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I agree with you on this one shinrock, I mean why would any company pass a deal like this. If a product sells and your company wants the most exposure so they can reel in the players this is a win/win.

Microsoft knows what its doing and how to market a product. This whole statement about them wasting money is such a weak fallacy, because in the long run they are getting players and more people buying it on xbox.

The more people that buy the games and the mo...

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That is how you play Quake, Unreal, Halo and other shooters. If it gives him an edge go for it.

That is why I like BRINK where you can slide and run away when getting shot.

It's a good tactic, don't hate haha

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This game is mad nice, get it when it comes out it has a surreal experience. I wish Ps3 players had TrialsHD =\

Oh and the sillies that are mocking xbox exclusive, this was a summer of arcade game and it was marketed as such not as an xbox exclusive.

I'm gonna have to check on that journey game.

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HAHA I loved DNF and this episodes from theEscapist ROCK.

"I hate valve puzzles"

"Duke 1, Gears nothing"

"I hate Valve puzzles"

Stuff like that makes it mad fun, I laughed all the way through.

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I wonder who they talked to at

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I had a total blast playing the game. And once you finish it you get the Duke Nukem soundboard. It doesn't have all the lines, but a decent amount. Good stuff!

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I see it this way...

MS tells them all games must have trials, achievements, ability to play external music and all sorts of features and what do you get?

A pretty standardized product. People complain here that Sony should make their developers install custom soundtracks or trophies. I don't get why this issue is any different.

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They are making an online resume. See pay us and we can show you how vulnerable you are.

They hit Brink which is one of my favorite games right now so I had to change tons of passwords.

Doesn't make sense to do it for the lulz, since they must get bored doing the same shit over and over. There has to be some sort of meaning behind the attacks, otherwise it's fruitless for them.

People will complain for a while and forget things qu...

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Im having a total blast with this game. Everytime he says something i crack up. Nostalvia for the win. Game has tons of visual issues and framerate but damn duke makes fun if valve, halo and gears of war. It a cult classic.

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I really like the operative class. I enjoy flanking the enemy in disguise and tear down their defenses.

I can't do that on Battlefield plus the screen tear on the BF game bothers me.

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I have battlefield 2 and it's a good game. But vastly different than brink.

Brink has tons of issues it needs to resolve but the core gameplay mechanics are good

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I Love this game have it on xbox and pc and being an operative is the coolest thing in the world haha.

Engineers beware!

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HAHA Ouch!

I love the escapist he makes good points, but I still love Brink.


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Loved this game played it twice and the DLC was wonderful. I would love to see another one.

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I love this game!

If you are a graphics person then yeah this game is ugly. But I must admit I'm having soooooo much fun with it and I think everyone should give it a try.

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I personally really enjoy Brink. It has its flaws but it's a great game IMHO.

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The statement "...was not convinced on it" is the issue at hand. He started with a we didn't know, but then goes to say that hey we didn't think it was a big issue.

This article is right on the money really and the statement can be taken in a way that they where negligent on their end.

At least that is how I understood it.

***** EDIT *****

People need to stop deflecting the issue. This is not a hey guys b...

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I played the single player 6 hours straight yesterday to beat it because it was just THAT GOOD. At least for me anyways.

The twist and turns of the story, the hysterical dialog, getting deeper understanding of the massive story behind the world of Portal, the ridiculously fun coop where you work together or against each other is something that might not have had the same effect in a different form of media.

Portal is not just about the length of a game, it&#...

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Social Engineering is a form of hacking. It's just not done through computers, but it's still a way to gain access to information that you where not supposed to get.

One of the definitions from google: Attacking or penetrating a system by tricking or subverting operators or users, rather than by means of a technical attack.

I find it weird you guys don't understand the difference between a console hack and a server hack.

MS doesn't do anything to the console hackers because there is nothing they can do. Once they sold it the xbox was not theirs any more. But they can keep them out of the live servers if caught.

There is nothing for MS or SONY to gain by going bananas like the RIAA and the MPAA and go after every single person that hacked their console. Because they rea...

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