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niantic and the pokemon company benefit the most, google apple next, then nintendo.

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eh? i've loved them all , but theses last 2 games, while they have been good, were not up to the standards the ones that came before it have set.

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i'm ready for a reboot, this series is decent but not nearly as good as the last reboot.

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It does get old I agree. It's a tragedy what happened. But blaming videogames is not the right response. Censoring videogames for violence or sexual content is not the answer. If you don't like it don't play it. Work on finding real solutions to limit attacks like this.

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yup, with their current philosophy the NX is doomed. I won't be getting it until they realize that and change the way they treat their audiences.

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might have taken some time for them to realize it used the formula.

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Camilla Ludington should have played her I think.

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Sony didn't say no at all, they didn't say exactly yes. (probably as a loophole in case something would cause issues) Here is what they said:

“PlayStation has been supporting cross-platform play between PC on several software titles starting with Final Fantasy 11 on PS2 and PC back in 2002,” Sony said in a statement to GameSpot. “We would be happy to have the conversation with any publishers or developers who are interested in cross platform play.”

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when you work for a company the art that you produced is owned by that company, not the artist. That said i was just trying to illustrate that in comparison this isn't that big of a deal. Both are great franchises regardless of inspiration.

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the art was an evolution of the definitive editions silhouette art, which TR had been using for a while. I hate to break it but this silhouette duotone has been going on for a long long, time and this technique used by designers all over the world.

At least they didn't pull artwork directly from another game and place it inside their own, no one does that, oh wait...

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Nintendo's should pop up and say you'e been playin your Nintendo console for while. Take a break and play pokemon go.

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its the creator's choice, but anyone has the choice not to buy it.

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we should probably make a generic male and a generic female protagnoists with kahaki pants and a white polo top for every single protagonist, then every antagonist we can make them where dark jeans and a black polo. This way no one has to censor anything, no one is offended it also speeds up development time, developers can share resources, it would be amazing!!!! oh darn, I forgot, we can't do a white polo... what if its the day after labor day! we'd have to have something to s...

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i've never heard anyone say they want this game to fail... I've heard some be skeptical of this game including some reviewers at IGN, but thats only because they are concerned with there being meaningful content to explore, not just quantity. The game could still be really good, so not sure where this author is getting his data that some people WANT it to fail.

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hopefully they get ff13-2 and lightning returns on there as well.

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i don't disagree, but it still stands that MS needs to push for the big games and apps for their platform, even if they don't have near the catalog, they need the top games/apps.

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so where is pokemon go on the windows phone... they should be pushing to get this on halo lens, but maybe they should get an actual version of the game first...

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its obvious why, but not for the reason sjws would think. they have an all male party makeup who are very samey, showing a female helps show diversity even though the reality is your main party throughout the whole game are all guys who wear black. Zzzz.....

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Hope there isn't ill form a final opinion after launch but this game doesnlook good to me.

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Its much easier to try to destroy than create. We live in a free country and should be able to pursue dreams and artistic vision to create characters and stories. if you don't like it. create your own or buy one you do like.

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