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They seem to be denying it and posted the cc stuff for the lulz.

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I think they are poking fun and taking advantage of the situation.

But I wouldn't be surprised that they are still DDoSing after the constant flamewar and insults they got from the Sony community even after they stopped.

Just the other day I saw posts where Sony players where mocking them and making fun of them, saying they are useless and can't do anything right blah blah blah.

They might just have added fuel to the fire and now a bu...

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Damn I can't wait! I love Sonic waaaaaaaaaaaay too much. Compared to them silly plumbers. haha (^_-)b

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Perkel I agree with you 100%, some people don't want to see the bigger picture and the bad precedence this suits can cause.

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I understand that SONY requested the information to keep the trial alive by staying in California., my concern is how EASY they got that information.

Look they got information from people that watched the YOUTUBE VID >_>

They seized is hardrives just to find some sort of evidence that he did something illegal.

My concern is how the judge is all okey dokey and allowing a major corporation trample on a persons personal stuff, based on a...

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I know I'm going to get owned since I'm not part of the N4G hivemind but here I go...

I believe that anonymous is doing us a huge favor at the expense to our quick gaming fix. Yeah I understand the inconvenience, I mean I want to play my online games too, BUT I don't like the way SONY is getting personal information so easily.

Try looking at it this way. Lets say you watched something on YouTube like how to hack the PS3. Now SONY knows that you...

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The reason I lurk on this site is just that.

A person says something about a system, immediately someone brings something that is NOT constructive or on TOPIC and they derail this to tug of war.

You can't have an opinion or a discussion on this site without having someone throw out the word fanboy <I'm sick of that word> and have your bubbles popped.

The agree and disagree even though I don't care much for it, it's a use...

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I Completely loved ODST and the way the told the story and how you played as all the ODST members.

The game was extremely fun and engaging to me and I loved playing as an ODST marine instead of a Spartan and fight the world through their eyes.

Really good game well worth the money IMHO.

After playing reach and odst, I had to go back and play halo 1 and now I'm playing halo 2 because the story, gameplay and the musical score are part o...

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After playing reach I wanted to play the story and understand it so I bought Halo 1 and I was completely impressed at the production value of that game.

Once I finished that one I got Halo 2 and it's twice as awesome as the first. I'm starting to see the hype and awesomeness of halo.

Can't wait to finish Halo 2 to finally play Halo 3 and finish the trilogy.

I already played ODST and REACH and all the games are worth the money. ...

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I see posts here that say that PSN is free, they don't nickel and dime, the service is the same and a bunch of other none sense that helps push their ideas of what console is better.

Look at COD:Blops, hardly playable on PSN and even on PC. Sure you can blame the developers, but they are using the PSN and from what I see the XBL service can handle it better.

So you say oh what about Uncharted, Killzone, [insert game of choice] that doesn't lag and it...

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TrialsHD the best game ever!!!

It's only 800 MSP and so is Raskulls which is none stop 4 player crazy fun. They also fixed Hydrophobia and it's now 800 msp as well but it's episodic which is something they don't say.

You guys can also play a free game from redlynx (creators of trialshd) called trialslegends for free. Just check redlynxgames.com

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I really like this game is not like little big planet though. It's a 3d puzzle and problem solving game.

Music is catchy and addicting and the characters and world design is fun and cute.

The fact that I can make them look like raskull characters adds more fun to it. They made reference to the world of goo and on one stage they where nothing but blocky pixels.

Really good game

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I must admit this flamebait article got me to click on your site. But at least I know what kind of person you are.

Your lack of professionalism in regards to fact checking and communication with others just to defend a DEMO is kind of sad.

I like LoT. I look forward to their comparisons and reviews. But what you have shown on your site is a sad rant about nothing.

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This game is mad fun and if you want you can buy ilomilo as well if you go to multiplayer and select the ilo character. It will let you download the full game for 800 msp!!!

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And Monday Night Combat

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If you finish Alan Wake and lets say play the new version of Alan Wake whenever it's released you will find that the DLC had nothing to do with the story.

The Alan Wake DLC just gives you another point of view to what you already know and it's just going inside his head.

By the end of both DLC you are back where you started at the end of the original game thus making it just an expansion not an integral part of ...

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There is so MUCH you can do in that game it's ridiculous! When I played fable 2 I did it just for the story since I like it. Beautiful world, awesome characters and magic and interesting good vs evil idea.

In Fable 3 I'm actually going out of my way to play it doing different things and it's overwhelming. There is so many things I want to do but not yet not yet haha.

He deserves more props than what he gets. IMO the Fable series are a work of ...

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Don't let the trolls/children/fanboys get to you. They are not listening anyways, just doing it to get reactions. I actually visit this site and their comments as more of a blind study on how people think.

Considering that some are 25+ years old with family and children and still act like they are 12 makes it for interesting read.

To tell you the truth there are a couple of people that I look for in their comments and yours is actually one of them. I...

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Sure there are stuff I wish they didn't mess with like the uncurling, slower speed in ball mode than running mode and physics.

But in general the gameplay was still awesome, just needed to get adjusted to the new game. And I played many many hours on it already, surely getting my 15 dollars worth.

Getting all the achievements where fun and difficult but in the end it was a great sonic game.

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It bothers me there is no training mode because all the characters just use bbb Ubbb Lbbb Dbbb

I would have liked a way to combo that is not predetermined. I know I connected and assist from GAI into Rock Lee throw or BBB combos but they where just random.

I would like to time my b attacks to delay or speed up so that people smashing block can't get guaranteed replacement jutsu or that they can't spam support while getting hit.


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