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Yeah, nothing new.

Can't wait to pick this up! #1
Can't wait for Dec 1st! #39
Yeah, waiting is surely pays off, but not always.

Don't understand the many disagrees. I know it's n4g. #6.1.4
Sadly, I won't get the game this year.

At least it will be better after a couple of patches. #6
I thought it was PS I love you XOXO. #5
I'm still waiting for servers to go online so I can download MGS:GZ save data and see what's the thing Kojima has been teasing. #7
The thing is we don't have big major stores like Gamestop. Until we have, then this will not happen frequently. #27
For me so far, Sony failed me. I thought we will see big differences in the network side but nothing that i can see. #43
Yeah, this game makes sense to remaster unlike the other one we have. I don't know why people disagree with this #3.1.1
Give me Demon's Souls. I finished it like 8 times and I want more with fixed controls issues with rolling. Adding world 6 would be amazing! #3
PSN went down more than i can count in several weeks ago. Not mentioning the download speed since EVER.

Not sure why so many dislikes. #7.1.2
Now, use the money to improve PSN and add some new features to it. #7
No GOW and Sound Shape for me.

Instead we get FLOW and FLOWER... WHY?! #11
Sad day. We just had E3 couple weeks ago :( #19
Still, can't find the game on SA store ( EU ). #8
"Unable to find the page" #16.1.1
Couldn't find it in freetoplay section of the store.(EU)

Guess I'll wait for tomorrow until the store updates. #16
Bring back Zack! #14
I'm excited to play the game.

I hope they fixed some of the complaints from the previews. #5
I wish they made tag force instead. I hope they consider a VITA version. #10
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