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I wish they made it more powerful even if they had to make it 350 or 399. they really should give it proper social features on the console itself . I really want to see Nintendo succeed, but I don't know how at this point.

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"accept it and PSMove on." fixed it!

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so current gen 3rd party support is FIFA and NBA2K...

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sorry i meant fast charging, it should atleast support standard usb-c fast charging, atleast i hope so, would be nice to get a boost if you couldn't charge it for the full 3 hours.

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it probably will, they could have avoided it if they had a separate graphics processor in the dock, akin to the surface pro's design. That way the more intense games could require use of the dock, while nintendo titles and less demanding titles could use the onboard graphics processing in the tablet. Unfortunately that would have made a more expensive console, which is probably what they were trying to avoid.

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of course it will eventually get hulu netflix youtube etc, that said if i was on the go i'd rather use my smartphone or tablet to watch multimedia and save the switch's battery for gaming. That said i'm not buying one until the product is really finish and they have an type of reasonable deal that comes with a game and accessories are cheaper. Also need to see if the follow the market demand for ability to matchmake and chat via the console itself.

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its not in trouble, vr is a niche market, it will remain that way for a while, that doesn't mean its dead or dying.

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it uses usb-c which is capable of quick charge, keep in mind you have to have an adapter or a proper wall adapter in order for it to quick charge, otherwise it will charge slower like regular usb devices.

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imagine trying to matchmake and voice chat using your phone (assuming your have an available iOS or android device), while at the same time trying to hear the in game audio and where people are shooting from.

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handhelds should always have a dark theme option, saves battery life. Somehow you'll have to charge your smartphone and switch at the same time if you wanna do any matchmaking on the go.

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"Just when i think you couldn't be any dumber, you go off and do something like this... and totally redeem yourself!!!"

/sigh nintendo think of families that doesn't have extra smart devices, or those with regular phones or those with windows mobile or microsoft devices. There must be a way to do this from within the console.

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multiplatform US release or it didn't happen (i know you can buy the jp version and import)

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i really enjoyed FFXIII, one of my favorite ff's, not just cookie cutter characters, but diverse complex characters.

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its only natural to compare it to other devices both within nintendo and outside nintendo. it is very much like a combination of all three of their products, the wii, the wiiu and the 3ds.

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i would call it a small step up, definitely not a strong step up. Even from just a outside hardware perspective, the lack of a proper d-pad is really disappointing, i can only imagine playing a 2d platformer with those 4 buttons, yikes!

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i don't see that happening anytime soon, that would be a massive slap in the face for those who bought it so recently. They'd also have to add a larger memory to hold more data, unless it just upscales to 4k or something.

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agreed ps4pro while not true 4k is a much bigger jump than 720 to 900. with a good upscaling tv you probably won't even notice.

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i'd love to see a new perfect dark game.

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nothing against indie titles, but as long as they aren't relying on indie titles to be that "different" type of game. (i.e. cuphead)

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even though i've never met him, always struck me as a really nice guy.

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