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I play Persona 4...but im to busy playing Fire emblem and getting ready for MH4...I only bought a Vita because I though MH was going to come out on it.

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I never really got into killzone, I have all 3...but I also have all 4 Halo's...but i have nothing on my Vita ill try unless Halo comes out on the Vita...hahahahah

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Remember Nintendo put samus and her adventures on hold after it didn't sell well.

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maybe i'll use my Vita again.

1940d ago 1 agree12 disagreeView comment might be true...CROSS YOUR FINGERS WITH DEADSPACE 3, IT DOESN'T TURN INTO FEAR 3

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I hope it's still scary. Personally people can stop complaining about microtransactions, they can skip them. Really...for Deadspace 3...being a hardened fan...we will just have to wait and see.

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I cant wait for Halo 4 and LBP just getting Halo first

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Last time they tried making a Halo movie Halo wasn't as popular, and they messed up pretty bad...but the perfect time to utilize the Halo seriese and make a good movie...but it can't be a rehash of the story we already know, it should be about someone else other than the chief

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I don't care really but...I don't have a reason to buy a Wiiu right now...I have all the other consoles, and I have everything I need on them...I am so sad that I don't want a WiiU...I mean I have grown up with Nintendo...WiiU is just trying to get all the other games that have already released, and Bayoneta 2 and ZombiU are the only solid titles for it right now...NINTENDO MAKE ME WANT A WIIU!!!!!!!!!!!

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Personally I think Halo 4 got PS3 game of the month....oh sh*t wrong article....whooo....Killzone? IDK I only play my PS3 for GoW and LBP...and sometimes Uncharted.

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I played the demo and it was clear to me, the videogame I grew up with, that would keep me up at night had been ruined, after stomaching RE5 and ORC, I was done...mainly, the gun-slinging zombies did it for me...I like you Capcom for making Resident Evil. Sadly you would be the one to ruin it for me too.

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(SIGH) lock on? Thats dumb....I don't think you should neglect it before you try it.

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Your stance is a good intentioned stand,but your right it doesn't affect me now does it...actually it does. it affects gamers all around.It basically is segregative to everyone else. What does that stop from other conventions? Thing is, when you through alot of politics and contracersial subjects in gaming, it starts an uproar. It then becomes about the political and personall agenda you side with,less than the thrill of the game. Like republican and democrats. they only split the populat...

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Well, it's more about is this necessary. I don't see anything anti-gay about E3 and PAX, do you? Some people who aren't gay, or think it will be uncomfortable in that kind of environment...but have a game they like in their may be left out. It's like having a staightmercon...gays may feel uncomfortable and will be left out. The idea of a gaymercon is ridiculous. We are all gamers, does it really matter what gender,race,or belief you are/have? We all are gamers in the end who a...

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I like Darksouls...the whole point of the game is to learn from your deaths and progress, not just swing your sword blindly, this has sense of depth that games like Skyrim doesn't your gonna ruin it by letting players breeze through it. Unbelievable...truly shows us gamers how we really are p***ies.

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Im glad that highmoon studios is doing deadpool I cant wait...This is my second most anticipated game for me...other than Halo 4.

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Funny because of the Scrolls/elder scrolls depute between "notch"/mojang... Bethesda saying the name Scrolls and Elder scrolls sounded similar, and on launch date would confuse consumers...which is a bunch of BS, and really was a lawsuit that was dumb. It made me lose some respect for Bethesda, now mojang should sue Bethesda for confusing consumers because crafting a house in Skyrim and crafting a house in Minecraft are similar and may confuse consumers. i would actually side with M...

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Reaction when I saw the picture for this article thinking Angry Birds really was coming to Xbox... OH GOD PLEASE NO!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOO!

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