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If you watch the trailer in the link, it states the game will run in 60 fps and also have Manual Lock-On added to the combat. #4.1
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While movie tie-in games are normally ridiculed, the first Amazing Spider-Man game was not only a great game on its own merit, but was superior to the actual film itself. Another example is X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It was a phenomenal game that was my personal favorite movie tie-in game. This was also a game that was far superior than the film itself. #3.1.1
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It really is a great game! By far the closest true RE experience since RE4. ;) #1.1
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The interesting thing is that this reviewer doesn't understand what a "0/5" signifies. As a critic myself, I can completely level with other critics opinions...that is when they're logically backed up.

When I received the review copy for this game, I thought "Damn, I don't know anything about this series..." However, within the time frame I had to complete the game and write up a review for it, I chose to thoroughly research the series' ma... #2.1.1
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@lilbroRx Oh no I didn't mean you referred to our site's review score. Sorry for that miscommunication. I was just saying how I kept the score the same since it's the same game. But yeah, I also noticed some higher scores for the PS3/360 version compared to when the Wii U version released. #1.1.2
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I scored the Wii U version and PS3/360 versions exactly the same actually. It's the same experience, except the Wii U version has the off-TV feature and Miiverse integration (screenshot support) which makes that version my personal choice between all the consoles. Regardless, it's an awesome game and those who don't have a Wii U should certainly give it a shot on the PS3/360. #1.1
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Currently playing through my review copy right now...could very well be the Wii U's "Braid" or "Limbo"...aiming to have my review live on the day of the game's release (April 4th). #3
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You may not be thrilled to hear this but I checked the audio settings and there are no Japanese voices in this, only the option for Japanese text and subtitles. #2.1
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As I stated to Brucis, a "7" means it's a very good game with a few issues here and there that bring down the score. If you read the review, I state that I really enjoyed it but also describe every issue the game had. An "average" game for us on the site is between a 5.0-6.5. Ultimately, everyone is entitled their opinion. You think it's near excellent, that's great. However, I respectfully disagree and my review states the... #1.1.2
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Thanks :) #2.1
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Glad to see someone else understands that a "7" is a good score. On the site under the "About" section, I clarify that anything a "7" or above is certainly worth your time. I even stated that there are games we may score between a 5.0-6.5 due to numerous issues but are still worth checking out.

As for the "button-mashy" comment I made in the review, I did state I played on Normal mode. I just felt like I breezed through it with little e... #1.1
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Nice. The faction items and challenges will help a good amount to achieving the 75% completion. #3.1.2
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JC2 really was an awesome game! I enjoyed platinuming it and still keep coming back to it. Good luck finishing up the last few trophies you need! #3.1
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Yeah, I started to notice that the second time I watched the trailer. It's cool to see they're exploring that side of him. #1.2.1
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Agreed. I'm not crazy about his ultra-gruff voice myself but the gameplay looks slick. #1.1
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Interesting list but there's a mistake I spotted with it. Ashley Graham's photo is the featured image here and she is also listed in this article...but there's nothing written about her at all. When you go to read about why she's "poorly written", the writer mentions a totally different character (Zoe) from an entirely different game (Dreamfall). Other than that, this was a decent read. #4
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Personally, I found this to be a great article, and one where I was able to relate to every level of every game mentioned. Solid topic choice that perfectly fits the season. Good read! #1.1.1
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No problem! Glad I was able to clarify that a bit and you'll definitely love the game. #1.1.2
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Thanks for the compliment on the review! We aim to provide in-depth reviews so the reader knows exactly what to expect when getting into the game (without spoiling any important plot devices).

As for the ability to play on the GamePad and TV, I simply meant that you don't have to do any additional work to switch from playing on the TV to GamePad. For example, if you play Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge and want to continue it on the GamePad, you have to access the game&... #1.1
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Same here. While it was cool to replay NGS+ on the Vita, the 30 fps definitely hampered my experience as well. For those who never played NGS before, it wouldn't be noticeable. But to the die-hard fans, you can definitely spot the difference and didn't feel as smooth as the console version. #2.1
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