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"So many games, such little time!"


Waiting for my favorite Nintendo character of all time.. Birdo! #2
That's pretty cool, I didn't even know about these Amiibo's yet. #1
What kind of DoA game would it be without skimpy costumes and bouncing boobs? Am I right? #1
Everyone initially said they had found a way to put a stop to it, but I'm already beginning to die from quick scopes so apparently not. #3.1
I mean I get that, but videos and marketing can only go so far to get over a previous flop. I'm not saying I'm not gonna give it a shot, just saying it's a big hurdle for them. #1.2.1
Sorry to disappoint I guess? #2.1
Yeah, maybe just read the description and not the headline? It's pretty clear this isn't about "that" type of boosting. #1.1.2
Aww yeah.. can't wait! #1
Wait.. are we really talking about frolicking in the grass in GTA? Is this the low that we've hit in the console wars? #41
This question doesn't make much sense to me, so I kind of feel like this article is "reaching" for the controversial issues.

Prostitution has nothing to do with rape. Also, this isn't a new game, why is this a new issue just because the perspective changed? #7
I want to believe it as well, but Dragon Age 2 was so bad.. it's hard to get around that. #1
I need to get this version, sure sucks having to buy the game again though. Hey Rockstar, can't we get a "buy it again" discount or something? #4
Maybe I'm missing something here, but all I see for tips in this guide is.. kill stuff, don't die, play a lot, and do raids? Sorry but, not overly informative for the mountains of people stuck at 20+ levels with little to no progress. #12
What on earth are you blathering about? #2.1.1
I agree for the random guy that happens to walk into a spot that makes him invincible etc, but there are those that take this to an extreme and seek these kinds of glitches out constantly and exploit them to death. I think that is primarily who they are referring to.

Regarding the dev's shortcomings and making a better game, I agree to some extent. Some companies are awful at finding and fixing glitches, but even the companies that are diligent in finding and fixing glitc... #1.1.1
"Modding/Hacking - First Offense: User will be permanently banned from playing the game online, will have their stats reset, and will be blocked permanently from appearing in leaderboards."

Nice! #1
I think they meant, has run out of "good" ideas. #3.1
I've seen about ten times more hating coming from the PS4 side than the X1 side. Most of what I do see is X1 guys responding to the constant tirade of "you're so dumb, you bought the wrong system, mine's more powerful, <insert random insult here>" that seems persistent on here. It's very tiresome. #38.1
I hear you on that regard about the community, but you can't deny that you sounded like the other PS4 lovers on here trashing Xbox fans in the typical fashion.

Personally I have nothing to cry about. I got my Xbox One, I'm enjoying it with no care that PS4 is selling a bit better. It doesn't effect my gaming experience at all, and why should I care that someone else prefers the PS4? It's simple, I don't.

I don't see that what MS said w... #63.2
This may be the dumbest fanboy statement on this entire article.

Stop with the rage already, pick up your PS4 controller and actually play something to get that aggression out.. ffs. #63.1
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