list is endless! #5.1
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