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"PC gaming all the way!! "


You guys really thought it was hard? I mean it was decently difficult but the saves anywhere it was safe made it easier than it had to be. I think if it had more limited areas in which people could save it would have been the perfect kind of difficult. #1.1.3
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Do it bro. Just beat it today and it's so sick. Definitely did not feel like it was an indie. It puts a lot of so called AAA titles to shame. #1.1
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I don't think it's stupid to pay for something that you want. The value is determined by the customer. If the customer is willing to pay, I don't see the issue. #13
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I wonder if all games will automatically be able to take advantage of the full processing power or if it'll be a unique feature for DX 12 games. It sure would kick ass if dx 12 allowed old games to recognize all cores. #15
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Eh, I never get excited for AMD products because of their ridiculous temperature. Hopefully they learned and have cooled down their latest products. Less volcanoes and more North Pole :P #11
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I don't plan on getting TF this time around. I thought it could replace CoD as my primary shooter but it isn't as good. We will see what else is in the market. Still really glad I never bought CoD Ghost lol #15
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I assumed that anyone with an average intelligence could come to that conclusion based on my word choice. You're making me feel like I am in court and I am being cross examined. You take this site kind of seriously, huh? Lol #18.2.1
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In the article and the title. It made the analogy that the ps4 is advanced by comparing 2D to 3D and I honestly do not find 3D impressive at all. Not like virtual reality, anyway. #18.1.1
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TM333, you are correct, sir. :)

ThinkThink, I did that because everyone and their mother is treating this game like it's only on the xbox. Another great title on the xbox! A high rated game on the xbox! I am just here trying to show some love to the PC, which is my platform of choice. It does matter because labeling a game by console just serves to shun out entire communities. Don't get me wrong, Sony guys do it too but it's annoying. Everyone knows it's on th... #6.2
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I don't know why people need to point out that this game is on Xbox. It's like a game can't be good on its own merit. Even if this game was on the Ps4, 3DS, iPad, or whatever, it would still be great.

With that being said, I own it on the PC and even though I said the trailer, the intro still made me tear lol So GOOD!!

Also, it wasn't so long ago that PS folks were praising Sony on their connections with indie developers but now suddenly indie... #6
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Awesome! I paid for it but I would rather other people be able to play it too. Good move from a company that usually tries to squeeze every cent from their customers. #6
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I agree that the Ps4 is a great console but calling it 3D is insulting considering how irrelevant 3D is lol If you are going to call the ps4 anything, call it VR. #18
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I cannot wait to get home and pre-order this on steam. The trailer really captivated me and I am so excited to play!! #10
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I don't really experience broken games on the PC but that may be because I avoid the games that are classically buggy like Assassin's Creed. For example, I got Borderlands The Pre Sequel day one and I had absolutely no issues. I also got civilization beyond earth day one and had no issues (Other than it not being anywhere near as fun as Civ V), I got Saints Row IV day one and had no issues. I can go on but these PC gamers claiming they have PC issues, maybe your hardware is malfunctio... #7
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I said that's for people focused on resolution. I thought that statement was pretty clear. Apparently people disagree with that O.o #10.1.1
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There's only so much you can do with the power of the consoles. If people are really focused on high resolution then join the master race. With that being said, I am not getting any battlefield game because of the rushed fiascos they have had as of late. I will just save my money and get dbz when it's on sale or something. #10
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Eh, I wouldn't congratulate MS. All they really supply is the OS. I also wouldn't congratulate an OS that has yet to release or DX12 which also has yet to release. But I would congratulate all us PC gamers that stuck with our platform of choice regardless of the laughable doom articles and the so called amazing exclusives from the consoles. This momentum is allowing for Xbox exclusives to appear on PC and we can only hope that the trend with H1z1 continues and sony gets on the PC mark... #1.3
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The PS4 is not tough to beat. It's a good enough console but PCs are geared for things beyond just gaming. I mean how long would it take the ps4 to process some demanding video edits and such, if it could? People sure like to talk about exclusives assuming that everyone on PC wants them. The Xbox exclusives are coming on PC slowly but surely and I will admit that the PS does have some really good ones also but so does the PC such as civilization and we can also play the old games and not... #7
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DX 12 promises a more to the metal experience for developers to be able to push more out of the graphics and CPU hardware thus it counters your non optimizations on PC. Not only that but drives are constantly updated for PC to be able to give the best experience out of every game in relation to all the unique hardware. Furthermore, PC isn't just for gaming. You can do a hell of alot more than you can on console but I am not going to list it all. #3.1
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Personally, this does not change much for me. I am sticking with Nvidia for now unless they keep having more fiascos like the 970 after 3.5 vram throttling. But I would not be a PC gamer if I did not love options. I am happy that people could possibly take advantage of this and hope that this makes the PC system even more open. #10
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