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This site is for Sony gamers only now...

Honestly, if anyone that is only a Sony gamer thinks that it is good for Sony to dominate while MS and Nintendo struggles, they are stupid.

This was the last article I will click on this site.

Good-Bye to the Sony Defense Force that runs this site...
I will happily go back to gaming vs. surfing senseless supposed "news sites"...

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X1 maybe doomed but I am enjoying it.

As far as I'm concerned, if you shun the X1 then you are just as bad as the people who shunned the PS3 last generation.

Sony made a ton of mistakes last generation and fixed their issues. Microsoft's turn this generation and they are fixing things as well.

Proud Owner of all consoles for the past two generations!

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I see no significant difference between this and the beta.

I wish people would move on from resolution to gameplay, story, and stuff like that.

To me, any game at 720p or greater and a rock solid 30 fps or greater is good from a visual standpoint.

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The Wii is a perfect example on "best games".

The Wii's sales success was more about demographics than about the best software. WiiSports which was one of the ugliest games last gen was fun, but not really for most typical gamers. The social aspects of playing the game drove sales.

The Wii sold about 15 million more consoles last gen than 360 and ps3, but did not have near the attach rates for game purchases that 3...

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Firmware updates are not an overnight decision. They take time.

Sony has probably been working on this for a few months.

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The Ford Fiesta was the #1 selling car in 2013. I guess that means the Ford Fiesta is better than the Lamborghini's Aventador?

Your logic stinks.

Console sales do not equal better games.

Better games is highly subjective. Better games is based on who you talk to and what their tastes are in games. MS simply used E3 award results to make their marketing statement. There is nothing wrong with that... People can decide for themselves wh...

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That's the longest and most complex game name I have ever seen...

Next time use commas!

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Putin is a master manipulator (former KGB) head. He is in power only because he redefined the democratic institutions of the country to let him stay. And he retains power with many of the same traditions used by former soviet communists.

Putin's stupidity in supporting east Ukraine far left wing communist cronies is costing a beautiful, peaceful country a lot of lives and his inaction to proactively deal with Syria has led to the rise of ISIS.

What he s...

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I find it appalling what gets posted in the gaming media.

No gaming media site should post crap like this about any console.

I just added canadianonlinegamer to my no visit list.

I have all three consoles this gen and they are all fine.

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Real gamers (that can afford to) buy as many consoles as they can so they can experience all the best games from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

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Three consecutive months of very strong updates...

June = External HDD
July = Achievements App
August = 3D Blue-Ray

MS is doing a very impressive job at adding features.

When the update happens, my stand alone blue-ray players go in the garbage!

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Back to the article...

I believe that all tech companies should avoid the public stock market.

Tech companies differ from other companies in many ways. But the most important that fly in the face of investors are:

1) Tech companies must adjust to changes in the market place that can obsolete them quickly.
2) Tech companies are driven more by strategies that lead to profitability then they are about immediate shareholder value.

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They lost me at VGChartz...

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I don't think the actions internally at one business can be compared with actions internally at another business.

Especially when one business is based out of the US and the other in Japan.

You can ramble on about studio numbers, etc. but there are significant differences between the two that must be taken into account. One example, Sony makes games for Vita and PS consoles only. Whereas, MS makes games for Xbox consoles an...

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LOL. You might want to read the article...

The studio has nothing to do with gaming....


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Really... Read the article very carefully...

XES - Xbox Entertainment Studio is the Santa Monica studio. And it is in charge of Video Programming...


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See my post on quenomamen's comment above.

RRoD... I had three 360's die over the course of the past generation (all three RRoD in about 2006-07). And I had three PS3's die over the course of the generation (One YRoD, one from a firmware update, and one that just wouldn't do anything when turned on). Also, people like to make a big deal about RRoD, but MS replaced all of my RRoD consoles within days with no issues. Sony refused to fix or replace my last tha...

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Sony had numerous fiascos on the PS3/PS4 yet people came back and played it. I don't see why they wouldn't do the same with XB...

- The 180 on backwards compatibility
- The 180 on dual boot
- The 180 on home
- The 180 that the cell was capable of games with 120 fps
- The 180 on vapourware announcements like Ni-oh, Eyeidentity, Fifth Phantom Saga, Killing Day, Eight Days, Last Guardian, and The Agent
- The 180 ...

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Exactly, people like to blame things like HD, or crappy games, but the reality is that it is difficult to make money as a games studio.

Unless you are making CoD, BF, AC, Halo, Gears, Uncharted, God of War, etc. you have a tough time making money.

Countless studios and publishers packed it in last generation. Bizarre Creations, Pandemic, THQ, and Atari were some of the top names that disappearred. Yet gamers seem oblivious to this fact and blame it on ever...

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*Porting* is being charged for with Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, The Last of Us, Halo Master Chief Edition, Rayman Legends, GTA V, and almost all the Indie games (Indie games have almost all appeared on PC before consoles).

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