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I don't know about you but I get this feeling this will be a glitchy mess. Lag has always been an issue with CoD and now you can strafe left right up and down fast with boosters....this is going to be a sh%t show I feel. #59
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If you don't care to read the article or don't like Kotaku (or both) I will sum it up for you.

Sony made around maybe 30 promises or so. In the end they kept around 26 of them. Only a few weren't kept and for the most part they were minor ones. #1
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Perhaps an update to the AI? Curious to hear more. #2
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For the tanks T4 is a bit of a gear check. A couple i90 help out a lot. Tell them to start with a flash to blind the dreadnaught and help gain some hate. Also, cool down rotation is my biggest problem and the most important thing to worry about. #1.1.1
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I for one am stoked. My Group is still working on Coil T5 so to add this much content is quite exciting and overwhelming at the same time. #1
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True but I can imagine this game being nearly as demanding as BF4 with the Frostbite 3 engine. I mean this engine is still the same one from MW/COD4 but it's been upgraded and modified but the foundation is still the same. #1.1
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Hard to say considering the reveal and this gameplay is all on the Xbox 360. Wait for the PC build and next-gen. Perhaps at Gamescom. #1.1.1
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If I am looking to play a mindless shooter then COD is definitely fun. But if I want teamwork and squad based gameplay, then BF3 wins hands down. Ghosts will have squad gameplay it seems so we will see if teamwork will finally be a factor. #1.1.2
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I agree but at the same time it is more popular then BF3 even though BF3 is the superior game in gameplay and technology. So for IW why fix something that isn't broke (to the community at least). I personally think it is broke but the community as a whole disagree with me. #1.1
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1. Mods
2. Graphics
3. Mods
4. Increased number of MP players
5. Mods #7
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Give it a year or two and you will see a significant difference from current to next gen. Look at a launch PS3/360 game and then look at the latest released games. They improved in practically every aspect. #6
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RAMPAGE was one of the best "Monster" games much fun in the arcade. #1
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The official reveal is Aug 14. It's just before Gamescom. Similar in how they did their pre-e3 showing. #4
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I bought a 3D TV for gaming not movies...and I have used it on most of those games as well. I am hoping with a bigger processor and more RAM they can do 3D without sacrificing graphics/fps. UC3 looked good in 3D but without it the textures were definitely affected. #1.2
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So they still haven't nerfed the pistols or KAP40 at least? Awesome, nerf the weapons that use some skill..makes sense. #10
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I feel like it will be a movie about a gamer who wants to race cars and enters GT academy and becomes a great racer. Something along those lines at least. #4
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Making the most "realistic" COD isn't that hard since none of them are remotely real... #5
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Clearly if you actually read the article you would see in the author's note that they apologize for the lateness and in fact a health issue was the problem. Plus, who cares if it's a later review it's a well written one. #2.1
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"And of course in the last generation we saw the Wii introduce motion controls, and the subsequent scramble by Microsoft and Sony to half-heartedly match Nintendo's offering"

Stopped reading there. Wii uses Infrared lasers as does Kinect. PS Eye Toy has been around since the PS2. While it didn't have the PS Move peripheral they now have, it was what helped introduce motion controls long ago. Plus PS3 Eye Toy and PS4 eye toy don't use infrared which is an... #7
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What's the release date of Watch Dogs...

From an IGN article.

"Ubisoft has announced that Watch Dogs will be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC in North America on November 19 and in Europe on November 22.

Additionally, the company has revealed that the open-world action-adventure game will be available as launch title for the PlayStation 4, and is "also planned for other next-generation consoles"."
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