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Wanting 4K textures is very ambitious. Whatever the textures are now, the game needs to be optimized 10-fold.

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For Playstation it means it's only available on that system. There are now certain "features" only available on PS4 Pro though so those are technically exclusive to it. For Xbox its similar with Xbox One and Xbox One X. However, the majority of games on Xbox are also on PC so none of those are exclusive to a single device. That's where the confusion comes in. Don't get me started on timed exclusives.

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The game looks great and will probably be great but that shot in the thumbnail and the main one on the website...I am calling a bullshot on that one. All the rest look legit and great though.

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@showtimefolks How old are you? I ask in a serious manner. Games back in the day had no saves/checkpoints or difficulty settings. Mario never had any of that and it's still to this day an amazing game. Crash 1 is definitely a bit harder due to the added physics but it's not impossible. I was frustrated at first but have now spent a fair amount of time and currently have 17/26 gems including I believe 3 colored gems (now those are god damn hard and not from the original in the same way...

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@NeptuneGames For the record you missed a game that has some great natural disaster destructions. Motorstorm Apocalypse. #imissevolutionstudios

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Saved you a click. Well 5 because it's on 5 separate pages for a list of 10 games...sheesh.

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I don't have a PS4 Pro and yet I have a 4K TV. When the PS4 Pro came out I had no interest in getting it for a slight upgrade in graphics and performance for the price. I still haven't gotten it because it's not a big enough step up. I'd rather wait another year or two for the next iteration of playstation consoles. The Xbox One X feels like a successor the Xbox One original which came out not quite 4 years ago. It feels too soon for that hefty of a price tag. The nice thing i...

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It's very powerful but $499 is too much too soon. I really don't see it selling as much as they anticipate. What I also find odd is they essentially made the Xbox One S inferior in less than a year (it was released Aug 2016). The Xbox One S is half the price of the Xbox One X. The largest difference being 1080P 60fps (Xbox One S) vs 4K 60FPS (Xbox One X). Unless you have a nice 4K TV the Xbox One X is practically pointless to upgrade to at double the price. Yes, games will look and pe...

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No Forza is known to have a "rewind" feature for awhile now. It's what people argue makes it more "arcade-like" in comparison to GT or any game trying to be a SIM.

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I'd rather see Conker come back before Bubsy. Who remembers Conkers bad fur day???

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If Sony even did a soft announce, like a teaser of a teaser of Bloodborne 2 that'd be more than sufficient. I would love for them to show us what SuckerPunch is up to. I also wouldn't mind if they lied about not showing Death Stranding. Lies have happened on numerous occasions to try and keep leaks to a minimum.

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So Mixer, formerly Beam, is Microsoft's attempt to compete with Twitch? I mean, Twitch is king when it comes to streaming. Very few people seem to use Youtube Gaming in comparison to Twitch. It'll be interesting to see if this really takes off.

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I mean GOW Ascension was ok but GOW3 was one of my favorites in terms of story telling. Fighting every god and gaining their powers. I loved that gameplay aspect.

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What will we see vs what we hope to see are two different things. I HOPE we see some God of War PS4, Death Stranding, Gran Turismo Sport, Last of Us 2 (new trailer at the least but gameplay would be awesome), and maybe Days Gone.

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Sadly enough, Bloodborne was my first Souls game. I had heard of the prior ones but never gave them a chance. After playing Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 I regret that decision. My favorite aspect is, as he pointed out, every action you make has a consequence and there aren't really "glitches". When you die, it's your fault for pushing the button one too many times or not dodging fast enough or failing to parry. It's never the "boss/enemy is cheap". There is alwa...

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I play this practically nightly with friends. We try jumping in ranked matches but we need to unlock more sidekicks and boosters to really compete. It's still a ton of fun and I spend hours playing it. I think the flow and gameplay is so smooth and pretty well balanced. At least it's not a pay to win. Real money buys you simply cosmetic things and not weapons. Those HAVE to be unlocked by playing.

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You will never get a copyright if you aren't monetizing the video. That's the way copyright works. You can use whatever music or whatever video you want. As long as you aren't making money off of it they look at it as free advertising. As soon as you monetize it it's fair game and I definitely think the radio in GTA would be considered copyrighted.

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The bigger issue is their latest change with music being copyrighted in any sense. Even background music now makes your video get copyright claimed. Some games the music is actually a factor.

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I platinumed Bloodborne awhile ago and beat the DLC so not much else to do. However, I am working on DS3 and that style of gameplay coming from Bloodborne is kicking my ass and I am loving it. I hope to beat it before UC4 comes out though because #uncharted

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Latest news is a bunch of Evolution studios guys went to Codemasters (Burnout series) so that could be a match made in heaven. I look forward to seeing what comes from them next.

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