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whoop dee fu!%ing doo

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Lack ops 2

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Who says you never noticed those details. I noticed all of them

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STFU Vames. No one cares about your opinion

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nice boobies

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Why does people still want an Underground sequel. The whole Fast & furious, souping up your car, 2002 era is dead.

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Nothing new. It's just screen shots from the same game play video that everyone seen a thousand times.

How about showing a new video Ubi-got-soft

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You must be living under a rock. About a couple of months ago, Kojima had confirmed it.

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But will it blend ?

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Really, you went to the same school as him. Did he ever do that gay cartwheel in school that he does in the ring ?

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black and white is removed from bluelist.

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"Fascinating"-what are you smoking ? All they showed was Sam marking and executing a million guards like he was Rambo incarnated, running around in broad daylight. Calling in air strikes while a UAV is gunning down soldiers.

That place was lit up like an Amsterdam brothel

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"This Is Why You Should Not Get Disappointed"- Because their dumbing the series in favor for a more casual fan base, and you have the option to not buy it.What a stupid statement.

I though they were going to give us some good news so we won't be disappointed .

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Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out.

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I wonder what type of requirements would need to achieve those type of graphics. I have a Intel i7-2600k with a GTX 580 card.

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pretty much every game developers say that famous phrase. "This will be our biggest game"

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Hope Sony release the new slim soon cause my fat PS3 ylod two months ago and I've been waiting for a replacement.

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They did. Don't know why their showing it again

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Don't people get sick of the same shit every year. Run and shoot-Rinse and repeat.

How about trying a new, more original game for a change.

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I rather have my leather chair with foot rest. And 5.1 surround sound system

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