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"PC gaming all the way!! "


Truth is there are a shit ton of modders online. Like a lot. One modder literally made it rain money on a server for hours. Unfortunately, there are those that mod only single player that get grouped with the baddies. I would like to think that there are more complicated ways then just being affiliated with a mod that rockstar uses to determine who is deserving of a ban. #11
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Lost interest a long time ago. They took too long. #4
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Wait and see, homie. We don't know anything until it's used on a real game. #14.1
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You can actually stream off Nvidia graphics cards now. Idk about AMD though. #2.2
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What you did there...I see it :P #2.1
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First of all! Futbol! But you're correct, the women's world cup was a huge hit in comparison to the past. No one is comparing it to a match between Barcelona vs Real Madrid here guys. So short sighted. I also like the move. I have been playing FIFA since 98 and love this new addition. It will make for great youtube content and it will give exposure to a lot of great female players that definitely deserve it like Alex Morgan. #1.3
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Uncharted lol Is that like the to go to game for PS folk to try to be on equal terms with the PC? I am sure uncharted is all fine and dandy but I am here looking forward to fallout 4 and FF VII remake. Is uncharted something everyone swarms to get like GTA V? And now people are using batman as if this one case highlights every single experience on PC. So we have a crappy port, it happens. Remember Unity? Even consoles got screwed with that one. Simply put, the PC is the best platform to game... #3.2.13
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No one can and therefore no one should. Have you seen his performance this season? God like. #1
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Optimized for what? I can only speak for the PC version when I say that it played absolutely flawless on my system and that is a huge statement considering this is a Ubisoft game and they aren't exactly known for optimized experiences. Stick of truth was so damn funny, definitely getting this one day one as well. Their DLC was amazing too...the non-existing one! The only thing was the pre-order bonus but Trey and Matt kept their promise to keep DLC off and I hope they continue. #2.1
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Nah. FFVII remake overshadows even uncharted. As a pc gamer, half life 3 is cool but not FFVII remake cool. But I think the xbox backwards comparability stole the show. But game wise, Sony killed it. They each won in their own way. #1
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People are so picky about the graphics. This is why companies are afraid to be honest about the graphics about their product. The game can have the same graphics as fallout 3 or new vegas and still be an excellent game. The graphics did not make fallout great; the game mechanics did. #1.3
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I got a scuf for my PC gaming but am interested in this controller. I do not just want to throw my money away so I have to see how the community reviews it. I was honestly expecting something more in line with the push for virtual reality. #1
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I think that devs need to get used to this idea. It's pretty much demoing the game. If you don't like it, return it. It's an awesome idea. #1.10
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I hate FIFA and EA for their shady practices but it will not stop me from buying the game. I am an addict and I need help but I will not be buying FIFA points ever again. Hopefully coins make a comeback somehow. #5
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Gay tony was so good!! The lost was meh. #4
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The ending for Unity was so bad. The milking is serious. I think I am officially burned out from the series and will save my money for another stand out title. #14
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While it is true that I am not informed about all the shady practices, as soon as I am I make a conscious choice to not buy the game. Like Evolve for example. I did not agree with the way they were handling pre-orders and even used the PC monster race as a label to sell more pre-orders so I did not get the game. #5.1.1
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What is up with all the disagrees in regards to people calling out CDPR on their shady practices? Word on the internet is that they refused to do business with GMG because they want their service to take off and direct competition from GMG will force them to lower their prices or wont sell keys. Screw them and their game. I do not support practices like that. #5
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I agree with what you're saying but the real reason why PC gamers do not like getting consoles to complement their PCs is because that money is better spent on upgrading their computer. Like sure, TLOU looked good and whatever other exclusives but am I really going to spend the 400-500 on a new console and game when I can just get another graphics card or a better monitor or a PCIE SSD? Nah bro. I am sure some people can't afford it like you said but in my experience, PC gamers would... #1.2
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This game is actually underwhelming. But this is coming from a guy that stopped playing wrestling games after smack down vs Raw 2009 and came back to this. #2
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