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Kinect always on?

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Very bad news, no.

Ninja Gaiden 3 system seller? Absolutely NO.
Rayman system seller? Absolutely NO.


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1., Final Fantasy XIII multi and disappointing.
2., Final Fantasy Versus not coming ps3.
3., The Last Guardian not coming ps3.
4., GT5 good, but in many aspects disappointing.
5., New Jak and Daxter not coming ps3.
6., New Dragon Quest not coming ps3.

Gran Turismo 3
Gran Turismo 4
Dragon Quest VIII
Jak and Daxter 1-3
Shadow ...

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Not surprising. WiiU it is a new console (few months) and yet not too many exklusive game.

Simple, need little time and more AAA games. WiiU not flop.

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I want say: Xbox, let me play secondhand games.

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Man, it is a awesome list.

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Yes i know it is a new IP.
But question:

"Ready Killzone 4? " I say yes.

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Look, the question is "Ready Killzone 4?" My answer, yes i ready.
Ok, it is a new IP GG. But KZ4 not coming ps4? I can wait new KZ next-gen.

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Killzone 4 for ps4?
I ready, sure.

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Maybe this Skies of Arcadia 2.

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I think the answer simple.
New Xbox always online & no second hand games= MS suicide.

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Maybe, but Gran Turismo and MGS brand true system seller for Sony.
I think GT6 good choice PS4 announcement. This subject theory.

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Simple, PS4 announcement and GT6 tech demo.

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Yesssss! Good news!

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Absolutely true.
I don't understand why many people hate this cool console. I buy WiiU this games Zelda WW-HD, Bayonetta 2, X, and many more (E3).

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I know Vita cool and nice console, but need more AAA games. MH, MGS, FF etc.

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1.,Many AAA exklusive games.
2.,No high priced.
3.,No "always online, no second hand game" concept.

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What happen Sony follow this route? I hope not, -but maybe yes- dark age coming video gaming world.

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Man, i hope this not true. Always online? No second hand games? Shit.

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Yes this logical, agree.

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