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who cares, more fighters the better, and at least TMNT characters are based on characters who fight.

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single player story looks interesting, but at like 4 hours thats not much, which is the main reason why I would buy the game, to me thats worth at most 15$ like a dlc

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hopefully this fixes the HDR screenshot issue too (on games that use HDR). (basically images can be under or overexposed)

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Who was against microtransactions? overwatch does it right. Cosmetic stuff or things that don't affect gameplay or progression. it's really not hard.

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I almost got into this game too, until I realized their $ making scheme was outrageous.

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it seems you are conflating your certain MMO traits with healthy server population.

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Thank you mobile phone games market >.<

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complaining won't do anything, I know of people already paying to unlock stuff early, vote with your wallets.

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yah worked for me too, bought it, got it for 12.50 on xbox sale that ended today.

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Yah i was thinking of getting it just for the SP and that Janina was the main actress. i have a feeling the price will drop fast. I didn't realize the campaign was that short. though

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Technically it is a game changer. Games have higher quality textures, increased fps, and resolution.

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I feel bad for some of the programmers and Janina Gavankar who voiced the main character. They did a fantastic job, only to have it undermined by this loot box controversy others at EA and the Studio implemented despite gamers concerns.

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Just make another console game

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100% agree. hope they release the ultimate edition soon

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I liked quantum break, nowhere near as good as Alan wake though.

If you don't want spend more to own more consoles or not interested in their 3 main exclusives then its not worth it at all to buy it. You also shouldn't buy it if you are still rocking ye ol' 1080p TV (sure it supersamples its still not enough for 500$, spend that 500$ to get a 4k HDR TV first)

If you already have a 4k TV and want the best looking Multiplatform games, its de...

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I've heard so many varying opinions on this game, some either really like it, or they hate it, seems there is no in between, I'll wait for a demo or something probably

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Xbox has one of the most powerful corporations in the world at its helm. It has "power" and potential in both regards. They are exceeding in some areas but losing ground in others (ie first party games). After Phil's recent interview with Bloomberg its clear that Phil now has the board's approval to spend the money to finance their own first party studios. They haven't been able to say too much as game development takes a while. With this financial approval hopefu...

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awesome, a game that will get TMNT right. I'd love to see a new action adventure TMNT game that does it justice .

I love that they stayed close to the original movie look.

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this explains the switch, the new Star Wars will have a heavy multiplayer focus, but hi hope they have a solid single player campaign as well.

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the PC seems to suffer from more frame rate issues it looks like

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