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I like how the author gives props without bashing it just because it's on another console. Very classy!

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I agree that games are more fun with more of a challenge. Unfortunately, difficulty may attract hardcore gamers but it alienates casual gamers, which is bad for sales. Harder modes also test the limits of the game's mechanics, forcing the player to trust the physics and rules of the game. It means haphazard games can play better if the player relies less on precision. For example, take some B-rated titles and play through on the hardest difficulties. You'll see more and more the folli...

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I'm a little upset that Senator Armstrong made this list above Liquid, Solidus, or Liquid Ocelot.

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Insightful! What happens when a small percentage makes the jump to a console? Do you think there's enough capital to change the mindset of those casual PC gamers looking for more?

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I mean... yeesh!

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Pretty decent consolation prizes here

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Then the developers would be crippled. Gamers would have no reason to buy the game new at twice the price when they could wait a few days.

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GameStop made that happen by creating a monopoly that cripples other smaller retail chains.

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We definitely feel bad for the GameStop employees who have a passion for gaming, a dedication to customer service, and lead by example. Unfortunately, a lot of GameStop stores are void of these special kinds of employees. We're hoping that the good ones get to keep their jobs.

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GusBricker: Day maker

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Breathe, Tontus, Breathe.

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It's a waste of a possibly cool franchise.

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There are worse ways to end up

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Our apologies, N4G fans, for the title discrepancy. Before we could hop back on and update it here, the N4G article had already been pushed through!

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At least old gamers will drive at like 90 mph.

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At GamerCheese, we're always worried about "loose" credibility.

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No room on Live for love then?

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Thank you!

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The banner image copy/paste is crazy sketchy.

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