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It took him out of the series’ cannon and dropped him into a new environment. The points you made – are obvious – of course.

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No, they'll wait until they run out of ideas, then they'll start bringing older titles onto the platform. Easy money.

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@StrongMan - Yet the game has gone onto sell more than a million units, more than a fair amount of Sony's big players last year alone.

Either way, fantastic game - no matter what platform it ends up on.

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Who's letting content like this through, seriously? There's an unbelievable amount of spelling errors and just an overall lack of editing.

Yet a site that forgets to put the correct tag, or uses the wrong tag is bashed by so many? Jeez.

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Looks like its going to retail around the £30 mark.

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Seriously? This was broken more than 9 hours ago, and the site didn't even bother to link back to the source.

Have people completely stopped checking for duplicates?

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@DualConsoleOwner A quick look around will show you that it was one of the most pirated 360 games of 2010, being downloaded more than a million times since its release (as of December 2010).

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Indeed, worst "PlayStation 3" endings? Really?

Have you not played Assassin's Creed II? Most of what was said in Assassin's Creed makes sense. Perhaps you just didn't get it.

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Gosh, how did this get approved? Old news. To many duplicates getting in lately.

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Couldn't agree more.

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I don’t see how this is Microsoft's fault, personally - the bill was reportedly racked up over a six month period. Honestly, banks send out a statement on a monthly basis, wouldn't you start to notice?

And, the title is a bit misleading "playing Xbox online".

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And yet, you’re taking it completely out of context.

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Hence why we state "some of the first artwork for the game".

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Yes, it’s already been confirmed. The second player will assume the role of John Harper, while the first will assume the role of Capelli. It’s currently been confirmed for offline split-screen only, but it’s probably safe to assume it will be available online as well.

Hit the link below for further details.

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@Nitrowolf2 It's already been confirmed they will be scrapping the 60 player multiplayer, although they haven’t yet confirmed the amount that will replace it.

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I'm afraid it took a little while to get approved.

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It’s you. There is plenty of piracy on both the PC and PS3, I find it odd how this article only takes notice of 360 piracy. Black Ops, Blood Stone and plenty of other games had been leaked online for the PS3 days ahead of release. Piracy is just as bad on the Wii, PSP and DS also.

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Your correct, Spain will be featured within Brotherhood – although how much remains to be seen.

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First of all, I'll start of by saying that i personally played and completed Lords of Shadow. Your right in some aspects and it’s certainly one of the best looking multi-platform games on current-generation consoles.

However, after checking out IGN's video review myself - I remembered that you complained about them stating the PlayStation 3 version was "smoother" than its 360 counterpart, which just to clear up wasn’t actually in the video.


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