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ahh the censored version, great! /s

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It didn't flop, it was the best selling toys to life game series. Disney made a decision across the board to only license games out, and not have their own video game company like avalanche making games. Disney Infinity was profitable, this was just a corporate decision to drive more profits by licensing more of their games.

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Good one... Just saying I liked Disney's strategy with Disney infinity. To get the game on as many consoles as possible. it's not multiplayer so it's not as big of a deal being exclusive.

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even though sony has more of a share of the console gamer market, by going with sony they are losing out on both the xbox and PC market. Good luck to them, i'm sure it will sell well, just being a marvel property will guarantee a good amount.

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@andrewsquall Wow talk about putting words in someones mouth. Please tell me where is said the car will act exactly like your friends driving? or any specifics actually. Its not using the cloud to the extent crackdown is, but it is using the cloud to an extent to provide a more realistic driving experience. The AI difficulty determines part of the attributes and how it drives. The drivatar cloud ai data determines "tendencies". Not sure where your kinect reference came in...

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agreed, i was going to get this day one, but too many other games that remain intact instead of being censored. One game even had story dialogue removed pertaining to a quest in the game, forget which one. But censorship like this needs to be stopped regardless of what is censored.

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agreed, i'm now much less excited for the nx, with so many games on there on other consoles that have a greater chance to be intact, i don't have much drive to get a game censored by nintendo.

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i'd wait for neo and S release, if they don't drop the prices further then get those versions, if they do drop the price and you have no plans on getting a 4k tv you could get the older machines.

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hot air? forza games having been using it and been very successful, so not many games using it really but crackdown will. Cloud combined with Scorpio could lead to some really amazing games.

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Great thanks. This game looks great

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do you have to know any of the previous tales games? are these characters and story self contained?

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@Segata she did get a dlc of a blue tank top though, and honestly i thought she lost some of her identity in the new tombraider game, both in how she looks and her personality.

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you'd think this would have been decided already

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i'd love to see a resolution at 1080 or somewhere in between 4k anti aliased with gorgeous effects.

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xbox one -> scorpio and ps4 -> ps5. i'm not doing xbox one S or Neo.

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I just came to say what a terrible article title.

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Gotta love those analysts, lol.

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i wanted to see news, but e3 was not the time, unless they could blow MS hardware announcements out of the water. They probably need time to tweak messaging and get ready for VR.

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this should definitely happen if MS really wants to be open and gaming for everyone regardless of device/platform.

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why are people comparing what a 1000$+ pc designed to run 4k games against a box that will likely be 500$. you could buy 2 scorpio's for one 4k PC.

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