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Oh don't get me wrong I'm sure they're confident of success, but it hasn't got the choice to be anything but a success #2.1
That Ghost edition seems a bit costly for what looked like a light plastic Ghost #1.1
The concept of Dead Island is awesome, just the first two were a bit..flat? hoping they fix that in DR2...and have smooth co-op at launch #1.1
Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump. ZING #1.2
It's the best example of it so far on the PS4, leg humping included #1.1
It's pure smut #1
No. #7.1
Come now, that's got nothing to do with the topic #4.1
All the halo 3 DLC made up the price point to be fair #3.1.1
Which would clearly be a smart glass exclusive ;) #2.1
'True gamer' looooooooooooool

But really, grow up if you're trying to prove how 'true' of a 'gamer' you are! #13
It sounds like a response cause it is one lol #1.2
" The Chiefless collection Alpha XD edition" #1.1
Felt more like they dropped the ball on the topic of hacking and 'information' is power' more than anything else #4.1
There's a post on the site that praises EA's free DLC for PvZ. But if you are willing to praise, you must be willing to criticise. The author in question has defended EA in the past, but that doesn't mean he can overlook their faults too mate #17.1
They've not given it a date ;/ #3.1
Let's be honest...the only reason EA ever win that award is because people like to ignore companies doing actual harm to the world lol #3.1
"Why REAL humans should buy a Dyson" #20
Don't forget the Dungeon Keeper mobile game! #1.1
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