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I bet they just add more NPC's randomly to make it harder. #15.1.2
1d 18h ago by Gamesgbkiller | View comment
Demon for sure.

I played a lot of Demon souls and it got easier for me each time I complete the game.

DS1 is still harder in term of difficulty. Maybe I need to play it more in order to compere it fairly. #15
I would love another TM.

It's sad that these type of the games don't sell. It's product of its time I guess. #2.1
Dark Souls is the hardest one for me.

All the souls games are great. Once you used to playing them, nothing is really hard. #1.1.1
I would be upset if the game won't be composed by Michael McCann. #4
I wonder what will happen the Can'tkillprogress stream.

I hope they show something from the game. #7
Yeah, and because of that he skiped one big area in the beginning. #1.2
The red face from Ds2. #3
Every F***ing time!

And now we wait for the "apology" #5
Demon's Souls is the worst indeed. #2.2.1
That's money grab.

Why not wait and release both in one disk?

The GOW collection for PS3 is like 18$ on Amazon. #17
I thought this is going to be some cheap move like SE.

But OMG!! #7
No one is perfect.

He did "predict" some announcements. #38.2

Never thought so many people want JAK4.

I really hope it is JAK4. #30
Story wasn't intended to be the main focus of the game.

They said they worked on a better story than JC2, but nothing will blow us away.

I just hope there are more interesting characters. #17.1
It's the other way actually.

Yes, it is strange why not the main studio is not working on their main franchise. I think it's better this way. #1.1
I really want to play Yu-Gi-Oh!n my VITA.

It's been long since the last Tag Force game :( #4
How ? If this game is also on Xbox 360.

Doesn't make sense. Unless the " wizards " are really good. #39
I will only have PS4 so it doesn't make a difference for me. #78
None of the new games are difficult. #24
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