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I played Sonic 4 for 5 days straight getting all the achievements and beating times and what not. I replayed same levels over and over and over again to find the best path I can and try to move up the ranks.

It's like a rubiks cube you learn how to solve it but then it's all about how can you do it faster and more efficient. This game can do that for you guys but you are hung up on the hours.

Sonic 4 can be finished in about 1 hour. But the replay ...

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You might disagree but in reality no matter how you guys try to spin it, Kinect seems like a fun and new way to play games. This whole I'm a hardcore gamer and this doesn't cater to them is all BS.

What defines a hardcore gamer? What defines a casual gamer? What makes a game hardcore vs casual?

You guys are gamers play games that is what we do. Whether its kinect, move, wii, sixaxis, dualshock 1,2,3 or xbox controller. Play the games and have fun...

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With TrialsHD the only way to get custom tracks is if they are on your friends list. I hit the cap all the time and I hate the fact that I have to remove them to add others then I find out that they have new awesome tracks and have to send FR again and then their list is full.

This expansion needs to happen.

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What about people that didn't upgrade to keep their OtherOS now they can't play games either? Or this Medal of Honor thing is for online only?

If this stops the OtherOS from playing single player games because of this that a double slap to their face.

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I just beat it the other day, I was mad hooked on the story and design. Great game all around.

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we are quick to judge a guy that is down without having all the facts for his reasonings. Whether it's mental issue or just a way to escape the downtime of life, this guy has been trapped in a world that got him to where it is.

It's easy to say stop playing, but without knowing the real reason why he was so obsessed. Name calling and acting all high an mighty is just silly.

But this is the internet where everyone is messed up but you.

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I got shoot 1 up and the impossible game from your list.

Try not to fart is fun and so is how babies are made haha.

There is this one where you play as a shooter and second player plays as the grandma that cleans and gets you ammo. Awesome game but rather short. tons of fun for a buck!

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Getting DeathSpank asap!!! Plus if you get DeathSpank now you get the DLC free!

Hydrophobia, Comic Jumper and Super Meaty boy are must buys as well.

Oh btw the games that are multiconsole like deathspank are the same price in both systems.

Games like Monday Night Combat, TrialsHD, DeathSpank, Castle Crashers so on and so forth are worth the 15 bucks in my opinion. I don't want horrible rehash like double dragon for 5 bucks but with in...

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His words don't hurt me so why should I care if he insulted the other companies. I love Valve games, so I'll be sure to buy the games like Portal 2.

I don't buy games to support developers I buy them for me. Why take your anger on someone or something that holds no value to you whatsoever?

I liked Spiderman Shattered Dimensions and I wouldn't miss it for Kotick or anyone.

Get your priorities in place and you will see you are...

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Isn't Haunt and Codename D horror type games? I thought they said it was for the core audience.


Meanwhile, GHM's Suda said that his company had hoped to collaborate with Microsoft for some time, and had finally found the chance with Kinect game Codename: D. "Many fans requested us to release a title for Xbox 360 and now we're able to respond to such requests," he said, saying that they're a fit since hardcore fans love the compa...

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Dood is being chased and runs in a room stops and turns a hologram on and you see the guy that was chasing hit the hologram while he hits him in the back with the sword. Hella sneaky!

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Just because the PS3 is on a different architecture doesn't mean that anyone that codes for it proves that they are great programmers.

Ok so Naughty Dog understands the PS3 in and out, but can they replicate the same thing on a PC or Xbox? Would you consider them Great programmers or Good programmers if their conversion was not up to par or just blame the hardware?

OH and the discussion about them having little talent since they used college and fanboy m...

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Best game on XBOX live hands down, with Monday Night Combat right behind it! Redlynx is going to release a new DLC set of tracks this Christmas with 10 of those tracks generated by the community.

That is just sick! Plus first place gets 5k for making a track O_O

I like some of the games on that list Lara Croft is good so is LIMBO but man to miss TrialsHD or Castle Crashers booo


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I played this game for a while but the constant hate towards snipers and killing teammates because they don't fit your style of play and then kicking them off the game got too annoying.

When I played I made sure I got FRAGO kills not just random snipe kills. So the game was recognizing that I was actually helping. But the community at MAG in game and forums are really aggressive and very unwelcoming.

Got rid of it after a couple of months. I enjoyed pl...

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I'm sorry but you guys keep forgetting that xbox and it's business model is not forcing anyone to make that decision.

So if you bought an xbox and are all of a sudden confused on WHY you can't play online then obviously you haven't done any research and well it's your fault.

I have never bought a game and gone "oh gosh, I can't play online cuz I didn't pay for live they stole my moniez"

Xbox live is not j...

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Here is the way I see it. If they raised the price, but didn't improve on my experience then I would be pissed.

But microsoft is not sitting on their collective butts and just saying hey lets get their money. They are updating the dashboard, better mic sounds, hulu, espn and other stuff.

Look before now we didn't have party chats, zune video, netflix, twitter, facebook, last.fm, higher arcade game capacity, 1 vs 100, USB memory card and other stuff....

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This is awesome!

Move will survive but Kinect instant FAIL!

N4G Please don't change

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I liked how you where able to think outside the box and come up with ways to be able to use Kinect.


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I still play TrialsHD a lot and Shadow Complex is beastly. The newly released Monday Night Combat is a monster of a game as well.

I recently won the RedLynx latest contest for TrialsHD where I took the riders head and squished it between a ramp hahaha. Good stuff!

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Comparing valve to redlynx good job. Considering this is RedLynx biggest money maker and with over 1 million players on their leaderboards for an arcade game shows you the strength and value for this community.

It's already over a year and they are still pumping out contest and new tracks to increase the life of this addicting game.

The hoodies and flag is something they give out for tournaments that they support. If you are throwing a challenge and the...

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