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the number of FUNS in TF is outrageous !!

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Good luck.

You will need it !

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MS did...Some people believed that.

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It would be full HD. lol

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well, given MS cash plus 360 performance, gaming world expected the new Xbox to destroy PS4 in performance. sadly we ended up with severely underpowered console (~50% less power than PS4) and more expensive one.

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I don't think that's true with this giant power brick.

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why delay it?

Release a mech DLC to COD then you have it.

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in stock


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PS4 available at best right now

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Trophies has little meaning to me, I'm not competitive either. that's why I rarely touch multiplayer of any game.

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Wow too much fud or technical ignorance!

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Misleading title.

the original quote is:

"Careful use of eSRAM like this for the various render stages mitigates SOME of the advantage that PS4 has with its faster unified GDDR5 memory"

Title left the word SOME implying that esram = GDDR5 with careful use, which is not what the developer said.

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oh man, what a downgrade!

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both companies will sell out whatever they can produce up to now. based on the demand alone PS4 could have sold 5 million by now since it's almost impossible to secure one now. Europe also is a complete sold out situation till January. X1 supply in the other hand seems to match demand. you can easily pick up X1 everywhere, also seems like MS concentrated it's X1 shipment in NA. The demand effect will hit Jan/Feb/march next year, I expect PS4 to fly off shelves in EU/JP while X1 sales ...

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heh, launch parity you say? wait until PS4 pull ahead sales wise, then devs wont even look at Xbox.

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When Sony dominated PS1 era, we got 3500+ games on the system.

When Sony dominated PS2 era, we got 4000+ games.

When Sony/MS competed for last gen we got less than 1000 games with DLCs and paid online.

I say PS4 dominating the competition wont necessarily mean bad future for gamers, it means more developers pouring their talents on just one console instead of spreading themselves thin on multiple consoles.

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I approved this news, because Mario 3D world is a masterpiece.

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a guy with anime avatar talks cars. lol

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Day/night transition
Most accurate simulator out there
Massive content/modes/challenges
course editor
1200 cars
Created by car enthusiast for car enthusiasts

That's why GT is the gold standard of the genre, and the reason why it sells millions.

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