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its nice to see that another remake is coming.
but it being a remake, i don't know if there will be much changes, other than graphics. the trailer hints at explosives objects on the map (de_dust2 is looking nice in CG), and taking cover, and obviously new weapons.. but it shouldn't be a remake, it should be a complete sequel IF they plan to change gameplay a lot.

so i'm not expecting something to take down COD4, just looking to see the perfected online experience remade aga...

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out of everyone i know that has a ds in my highschool, and of everyone i've met that owns a ds... only one person SOMETIMES buys real games.
it's pretty rare that i see people have real games. so i'm saying its easily believable if its 90% or higher.

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i played halo 3 thinking it was the best thing ever at least 2 weeks after call of duty 4 came out. call of duty's single player is intense and completely immersive from start to finish, it completely smashes halo 3's with quality over quantity. then the multiplayer.. while not as "deep" as halo 3.. due to the weapons, being all realistic.. you can't expect a big difference between weapons. however, call of duty 4 is the most rewarding online experience i've ever had. halo 3 "o...

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someone has got to create a gears of war mod.
just seeing UT3 at that camera angle makes me think back to
my countless hours playing gears.

i bet someone is trying to.
i hope they do well!

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this is freakin sweet. toronto has seriously gotta be one of the coolest cities. and uhh.. dundas station, i was just there a few hours ago.

freakin sick.

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i would completely understand your point, if this is all you have seen of the game. sure this game plays like other Unreal Tournys but with the addition of a hella lot of vehicles, and maps bigger than any other online deathmatch game. and a single player that epic is trying to pull off. saying this isn't anything new since quake 3 is completely wrong.

if you wanna complain about games with nothing new.. look at counterstrike, look at fear, doom3, god of war, halo(2,3), forza,...

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worked, because it was popular...
all those other games listed...
the average gamer.. even the hardcore gamer..
would probably not even hear about it.
theres no real hype surrounding those games.

.. and i remember when Sin came out, it got crap reviews.
episodic content isnt bad, its the games that are..
...afterall.. microsoft did pay 50 million for gta 4's episodic content.

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well bigboss went crazeh...
and if it was bigboss vs. solid snake.. solid snake would win
.. i know this.. because it says so in the story.

and thats why liquid hates solid, because he wanted to kill bigboss.
and liquids only purpose in life, was to create solid snake, who was comprised of only the good parts of big boss.

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theres been two mgs online multiplayer games.
regulor?i mean.. it looks regular*?
yeah, of course. because every other shooter
allows you to CQC other players and trap them right?
take em hostage, put em to sleep, or
knock em out, or hide in a box, etc, right?

don't diss the game that you 360fanboys wanted for so long, just because you now accept you can't get it.

oh yeah, i had the halo 3 beta. it was halo 2 with a weapons u...

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he'd better see this, and not give them the game before launch.
1up better explain themselves.

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max payne 2, recently beat it.
that game is amazing. i forgot about graphics completely.
the gameplay and pacing was perfect
the story telling was perfect.

i love the vibe of max payne.

stranglehold? uhh.. there not really the same at all
not even gameplay. if u've played both of them you'd know.

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does anyone need it?
if so. would anyone invest in it?

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sonys got some great games coming, MGS4, Killzone, LittleBigPlanet, all possible killer apps, if already not considered killer apps and devs are finally figuring ps3 out, so expect new exclusive titles. but thats not all thats improves there chance. their competition might not be able to pull off a 2007 all over again

the wii is aging. i baught a wii at launch.. been collecting dust since newyears.. gimmicks will only last so long, and casual gamers will only care so long.

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.. i haven't yet read the full article. but if this game is aiming for simulator. it might be difficult. the only reason a game like F1 was noticed was because.. its F1, GT doesn't have that.

hmm.. which reminds me, just the rally aspect of GT5 which hasnt been seen yet, is gonna kick some ass. i can't wait to see that photorealisticness.

sorry to go off topic.

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and im a pretty constantly updated gamer..
..and i've never heard of this event.

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.. i dont think i've really completed a game twice.
unless its metal gear, or something that had co-op.
i'm just addicted to MGS, and coop, well, thats multiplayer.
its different everytime. but i never really go
and play the singleplayer mode again.

so if that was the only real Con of this game. i dont mind at all.

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SH!TC0CK, truly the most entertaining interview ever.

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anyone know that song they're singing on singstar?
i remember it from motorstorm. but too lazy to check
for the title on the playlist feature in the game.

oh and, the montage wasn't bad.
i thought ps3's line up was a lot worse than that
for the rest of 2007. heavenly sword, uncharted,
and warhawk will definitly satisfy... but duhh imma get
my halo 3..

2008, thats all sony's. what does 360 even have?
halo 3's th...

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