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What a shame I was looking forward to playing this with my kids.

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One things for sure DragonKnight - this comments section was a lot better off when you were banned from commenting.

You come across as paranoid, arrogant, and completely obsessed that you are right and so therefore everyone must agree with you.

If you care this much about these petty things and truly believe there is some kind of moderator conspiracy against you then i think you need to step back, chill out and get a reality check.

Like i sai...

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Good article.

I totally agree. Last year was a massive disappointment when I bought a WiiU at launch but it's recently started to win me over with games like pikmin and Zelda.

It's still got a long way to go and unless it gets some momentum over Xmas then it's gonna get passed over by the ps4, but at least now there is hope.

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Im not saying its a port, im saying i believe it is at its core a 3ds title.

It looks like the same engine, same art assets, same gameplay, nothing in particular that uses the WiiU hardware features - its a 3ds game, just like Super Mario WiiU was a 3ds (if not a DS) game.

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If you were new to gaming then you couldnt even begin to comprehend that these two franchises were once equal rivals, because these days Sonic is a joke.

Sonic has become an absolute turd of a franchise and any fondness i had for the character died a long time ago after yet another shitty game.

So no, I cant get excited for a new Sonic game.

Can't say im impressed with Nintendo's current scheme of releasing 3ds titles for the WiiU eit...

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I would disagree with the statement that Kinect just hasnt been used properly, I would say that it is incapable of being used for the purpose of gaming - certainly to the level that MS are trying to convince people that it is capable of.

As regarding your main point I totally agree. I much prefered it when each console had a defined role rather than trying to emulate each other into a pool of non identity.

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Im getting a ps4 because it has the games i want.

The only thing i am interested in on Xbox 1 is Titanfall, but i can pick that up on PC or just wait for the inevitable ps4 version.

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It makes perfect sense. Profit is what you earn after all other costs, including R & D into new consoles, has been deducted.

Also this comment is specific to the hardware and since we know that ps3 was expensive to develop and manufacture, and xbox 360 had large advertising and warranty costs then it sounds quite reasonable.

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Meh, ET bored me shitless even as a kid.

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Its the same reason why he is choosing ps4 over X1 - one is better than the other.

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Its dead to me

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Xbox One fans apparently - nuff said

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I kinda confused ny the SNES mortal Kombat blood thing you mention. The version i played definitely did not have blood, not only that but the animations on the fatalities where changed to be a lot tamer than the arcade or Sega version.

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Foxgod doesnt know what sense of humour means.

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Exactly its just a feature - a lovely completely useless feature

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Dude, i think you need to re-read the specs. Xbox One is not a cable box, it requires a seperate cable box to provide all the cable functionality.

The x1 is basically just a seperate user interface for things you already own.

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I think its the best xbox related news in a long time - the guy is a cockroach.

Every time he made an announcement or got up on stage my shit would itch at his slimy gormless face and corporate PR speel.

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You should look up the definition of personal attack.

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Billy there is no online requirement for ps+ beyond the initial download. I can pull the ethernet cable out of my ps3 and play any of my ps+ titles.

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what makes there chances at bringing down COD any greater than they have been previously ?

Xbox360 had Halo, and still COD sold bucketloads.
PS3 had Killzone & Resistance, and still COD sold bucketloads.
Both consoles had BF3 and still COD sold bucketloads.

So whats changed ?

COD is the Wii of gaming software - anyone can pick it up, play it, and feel like they are good at it - that's why it sells bucketloads. You don&...

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