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What they were really hoping was that Spiderman would catch criminals, not bring any harm whatsoever, and talk about their feelings and admit them to a mental health facility where they can be pampered and given therapy they so desperately need.
Can we stop with the SJW anti-police bullshit already? This nonsense about minority communities being over policed, well what is a superhero going to do but essentially be the police replacement? He's beating up criminals, get over it.

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The people buying costumes and weapon skins in Fortnight are kids using their parents' money. They have no clue what the value of a dollar is and they just want to show off to their friends and every random person on that stupid game that they bought whatever outfit just came out. You know, just like how people show off in real life.

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Well hey, when they were talking about a package that just needed to fit and had to be nice, what else were they going to do than include a V statue?
Oh wait...

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There has been a trend of SJW politics in gaming and the feminazis are winning. We need to crush this trend because the vocal minority of feminazis who don't even play videogames will control our industry. We now have revisionist history in order to include female characters in WW2. A slap in the face to all the men who died in that war, quite frankly. How about we say Canada, Britain and the US didn't actually fight the Nazis but instead, it was all black transgender women from North...

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Doesn't anyone here know anything about business and manufacturing? Having two versions of the same console is very expensive at launch, and has a whole slew of logistical problems. On the one hand, you can have a cheap console and an upgraded console for more money, but in this case you have someone who has no access to physical media if they buy one of the two console options. This will be a supply and demand nightmare (if you know anything about economics)

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Publishers is so stupid, they had a great game with a great team that made a racing game that is still unmatched graphically and they pissed it all away. No marketing dollars, no promotion, no one knows the game even exists.
Either Sony or Microsoft should have at least marketed the game. I've never seen it on Playstation store as a new game. It's a full price game and should have been given full price marketing, and of course money grubbing publishers don't want to spen...

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Sony better have learned their lesson with PS3, they crafted a winning formula with PS4 and they won't give that up. They saw M$oft getting greedy with DRM policies on XBone, and the backlash that came against them is nothing Sony wants with the PS5, else M$oft can capitalize the way Sony did on PS4 launch.

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WW2 was before Vietnam. The Vietnam Memorial has thousands of names on, only 7 of them are women.
Can we stop it with this nonsense already? Putting women in a game depicting history where mostly just men fought and sacrificed their lives, it's a slap in the face to them.

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They've been saying this for years now. YEARS. The free market will decide. If Sony or MSoft want to go 100% digital, their competition will differentiate themselves the way Sony did with the PS4 against MSoft's DRM X-Bone policies. Show yourself holding a physical game and say "This is how you lend games to your friends" and "This game you own forever, with no licensing fee, no subscription wall, and you can play them offline whenever you want"
If it turn...

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Only 20 people made Hellblade, so I'd say the numbers were fantastic. What do any of you know about business anyway? lol

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An invisible meter if there is one, but moreover they seem to have used a lot of RE6 gameplay like the moving and aiming aspect that you could never get right (as seen in the video he keeps missing shots) the hit detection seems off as well from RE6 like when you're shooting a crawling guy in the head and it hits his back instead. They need to polish this up for release.

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UCFucknut, you don't sound like English is your first language. There is no "we" or "they". You didn't win or lose anything. You can buy whatever console you want. Stop it with the childish nonsense. You sound like a child whose mom won't buy him two consoles. You also don't have a clue about business, industry, or gaming quite frankly -_-

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lol "The Elite"
Vasto boy calm down and cut the pretentiousness, all you did was get your parents to buy you a console. There's nothing Elite about you, or your stupid console.

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You haven't articulated in the least as to why you are passing the game up, so what exactly are people going to address to change your mind? Try giving some rationale, because so far people are just guessing based on your dumb, narcissistic comments.

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To be clear, what people are pissed about is the shoehorning of women into roles they have no business being in ie. combatants on the battle field, especially when you're trying to show a historical war. If you want a fictional war, make a fictional war. That's what the Wolfenstein devs did. They created an alternate history where the Nazis won WW2.
Also, the shoehorning of LGBT characters into everything, ie. Star Wars. These people make up 2-3% of the population yet are be...

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Believe me, no amount of videogame playing is going to prevent a psychopath, mass shooter or any other type of criminal from committing a heinous atrocity. There's virtually no evidence that playing a game is where they are going to vent out their frustrations. These people are way more far gone than just needing to vent out anger. It goes way deeper than that with psychopaths. Didn't anyone read the diaries of the Columbine shooters? They said exactly why they did what they did. They...

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Well then get ready for their next game, the Auschwitz camp game where you throw people into burning ovens and gas them in chambers and shoot every 10th person standing in a lineup.
Coming to stores near you!

But really, do we really want to be reenacting a completely heinous and deplorable act like shooting up a school full of children? If you're for that then under the same principles you must also be for every game no matter how heinous, like a child rapin...

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You're learning that it's the rich kids or just kids who use their parents' money without limits that will take advantage of this the most. Think of it as "Pay to win" the same way loot boxes are a "Pay to win" strategy in some sense. You can't be against this and for loot boxes, so the developers of games need to accept people may not buy their dumb loot boxes if you can just pay to win to get the highest rewards by creating a posse.
Or better ye...

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Really? Well then enjoy your next transexual world war 2 game. The main character will be a woman who thinks she's a man, so takes testosterone to try to keep up with male soldiers.
Don't think it will happen because it's not historically accurate? Neither is having female soldiers in a WW2 game. Or quite frankly any game since female front line soldiers haven't been a widespread thing till very recently.
This is part of the "inclusion and diversity&quo...

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I played it on PS4 Pro and it looks like an early PS3 game. Very rough around the edges, loading and connecting takes forever, I went up to several vehicles and none of them worked yet everyone else was basically doing destruction derby with cars, it just wasn't that fun.

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