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Yep. And all those people crying about how the haters wrecked the family plan are finding out that it wasn't exactly what they thought it was.

It begs the question: If MS employees knew those little details, was Don Mattick kind of lying on stage at E3 when he said "sharing the games"? Isn't that playing just a bit fast and loose with the fine print?

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Thank you, Cleft5!! We love you guys too. But it's nice to know that someone out there is listening and don't think we suck.

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To the person who tagged this as a report because Xbox One is listed as a "game company," there is no other option for creating a new tag. This is the only tag available to us. Sorry, I don't make the rules, I just play by those given to me by

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It will most definitely be better if you get some good friends to also get it. This is an extremely social game, and you'll enjoy it much, much more if you know the people you're playing with. Not just old school, but old school social.

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Didn't like Borderlands? What didn't you like about it? Sure, it was a slow game to build into, but once you got to a certain point it was pretty awesome IMHO. Just curious where it didn't hit you right.

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If you read her lawsuit, it's because you can't collect personal information when a customer uses a credit card. And it's not just her, it's a class-action lawsuit, so it's for everyone who purchased a game via credit card from GS.

Why? Because it's illegal to do that in California. I don't know if GS will lose or anything. But I'm finding my old receipts just in case...

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It;s an opinion piece... not news. An opinion, by definition, can't be old.

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That's kinda the point of the article.

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I have to agree with Darkride. This is clearly an opinion piece from a mother of a five-year-old who, quite correctly, points out that the ambivalence that Kinect has received from core gamers isn't reflected in the mom-and-dad set.

I'm not sure why people think this is flamebait. There's no baiting here. She's quite clearly saying "This peripheral is not made to be popular with core gamers... but casuals and family gamers are already salivating." <...

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Anyone who's been there knows that the community management teams always hold a "fan meetup" before E3 and then give out a bunch of passes to anyone who attends, thereby ensuring two things: Non-press enthusiasts attend and therefore scream their asses off whenever something's announced and those people live in the LA area and will be there.

This gives an untrue impression to those watching on the web that everyone loses their minds. Don't get me wrong.....

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That's not rambling at all. It's pretty insightful actually. Thanks for restoring my faith.

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Hrm. Actually a well thought out and even handed story about FFXII. That's something unique.

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While it doesn't surprise me that Bobby Kotick is a co**suc**er of the first order, what does alarm me is how this story is verging on plagiarism with the original LA Times story!!

Really? Are the writers at so lacking in ability that they need to copy/paste from the LA Times and change a few adjectives to call it their own? It's not hard to rewrite the news and make it original, at least for a good, skilled, professional writer. And given Co...

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From what I can tell, if there *are* more Xbox fanboys than PS3 fanboys they are mighty quiet compared to the PS3 people. You can't barely breathe about the PS3 in here without people losing their minds and firing of hate mail.

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California needs to suck it. And so do parents who complain about games they buy their own kids. If you don't know what your kids are playing, that's not the video-game store's fault. That's yours for being a bad parent.

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Nope. Totally disagree. If Xbox wants to ban people for modding, it should be for everyone. Otherwise people hacking their Xbox for the wrong reasons will just lie and say they're modding it to run cooler. There has to be a line where you know you're doing something wrong, and that line should be breaking the seal on your Xbox.

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Not a bad idea, really. It seems the whole Zone thing is kinda pointless, unless there's some use for it I'm not aware of. I would certainly rather play with my own age group, since it seems the under-17 set are the worst when it comes to the kind of "poison" that the author talks about. IMHO, of course. Your results may differ.

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Heh... I'm not a troll... I just trolled all the XBL users.

Well played, sir. Well played.

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Yeah, but did you play it longer than a week??? I mean, a *lot* of these iphone games are addictive, and then after a while you just stop playing. And you never want to go back again. Sneezies was the same way.

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okay... that's just sick.

FUNNY!!... but still sick.

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