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can't get excited about this game yet, nothing has been shown that interests me at all. So far i much preferred fable legends.

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oh well thats good to hear, hopefully cross play too. Be nice to play with PC gamers or vice versa.

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i heard it has no online multiplayer though. so if you want to race with friends, pretty much everyone, sounds like we should stick to forza 6 and forza horizon 2

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kinda glad xbox has its own servers, for new comers its kinda nice for everyone to start on a level playing field.

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of course they are, they are all already working on their next console, and of course its a secret... clickbait.

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I'd buy if they give us a faithful version of the japanese game. Complete with all the content/dlc and without the censorship.

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So much more money to be had there I agree. Maybe we'll get a more complete version for Xbox and ps4 here in the US eventually.

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done with nintendo for a while, keep censoring and changing content for western versions of games. Yes it is their fault, atlus refers all potential customers to nintendo as they were the ones asking for the content changes. I'll stick with the Tales game this time around which they are keeping intact from the japanese version.

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It's probably because i didn't like guacamelee but i don't like the art style of this game at all. I'd rather be playing something like stranger of sword city, which is a difficult but awesome first person dungeon crawler. I do love my vita though, it has tons of great games, ps4 is catching up now but for a little while longer i still play my vita more than my ps4.

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Was Looking for a coop high fantasy game. Doesn't look like anything is on the horizon for us now...

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lots of great games on vita, but this one just doesn't do it for me.

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while i agree its a shame to lose studios working on great games, sony has done many closures as well, and also not delivering a game they promised for free. So both sides have some structure and deployment issues. But that doesn't really have anything to do with releasing another console.

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i loved life is strange. but to me that story finished, i'm not sure how they would sequel it without messing it up.

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i love articles that start their title with a question based on a false premise and ask a question of it as if to validate thats its actually a possibility.

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nintendo just continues to disappoint... i've lost almost all excitement i once had for a successor with this twilight princess pull again and all their censorship of games.

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Step 1, add an audi you drive around in, get gas, help stranded motorists etc.
Step 2, Make the playable characters all male.
Step 3, Dress them all nearly the same in black.

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So by all means, lets just not have anymore M rated games from atlus or nintendo...

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It used to be mainly just changes 1 digit of text from age teen to 18-19. Now they are doing more nonsensical changes, so therefore i don't accept that argument. And yes, there are so many japanese RPG's to choose from, i'd rather choose from a selection that keeps the culture intact from whence it came. Some i will buy from japan if i really want them but many still don't have english subtitles.

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so by this logic, since another company does it, it makes it okay? Of course not, but why submit yourself to the nintendo + another publisher who censors. That is unless you don't care about getting visually a different game. Many of us wan't our art to remain intact.

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this worries me about nintendo, makes me even more cautious about buying any more of their consoles if all their games brought to the west don't remain intact from the original artists' vision.

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