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Sadly enough, Bloodborne was my first Souls game. I had heard of the prior ones but never gave them a chance. After playing Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 I regret that decision. My favorite aspect is, as he pointed out, every action you make has a consequence and there aren't really "glitches". When you die, it's your fault for pushing the button one too many times or not dodging fast enough or failing to parry. It's never the "boss/enemy is cheap". There is alwa...

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I play this practically nightly with friends. We try jumping in ranked matches but we need to unlock more sidekicks and boosters to really compete. It's still a ton of fun and I spend hours playing it. I think the flow and gameplay is so smooth and pretty well balanced. At least it's not a pay to win. Real money buys you simply cosmetic things and not weapons. Those HAVE to be unlocked by playing.

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You will never get a copyright if you aren't monetizing the video. That's the way copyright works. You can use whatever music or whatever video you want. As long as you aren't making money off of it they look at it as free advertising. As soon as you monetize it it's fair game and I definitely think the radio in GTA would be considered copyrighted.

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The bigger issue is their latest change with music being copyrighted in any sense. Even background music now makes your video get copyright claimed. Some games the music is actually a factor.

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I platinumed Bloodborne awhile ago and beat the DLC so not much else to do. However, I am working on DS3 and that style of gameplay coming from Bloodborne is kicking my ass and I am loving it. I hope to beat it before UC4 comes out though because #uncharted

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Latest news is a bunch of Evolution studios guys went to Codemasters (Burnout series) so that could be a match made in heaven. I look forward to seeing what comes from them next.

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Still the best water physics... lol

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What's interesting is in the latest TV spot you see Nathan trying to "save" Sam and he then falls. Where to or how far and does he live we don't know. But the scene that follows finishes with the gold coin flip. The thing I noticed is the place where he is sitting, the place on fire, looks like it might be the same place where he couldn't hold on to Sam. Perhaps his brother dies and he finally gives it up for good but it's too late and Elena divorces him or something...

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Chances are they have been working on it for a few years now. TLOU came out in 2013 and they said they have been working on UC4 for like 4 years at least. I am sure they are working on it and with UC4 coming out close to E3 I expect to hear nothing about TLOU2 until either winter or spring 2017.

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I don't know why the disagrees...Motorstorm was a flagship series for the PS3. To imagine it on PS4 in a beautiful graphic glory and physics heavy would have been awesome.

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I would have LOVED to see a Motorstorm come to PS4. Graphically it would be awesome.

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Worst I had was on a challenging daily mission we were at the boss and i was hiding on some stairs taking thing I know I am falling for a good 30sec until I hit some imaginary ground and it gave me 7 seconds to return to the mission. Thankfully it just reset me at the last checkpoint but I literally fell through the entire map on a set of cement stairs.

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I just wish I could actually go to E3. I live in LA and love gaming and can't go. It's frustrating to say the least. I miss the days of EForAll but clearly that didn't work out.

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@Edito I bought 5 primary engrams in hopes to get some new exotics and I got Monte Carlo, Hawkmoon, Bad JuJu, Thorn and something else I already had. I was so happy about my rolls because I didn't have any of those weapons.

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There is a review embargo and gameplay embargo for The Division. It's why you haven't seen any pre-release reviews or gameplay from the likes of IGN and such.The embargo is lifted as of 1am pst when the game is officially released.

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To be fair this weekend he has some decent stuff. Hawkmoon for one and Primary Exotic Engram. Not bad items if you still don't have every exotic or a good hand cannon.

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Umm yea, my PS4 has maybe 5 games digitally downloaded and they take up 220gb of space with the other downloads from disc-based games. My PS4 came with 500gb of space so that's not leaving much wiggle room. I said to my friend next gen consoles won't be digital only until we are given more space to work with.

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I remember playing ESL L4D and it was awesome. When L4D2 came out I was so excited but the balancing of it was terrible. Hunters didn't have good maps and some of the other new zombies were either OP or just bad. I hope L4D3 has some better balancing.

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1. The PlayStation was the result of a failed collaboration between Sony and Nintendo. This is the ill-fated prototype

2. The console’s original mascot was an angry-looking floating head called Polygon Man, who was later dropped in favour of core game characters like PaRappa the Rapper and Crash Bandicoot

3. Despite being the poster boy for the console, PlayStation CEO Ken Kutaragi is well known for his huge hatred of the Crash Bandicoot character

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Should...should I fap to this? Is it wrong to like this? I'm so confused. #gamerproblems

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