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yah one day we'll get a cross platform game between sony ms and pc, something thats really huge, like a role playing game or mmorpg, oh wait, there was FFXI, but its impossible to do again! so weird! /s

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I'm going to play in both. 2 player coop one on PC and one on xbox using one copy of the game using home gold console. I have an average pc so I think it will look similar on both Xbox and my pc

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i bought it before, but glad they made this available on games for gold, so everyone can enjoy this game that started it all for the Forza Horizon series.

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it does have gameplay, just not the open-world-free-movement-do-wh at-you-want-gameplay. its a controlled experience telling a unique story that (can vary depending on choices.) in a gaming scene full of open world games that are (sometimes, not always, see RDR etc) light on story, i think their games fit nicely along side those for gamers who want a variety of experiences.

Can't wait for this game.

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This game is impressive graphically, but the tone and story and writing of this trailer does look creative to me, i love that it is set in detroit.

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Titanfall 2 is going to be better anyways, and have a single player campaign. I'd love to see it out for all the next gen systems, cross play between ps and xbox would be awesome.

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guys just move on from drive club, they've had their share of chances, its better to just wait for GT, i'm sure it will support pspro's extra power.

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They just hadn't shown much in the way of story or char dev, just open world fighting and mechs.

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my fear too was a lack of clear direction and story for this game, if what they say is true this could turn out to be a great game.

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i hear it will come free with a pspro for ps+ users... (just joking not serious!)

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this looks interesting, hopefully the story is as good as the mood set in the trailer.

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yah, check out their "So Cool" Video.

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i do agree day one patches are a bit out of hand, but FFXV is on a whole other level with its delays, patching a demo , removing characters etc.

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save to get a tv with 4k HDR TV at holiday this year, then save to get a scorpio at holiday next year, its nicely spaced out for those on average incomes.

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weird title line to pick out, when his only gripes are stuff that are commonly patched out day one or shortly after launch.

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fps vs res war , on a puzzle game lol.

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looks like they are going to a console-handheld hybrid, with neither sony nor Microsoft having a strong handheld (I love my vita though, but needs more well rounded support), its a win/win situation for Nintendo, play off their strengths and let MS and sony battle it out

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I think what went off the rails was this review, but to each his own.

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nothing wrong with this at all, its been a part of some gaming culture and some gaming companies. It provides a safe jobs as well further boosting the economy.

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Sea of Thieves and Halo Wars

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