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Wait til you own a Nintendo title, they censor everything.

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There is no content, the gameplay isn't good enough for a sustainable competitive multiplayer like overwatch Palladins etc

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the only one of those that will sell really well is forza horizon 4, they need more story based games, none of these are that.

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make it 512x288 resolution, done, lol.

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Support your game studios. Don't be a pirate.

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according to eurogamer the 360 version on the xbox one (x) is the definitive console version. still can't believe they run at the original resolutions on the switch.

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google gets into about everything, at least for a time, it will dump products quickly as fast as they add new ones. Hopefully it has some new ideas, because if its another traditional console it might be too late to the party.

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guessing this is not running BC on the Xbox One X for bayo1. Slightly less jagged edges when magnified, on switch thats about it, nearly identical.

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"I assume other publishers said no."

Thats the problem, assumption. We don't have any real info, only that Nintendo offered to fund it. That doesn't really answer any questions about who else offered, who they approached for funding etc, everyone knows Nintendo offered to fund it, since the game released exclusively for it.

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It's already on Nintendo's 3ds successor. The iPhone and iPad.........

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Great game. Can't believe it still runs at 720p. Hope Sega partners for bayo1 on pspro and Xbox one x.

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I enjoyed bayo2 on the wiiu. Not quite as good as the first but still a great game.

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The ps3 version was not done by patinum so yes it suffered some issues. The 360 one looked great, i imagine bayo3 will be in the same ballpark but not significantly better than bayo1.

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Platinum is unreliable at this point when it comes to honoring franchises. They'll put one game out on consoles then the sequel or spiritual successor out on other platforms. I would have preferred that they make their game available to as many players as possible that loved the original bayo and helped make it a success.

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while nice of him to tweet this, we pretty much knew all of this. The question we all had is did they evaluate any other publishers besides Nintendo? Did Sony, Microsoft, EA, or any other publishers offer to make Multiplatform releases?

I would much prefer to be playing a next gen bayo3 thats available on Sony and Microsoft platforms than playing pretty much the same version graphically as bayo1.

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hahah funny, maybe some cloud tech in there "read" internet computing. but not solely cloud based.

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"various tech" = telephone games. (hope I'm wrong though)

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their plan for 3ds is to let it gradually give way to Nintendo's properties on telephones...

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The combat isn't really fun either though, only ship to ship is the interesting part. I really want this game to succeed but the betas not doing much for me. There just isn't much to do.

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I'd love to see achievements and a social feed where u can post comments, screenshots and videos.

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