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Ability to remove redbox and hulu plus apps from the homepage.

Oh and better game organization other than all on one bar.

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Happened to me with BF4. I tried ejecting it and nothing happened and then I tried starting the game and it said no disk on drive.

Luckily I just rebooted the console and then it spit out the disc. Just happened once though.

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I'm 31 years old and I have 20 of them characters and have it on both the wii and the xbox. Not sure if I should be proud of that or not, but my wife, son and I play it everyday.

The differences between wii and xbox are not so much in story but on how the game handles. Things you can do on one system wont work on another.

It's a great game great concept but man it's really such a money drain haha.

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I completely love this game. So far none of that silly town stuff to get to the next stage. You start and play, very well done!

So many different paths for shortcuts and time savers. The only thing I'm not digging is the use of items and super sonic for better times on tracks but oh well it still is a great game!

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I love sonic tremendously and I can't stop playing the demo. I just wish all the modern sonic games didn't have the city hubs and where just straight racing.

That would make them even better, but the new version coming in November is the only game coming out that I'm excited about. Not Assassins Creed, BF3, MW3, Uncharted or Halo Anniversary.

I want my Sonic haha

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Online passes are a scam. Everyone gets mad at DRM from cd's and games but I don't see people defending that. Well don't the companies deserve to make sure that people are playing a game they paid for? Or music companies making sure you don't make copies and hand them out for free?

Everyone gets super upset at the fact that diablo is going to require an internet connection at all times to play. People are mad at that, with this mentality don't they des...

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I loved it!

Playing as an operative was tons of fun. Especially if you go around and disrupt the engineers.

Using the EMP grenade to disable turrets and land mines, to hacking the turrets then placing a control on it and manually use it against them. Hacking downed opponents for information, then using them as a disguise to penetrate defenses.

Playing as an operative was too much fun but with games like Gears 3 and such you are not going fi...

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Brink didnt have k/d and it was one of the most requested feature. And itwwas the most bitched about thing on the forums.

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Going to cancel my pre order of BF3 on PC. Too many crashes and instability and I have a high end pc 16g of ram, nvidia 580 and all that jazz and it just crashed and crashed.

I don't want to buy something faulty so I'll wait a couple of months to see if people are complaining about issues otherwise I will wait for Lens of Truth and see which console version has less screen tearing.

Make a decision then, I guess.

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Sure add PSN games I don't care. They are still games and should be counted.

PS1 games doesn't seem to make sense though.

But thanks for answering a question with a question. Sure moved this argument along just nicely.

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What about arcade titles? Do those not count as games or is it just retail release only?

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I love kinect!

Gunstring hero, Nightmare rise and ninja fruit really add to the fun!

Really cool games to be honest.

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uhmm I got it and I like it a lot. I actually have fun punching and kicking zombies, it felt like fruit ninja with a resident evil twist to it.

The hardest part is walking everything else at least for me is gravy. I think its the best kinect game out there so far. I need to try out gunstringer though hehe

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This game is crack!

I have never ran so much especially on the town of moresby. My character seems to die over and over even with modded weapons like a shock cleaver and a toxic sugar cane.

Definitely a sick coop game though. You need to play with buds to get the full experience and sharing weapons, mods and what not.

Very addicting just like borderlands.

It feels somewhat sluggish though and the blur effect takes a while t...

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haha NOPE I want it now! No shooter will take over me playing sonic NOTHING!


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I lucked out by not getting the ps3 version child? Kinda obvious wouldn't you think by the statement?

I bought this day one and LUCKILY I decided on 360 instead of PS3 so I don't have to kick myself in the ass about the performance and screen tearing.

In either case not sure why I'm replying to a child haha.

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Still love the game haha. With all its faults I can't stop enjoying it. hehe

The screen tearing is something that I hate worse than graphics and I guess I lucked out with the 360 version. Was going to get PC but the fact you need good friends to play was not a good option for me.

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ha if that is what they meant the WHOOOOSH it went right over my head as I got angry and silly about it.

Now I have to replay it =D

Thx for the clarification

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The art style, sense of humor and awesome design is what got me hooked. I played the first one and second one to death. Now the baconing bothers me for a couple of reasons.

1. The field of view changed so you can see more of the background than before. Less sense of picture popup book.

2. The world doesn't animate like it did before. If you have the previous versions pop them up walk around and you will notice something is missing on the baconing.

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This game is awesome IMO. The game seems easy at first but when you get a huge swarm of orks man you want to pull your hair out.

If it had cover system it would be even better but it doesn't need it to be honest.

Well worth it IMO.

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