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Can't wait to get my hands on this and have fun with my son. It's gonna be good times haha

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This game is not that fun. It's not my cup of tea, I mean it if had online play it would be a blast because I don't like story mode at all. Sharing tracks by spamming friends list is silly and the complete lack of physics took me by surprise. I should have played a demo first.

Oh well maybe it will grow on me. Is there a community for this?

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Best game ever one XBOX live arcade and with a million+ players competition is stupid fierce and mad fun!

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This whole NEED and CAN is dumb! Didn't they show an article here earlier on N4G about how only 12.5 million people are live subscribers? While the rest just sit at home being silver accounts.

It just goes to show that YOU DON'T NEED XBOX LIVE. Just like you guys keep saying it's an option for PS+ is the same thing for live!

Apparently single game players don't care about the fact the game has multiplayer and are happy to not pay for LIVE s...

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But I can't find a value in it right now. I already have wipeout and the discounts of games I don't care for. =\

50 bucks a year for a possibility of wasting it on discount for crappy games and such and the QORE mag is pretty bad. Certainly not worth 25 bucks.

The guys that are not on PS+ are being shafted with no betas or early demos so I wouldn't be able to beta test mag if ps+ was implemented.

I guess I need to wait and see....

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I played the game twice and bought the book for my pop to enjoy and have a nice discussion. My brother is playing it now my wife is reading the book to join on the experience.

Good game, good times!

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If you are playing a multiplayer game like MAG and you already know what you are doing. It's fun to talk to other people on your friends list and relax.

I can understand your single player theory as I had to do that the other day. I was playing transformers single player and some buds wanted to party chat on xbox. Not being able to play and listen, I switched to playing TrialsHD which is a game that doesn't distract me much and is really enjoyable on party chat. <...

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Don't be hypocrites, just because company A have certain choices and company B has a different set. Doesn't mean company A is not a choice or vice versa.

People play xbox on silver accounts. Believe it or not some people DO NOT CARE for multiplayer. Whether that option is there or not.

Same thing with PSN basic accounts. Believe it or not some people DO NOT CARE for renting games and QORE. Whether that is an option or not.


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Does TrialsHD ring a bell???

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Trials HD has user generated content. Stop trolling.

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Xbox no wireless = bad
PS3 no headset = options

Xbox 50 bucks for Live = bad
PS3 50 bucks for PSN+ = options

Considering xbox live offers awesome features like party chat, invites, in game music and now ESPN. Those things have absolutely NO VALUE whatsoever since you can't play online if you don't have LIVE.

But then if you don't care about those features you don't have to buy PSN+. Well apparently that logic...

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You are deflecting!

I'm not comparing the PS3 to a PC game. I'm asking why is this tolerated or acted upon as an ok thing?

The fact that BD gets touted so much and then you have to do this on top of the greatness of BD.

I laugh every time I read someone saying that they can wait while they go eat a sandwich. It's just ridiculous!

Lets look at it from a diff point of view. You buy it install it, make a sandwic...

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This is exactly the reason why I don't feel like I wasted my money. Thank you article I was lost without you!

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PS3 plus installs = fail, doesn't make sense that they give you BD but it has to run from the HD. What is the point then? I rather do disk swaps at this point.

OH and for you guys that don't care about installations. MGS4 and the way they handled the loading made me want to punch babies!

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