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Those games are already Dead on Arrival with or without Lack ops 2. I haven't heard on any of those

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Ha ha ha...CM punk on the cover is a reason to buy it. Like if that's the most important thing to consider when buying a game.

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Yeah, I 'm sure the are going to give away the newest games that are full price when you buy cheaper games. Keep on dreaming.

Although I'm sure new games will go on sale on Black Friday for half off like they day last year.

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Ha ha. stupid Wal mart. Thir loss, our gain

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I pre ordered all 6 for $2.10. So you end up getting $30 worth of Vudu movies for $2. Can't beat that . Thanks wal mart

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Assassin's Creed, Halo, get big number in sales.
Underdogs like Dishonored, not so much.

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I will be at your mom's place during midnight launch just like I was for your sister, her friend, your cousin, and aunt.

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That may be so, but MGS games were always more popular and sold more than SC.

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well said..

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well said

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But will this new model blend ? The age old question

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True story

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Conviction made the list but not Chaos Theory which was 10 times better. Got to be kiiding

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Girls only love him because they can relate to him and accepted him as one their own. With his feminine looks and voice. The way he dresses in tight clothing. Those earnings. His pouty puckered lips.

The kid tries way too hard to be hardcore gangsta but fails miserably. Who the hell still wears bandanas. And the gang signs he does

Just look at his pictures

Not breaking news. A yearly new NFS game. What s surprise.

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WII u can suck my wii wii

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Who cares

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