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Forza horizon 3 easily best game with quantum break being the best game with a story.

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my most awaited ps4 game coming up, few more days :)

anyone know how we get the soundtrack? hoping its not locked to ps4.

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@makod you are extrapolating ideas from a false rumor, I'd anything they be untethered and running in a vm or some type of isolation, not in azure. Sorry but this specificconjecture about vail rail azure and Polaris isn't correct.

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@dirkdady honestly haven't seen any large surveys that say ps4 users don't want more people to play with especially on mp games that it could extend the life of. Companies in general want crossplay, it's better for business as well as gamers at large regardless of platform.

It's probably lower than psn name changes which gamers have wanted for many years.

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Why do they say multiplayer footage in the title. That's really the only type of footage there is.

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Not true. Leaks said controller for accessibility for disabled gamers. It was distasteful, period.

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Rocket league devs said its easy to separate servers by criteria

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sure as long as you don't make fun of it on your official Sony twitter account... pretty low. like making fun of someone's wheelchair.

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Official Sony Twitter actually made fun of this controller, like making fun of someones wheelchair or something... they've since deleted it. pretty low. Glad xbox is trying to bring more people into gaming.

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can't believe an official Sony twitter made fun of the controller... then some people tried defending it on the now deleted tweet. Thats like making fun of someones prosthetic leg or wheelchair....

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def wait for reviews, I think it will be one of the lowest rated call of duty games, mainly due to cutting content from the series.

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Its really not a backlash against the game, its a backlash against its creator(s), specifically when they lied. SE never lied about FFXIV initially, it just wasn't a good game.

I'm hoping they can resurrect themselves, but we'll see.

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I gave this game a hard time with all of its failed promises, but adding full multiplayer does make me more interested now. But maybe I'm wrong but it says multiplayer across ps4, xbox and pc? surely they don't mean crossplay across those platforms.

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lol, the game looks awful anyways.

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he should go back to Microsoft and head up a new studio and make a new game, story and coop focus. Gears was amazing , I'm sure he could do something like that again. Its this industry's new stuck on mp only games phase that killed his studio. You can strike gold with battle royal but only few can remain profitable at a time.

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Sure they are both ok, but make a new game then. Don't butcher an existing franchise and try to dupe players

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the problem is they are looking at the stats, and not how many sales were related to having a campaign whether they finished it or not. They also need to think about the PR backlash in removing a key feature from a game. If they wanted a MP only game they should have called it something different.

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wow, saying COD BO3 never had a traditional campaign. yikes. Good on eurogamer for not letting him get away on that one. this game is going to be one of the worst rated COD games ever. Sure their MP only base will like it, but they'll still lose out in the end. Will be fun to watch what happens as this game releases and reviews come out.

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UCForce is exactly right. Sure it will still sell, perhaps not quite as much, but the main drag will be it will have lower review scores and some bad PR.

Myself I won't be buying this like I have all the others, I'm not a COD MP person.

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it should get more points just for being a single player story driven game and not an open world or mp only game.

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