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It's more to do with the notion of that people are treating the as demos rather than betas e.g. not giving feedback, reporting bugs or broke mechanics. That being said...there's a sneaky suspicion that most of these betas are more closer to demos e.g. 99% complete. But that's just guess work :) #1.1
@lazern, that makes no sense, at all. Not even in the slightest. #4.1.2
It's not point and click bud, it's exactly the same combat system as Skyrim #6.1

That's what they said about Huxley and Conan. Sure is a lot of screenshots, gameplay videos and aplha/beta for that 'co sole' version huh? #4.1
i personally like all the commentator, they sound human and happy to be there, some guys doing other e-sports events just sound bored or forced #4.1
Thanks for the comment! #6.1
or on the floor screaming for a pen, pre-order DLC featuring flippers for a good ol dive #4.1
So baseless the article states possible reasons and possible situations? come on now #1.2.1
It's never once claimed that ESO is free to idea where you got that from to be fair.

Not a assumption, it's a opinion, it's not like the points were presented as fact if you get what i mean?

I honestly don't see them every popping out a console version, it's like Conan all over again if you remember that wonderful time of 'it's coming' and it never did! #1.1
Dat Chris G smile right ;)? #1.1
How is it killing a games community? #5.1
It's becoming the done thing, which is a huge shame #1.1
Oh don't get me wrong I'm sure they're confident of success, but it hasn't got the choice to be anything but a success #2.1
That Ghost edition seems a bit costly for what looked like a light plastic Ghost #1.1
The concept of Dead Island is awesome, just the first two were a bit..flat? hoping they fix that in DR2...and have smooth co-op at launch #1.1
Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump. ZING #1.2
It's the best example of it so far on the PS4, leg humping included #1.1
It's pure smut #1
No. #7.1
Come now, that's got nothing to do with the topic #4.1
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