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Who said the unlock at the end was playable? no one. #1.2
You unlock the trailer. #1.1
Any game that allows me to argue with my co-op partner is fine with me! #1.1
It's the first game on the demo sections on the ps4's psn store #5.3
How was any of that post 'hating'? #1.2.1
What on earth are you talking about? What the fudge is a' 'hate boy' ?

Also given all you do is post comments and reports...I don't think you're in the position to give life adivce.

If your bizarre assumptions were true then a whole batch of other games would of been listed, but no...they are not. Calm down with your overly sensitive nature. None of the mentioned games are even labeled as bad.

You clearly have a issue giv... #1.1
While that's truly it's hardly insightful...and the post even states what you said ;) #1.1
Thanks for missing the entire point! Please run your mouth again sometime soon x #7.2
Pretty big accusation to make... #10.1
The 1920's called, they want your opinions back. #4.3.2
Please don't use our post to forward you agenda towards transgender and homosexual people please. If you truly have something to say, make a blog and say it...don't post it here when it's not relevant #4.3.1
How dare people praise a game beyond 'it is good' how bloody dare they.

P.s no one is claiming to be a journalist #3.1
It's more to do with the notion of that people are treating the as demos rather than betas e.g. not giving feedback, reporting bugs or broke mechanics. That being said...there's a sneaky suspicion that most of these betas are more closer to demos e.g. 99% complete. But that's just guess work :) #1.1
@lazern, that makes no sense, at all. Not even in the slightest. #4.1.2
It's not point and click bud, it's exactly the same combat system as Skyrim #6.1

That's what they said about Huxley and Conan. Sure is a lot of screenshots, gameplay videos and aplha/beta for that 'co sole' version huh? #4.1
i personally like all the commentator, they sound human and happy to be there, some guys doing other e-sports events just sound bored or forced #4.1
Thanks for the comment! #6.1
or on the floor screaming for a pen, pre-order DLC featuring flippers for a good ol dive #4.1
So baseless the article states possible reasons and possible situations? come on now #1.2.1
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