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do you want higher resolution games at or nearing 4K? do you want to stream 4k video from services or from your networked pc? do you you want 4k media playback? I do, thats why i want the xbox one x. pspro is good if you just care about some better looking games cause honestly you could stream 4k from a roku or something which is cheaper.

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OORRR, maybe its just a game with a unique story... gotta love leading questions. objection! judge i say!

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but the power of iOS and switch combined make the ultimate chat experience! whooohoo! (fine print super fast voice: ...not applicable for those who don't have iOS or android phones, can't use your phone for texts or even checking notifications without the chat stopping)

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i'd agree with that exactly, there are many who feel the same way. they both have good combat, but their stories are terrible. i give XII the edge over XV due to atleast having a variety of character designs and you can play multiple people in your party.

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replace hulk in the title with wonder woman and you'll get sales

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@G20WLY where can I get console games at 4k + 4k movie services and streaming from my pc which is NOT a gaming pc but a server.

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all consoles are iterative tbh, i'm upgrading because i want the 4k video content output but also want to play games at a higher resolution/filtering and this console is the only way i can get that.

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xbox really needs a game with a story of substance, sunset overdrive suffered in sales as a result. Worried with some of their other games they have forgotten this.

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ugh not the HULK... that would be similar to another crackdown style game. I'd love to see Wonderwoman honestly, or a character that has more than just brute strength. they've struggled to make good movies with him even as the main character. Wonderwoman has more buzz, doing better currently and the sequel has just been confirmed.

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what you said is not what i said, you are correct in that those titles are taking longer than expected, they did show other games before but unfortunately 2 of the big ones were cancelled, but all i am saying is that this year they could have shown some more titles but they weren't ready to show them, since they got burned by showing others too early last time.

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Phil says they are aware but games weren't in a state to be shown at e3

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Ugh not a fan of the ds games and they already gave them away on the 360...

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you might not care, but many other gamers love to play games and chat with friends. This should have been a feature built in that works flawlessly.

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FFXV was a very disappointing game, probably my least favorite FF game ever. Never had a complete vision, just a bunch of bad ideas, the combat is decent though.

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why in the world would we need games running at 90fps, i'd rather have improved graphics and effects.

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@Adrian_V01 it was in the move, but the in game car took hints from audi models, it just looks out of place guys taking a road trip in what is basically an audi driving around, filling up for gas... Zzzz... the game had troubles from the very beginning, right up until after the demos release, then again trying to finish one of the chapters months after the game's release. Its just a bad game.

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Best is subjective and had no requirement restrictions when used by itself, best console hardware? Best games? Best service?

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Better than making ff into a road trip game with an Audi, oh wait they did. I hope they just end ffxv development and work on making a good game next time.

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he's not wrong in that the majority of japanese games don't reach blockbuster status like many western games, i still like a lot of japanese games, but i think the wrong ones sometimes get promoted here in the west, such as FFXV, i'd take tales of bersaria over ffxv any day.

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at least the wiiu could play online without needing to have a separate horrible smart phone app locked to 2 os's and your phone unusable while using it... insanity.

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