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This is why I created the website! This game is the best one in a long time.

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I love this game but too many rage quitters make the versus useless

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You guys are forgetting something about Halo. It was the first successful CONSOLE fps.

The developers where able to close the gap that made PC shooters viable on Console due to the controller vs k/m.

Not just that they created a story that has had people engaged through out 4+ iterations and each one is raved more than the next.

Other developers look and study on WHAT made Halo the success it was and tried to imitate and create new games b...

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Weird they left out some information from sponsoring and such. You can get the full release info here.


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This game is gonna be banananananananas!!! I hope they release it this year. (^_^)

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I got it this morning before going to work and I was hooked. Not sure how they made it feel like there is no lag, but it feels smooth and extremely fun.

First kinect game I got that I truly enjoyed haha.

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You completely dismissed 90% of my points, just to complain about Gamestop.

Look, how many times do people let others borrow games? What about garage sales? What about places like bookmans? Ebay?

Once you buy it, it's yours correct? You trade it in you made money out of it as well. Gamestop is just doing trading but at higher prices.

This is just another way to milk customers. Legit customers, who will eventually get sick and start ...

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Lets say you bought this game and you have no issues cuz you have the online pass. You use your one time code and start having tons of fun.

Now if the pass is setup that it is stored to the console and the console dies and you decide to get the new sexy slim. Your code wont work, so you would have to waste more money if you wish to play the game you already paid for.

On the other hand if it's attached to the account, then the problem happens with multip...

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The problem with salaried type jobs is that it's a benefit if the economy is doing good. If the market is hot and headhunters are going after you and stealing you from companies then the companies are willing to do what it takes to keep the employee.

That is when being on a salary position was gravy. But the economy is down, people are getting fired left and right. Positions are not being filled because they don't need to take care of the employee since they are no...

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I love Bastion, had to finish it twice this week because it was way too addicting. Musket + Trapper FTW!

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Another trials fan I see. This is the best game on xbla by far. =D

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opinions opinions

Me on the other hand agree with the review if not more. The only thing wrong with the game is the screen tearing which is something I hate on games the most. But it's not constant.

On the other hand if you played sudas games you know it's a perfect match. Great story, awesome settings and weapons. Cool bosses.

It's a linear game but that doesn't take away from what the game is.

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Why would anyone doubt their abilities without seeing the results. They have a sick as record with halo games and their online integration, statistics, website interaction and they made the franchise of halo what it is today.

Looking at their history, I would be more excited for the fact that they ARE going multiplatform and I'm sure they will deliver.

No point in being negative now really.

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The problem with the pass is not the price, it's the restriction it poses to YOU as the owner of the product you just bought.

In essence you are buying a game with a one use machine license only. This means you can't go and play it friends house, take it to tournaments or gatherings unless you take the machine with you.

People are seeing this from the angle of the developers/publishers to punish used gamesales at gamestop. You guys need to focus on ...

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great he shows combo videos where settings are extremely situational. They need to show combo videos where people are doing this awesome stuff in real matches, that is how you see if it's a fancy combo for show or a real game changing one.

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It doesn't have instructions or at least I didn't find any. Took me a long time to understand how some things worked. =\ It's not bad if you have ppl to play with but as soon as they level up with alucard it gets boring, they just leave you behind haha.

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Actually I think it has more to do with money than anything else. Evo being so huge they would have to buy tons of those dlcs which is not something they want to lose money on.

They also get people to donate systems so that makes it unreliable for them to ensure they have ALL the DLC characters.

I didn't disagree with you btw

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Not just that with the xbox you can carry the profile with you or recover somewhere and play the games you bought. I don't see a way for me to carry my PS3 profile around.

Not sure if the EA code is attached to the profile or the machine. I don't remember but this is garbage.

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From what I'm seeing you have to get another pass to play the game again. This is bullshit! I want to go to my parents house and play my games on their PS3.

What happened to the attitude that you paid for the game and online is part of it. Now you paid for one system use of the online.

So in comparison this is kinda making you pay to play online with YOUR game on a diff PS3.


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This is actually pretty big since tons of players spend time to learn characters for tournaments. If they are banned they need to switch strategies and learn a new character before the tournament.

That is a deal breaker for some players.

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