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Should...should I fap to this? Is it wrong to like this? I'm so confused. #gamerproblems #14
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CS had no scoping, @solar is right. With the scout especially easy to no-scope but AWP was much harder due to it's terrible accuracy when you are moving. This isn't no-scoping it's just aiming and shooting before the animation of the scope itself takes up your screen. Logically it makes 0 sense in how it works. But it has been around for awhile in COD games. #1.2.2
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I have never heard it called Blackscoping (or how they came up with that name) but compare this to quickscoping vids of modern warfare and you will see the gameplay is practically identical. It's a shame sniping has come to this. Granted you can't just sit and camp in the prone position in this game either because the sniper has a trail on the bullet so as to give away your position. #1.1
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Their facebook page literally says "I am XBox". Site seems a bit one-sided. That being said this list is just to get hits. Not really a "Worst games" list. There are definitely worse games then most of the ones mentioned. #31
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I never meant that as Gears of War started the 3rd person cover shooter genre. I meant more for the fact it's one of the more prominent ones that people know. So I am comparing them since they are considered the same genre. That being said, this looks much more practical for the cover aspect as far as what you take cover behind. I still want to get my hands on the game to see if it feels clunky at all. #6.2.1
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The graphics look great and the gameplay looks seamless. However it looks a lot like a Gears of War 3rd-person cover shooter. Not that it's a bad thing but I would love to have a demo first to play it and see how the gameplay feels first. #6
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I get this feeling since he said "Destiny knock off..." and then said "lol" that it was meant as sarcasm...Regardless the game looks good. #3.1.3
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Battletoads was amazing. The only thing I worry about it is how well it will go to 3D. Mario went to 3D with the N64 and it was one of the best marios to date. Few games that make that jump have such success. I worry but I have hope that Battletoads will be a fun game. Maybe they should do cell-shading because if they worry too much about graphics I think it will ruin the atmosphere of the game. It was never about the graphics but rather the fun gameplay.

That's my 2 cents. #5
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Ryse: Son of Rome showed us that great graphics doesn't make a great game... #9
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The link should work. Maybe try a different browser. The game is a lot of sneaking until about halfway through when you start to get weapons/tools. You still sneak but you can at least fend for yourself a little one on one. #1.1
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Can anyone confirm that the PS+ version is live and working now? I have been out of town all weekend without internet... #2
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I have considered moving my review policy from a 10 point scale (based on .1 increments) to simply, buy it, rent it, pass. Again in the end like ricochetmg said, it's all opinion and with gamefly and redbox you might as well just try it yourself if you are skeptical. #6
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The hype train for COD has been going on since Modern Warfare's success. It has tons of people who claim they won't buy the game and it's the same guy and blah blah. It will still sell great because of the "monkey see monkey do" effect. That's what I am calling it at least. People buy the game because their friends do and then their friends friends will and so forth. It will still sell millions of copies even though people will say it's the same thing with a new... #8
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I don't know about you but I get this feeling this will be a glitchy mess. Lag has always been an issue with CoD and now you can strafe left right up and down fast with boosters....this is going to be a sh%t show I feel. #59
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If you don't care to read the article or don't like Kotaku (or both) I will sum it up for you.

Sony made around maybe 30 promises or so. In the end they kept around 26 of them. Only a few weren't kept and for the most part they were minor ones. #1
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Perhaps an update to the AI? Curious to hear more. #2
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For the tanks T4 is a bit of a gear check. A couple i90 help out a lot. Tell them to start with a flash to blind the dreadnaught and help gain some hate. Also, cool down rotation is my biggest problem and the most important thing to worry about. #1.1.1
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I for one am stoked. My Group is still working on Coil T5 so to add this much content is quite exciting and overwhelming at the same time. #1
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True but I can imagine this game being nearly as demanding as BF4 with the Frostbite 3 engine. I mean this engine is still the same one from MW/COD4 but it's been upgraded and modified but the foundation is still the same. #1.1
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Hard to say considering the reveal and this gameplay is all on the Xbox 360. Wait for the PC build and next-gen. Perhaps at Gamescom. #1.1.1
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