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There's plenty of shooters with a point, it's just they often get ignored by the masses because it's something different #4
Hope so, loved the first one #1
I quite liked Destiny. Though I do think they shipped it too early, and they know that. But hey, it sold well and it's all about business I suppose. Still never reached max level :( #1
Alien isolation can't be passed up at that price #1
Am I the only person looking forward to Dark Souls 2 on ps4 instead of bloodborne? :P #1
Wish I never bought this at full price now :( silly me :( #1
Bit late lol. I'm not a fan of play arts, the plastic is super flimsy. Neca stuff is far better, and cheaper #1
It's more expensive than the consoles to play it on?! #2
Victim of their own bull crap. Aggressive DLC marketing, taking content out of the game to flog off as a lay to win option. The hype, the massive launch parties. It's a free to play game wrapped with a retail priced, with chunks ripped out to sell separately .

Have you seen the ending ?! #1
Bit strange given the demo is on the e shop lol #1
For the price you can't go wrong. The New Order was brilliant, can't wait for old blood #1
Looks like Monster Hunter on the vita?! Hardly a bad thing, might have to try this out and see what it's like #1
There's no link to their site anywhere in the post, just a photo of the article they posted #4.1
Swear the sun does this st least twice a month. Such a scummy newspaper #1
I remember Little Big Adventure!!! Though I had it on PC. Was a strange little game, I remember the second one was well. Never hear about the game now which is a shame. Seems like a forgotten oldie #1
I'm still hoping they do a Bayonetta Amiibo just for the sake of it. Code name: steam Amiibos would be neat too #1
Well...if they do reviews we can expect a number of games to get utterly hammered purely based on character gender and race...and thE developers stance on this...or lack off.

I've seen people denounce Valve purely because they didn't pick a side. It's all very childish #5
They still have twitter surely?! #4.1
I bought the season pass (whoops) so I'll play it either way. I can't stand moria though. Has to be one of the worst Resi characters ever!!! #2
Just bought mine! The Xbox one link is working by the way, well it was when I used it anyway.

Hopee the arm isn't made of cheap plastic #3
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