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I wonder why it took them long since the picture is old! #44
Children playground on the list from DS2. #1.1.1
Ishimura ship! #1
Please let be all AAA games for once! #11
Dark souls 3 #418
The work they did to make the games upscaled or with trophies may justified the price, but it does not justify buying the game for the third time! #90
What does the server has to do with the loading time ?
It's true that it takes time to login like 30 seconds or so. Other than that, nothing related. The strange thing even if you play offline and go to check the map, it ill automatically login to the server then you have to wait again. #30.1.2
Played the game. It's real fun aside from the loading times. The patch for me, made it even worse. Sometimes I have to wait 5 minutes!. And the login time is really ridicules. #30
oh yes :) #8
Yeah, nothing new.

Can't wait to pick this up! #1
Can't wait for Dec 1st! #39
Yeah, waiting is surely pays off, but not always.

Don't understand the many disagrees. I know it's n4g. #6.1.4
Sadly, I won't get the game this year.

At least it will be better after a couple of patches. #6
I thought it was PS I love you XOXO. #5
I'm still waiting for servers to go online so I can download MGS:GZ save data and see what's the thing Kojima has been teasing. #7
The thing is we don't have big major stores like Gamestop. Until we have, then this will not happen frequently. #27
For me so far, Sony failed me. I thought we will see big differences in the network side but nothing that i can see. #43
Yeah, this game makes sense to remaster unlike the other one we have. I don't know why people disagree with this #3.1.1
Give me Demon's Souls. I finished it like 8 times and I want more with fixed controls issues with rolling. Adding world 6 would be amazing! #3
PSN went down more than i can count in several weeks ago. Not mentioning the download speed since EVER.

Not sure why so many dislikes. #7.1.2
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