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It's a great service especially since they will be bringing all the EA games from the Xbox 360 like the Mass Effect trilogy to the Xbox-one.

It will be great to play all those games again on the Xbox-one for only 30 euros a year. #13
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Awesome prize would love to win. #214
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So basically no actual gamer in japan has bought a ps4 i guess they are waiting for the real next-gen console the Xbox One to arrive

They must know the horrible truth about the PS4 that it can't even play exclusive titles at 1080p and Sony have to go out and lie to peoples faces.

Here is a link to what I'm talking about
Actually it you Sonyfanboys who are butthurt now that it has been reveled that killzone shadow fall actually run's at 720p for both single/multi-player and not 1080p as you guys have been going on since the ps4 launch.

Now you guys say resolution doesn't matter LOL!!! #13.1
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Sony lied about killzone shadow fall being 1080p when it's only 720p for both single and multi-player.

They lied about Knack being 1080p when it's 640p.

The order 1886 was said to be 1080p when it's 800p

Heck even infamous second son run's only at 720p upscaled to 1080p.

Ryse for the Xbox One is only 900p but and it's the best looking next-gen game available.

So it looks like the Xbox One... #12
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LOL!!! #29
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Sony must be having dire financial problems if they are cancelling most of they're new Ip's.

Hope The Order: 1886 doesn't get canned too. #28
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I predict 120m for XboxOne and 70m for PS4. #16
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naughty dog and Santa Monica LOL!!!!

There not even in the same league as 343 Industries and Lionhead Studios. #7.1.1
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Ryse makes Killzone Shadow Fall look like a PS2 game LOL!!!!!

Hell Ryse makes any PS4 game look like a PS2 game.

Xbox One games are on a whole other graphic level to Ps4 games. #7
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No it doesn't matter 1080p is the same quality as 720p. #9
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PS4 has major Software errors LOL!!!!!

Plus with the news that over half of the PS4's today at the 'Review event' crashed and overheated i don't see the PS4 selling even close to a Million. #7
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Agreed look at Ryse it looks like a High End PC game while PS4 games look like Low End PC games. #5.2
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With the news that Killzone Shadowfall is going to be delayed because of massive downgrades to the graphics and resolution(from 1080p to 720p) there's no real games coming out for it so there is no reason to get a PS4 for at least 2-3 years. #1
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So the PS4 freezes during Assassin Creed 4 Demo then it YLOD'S at E3 and Gamescon now this LOL!!!!!!

Sony should just leave the Hardware side of things to Microsoft and go Software Exclusive for the Xbox One. #22
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Game looks incredible blows anything on the PS4 out of the water.

I didn't like the first 2 games due to crap game-play but this looks so much better now if Cap-com can just just add more weapons to it like guns and other things they and Microsoft could have their own 'Last of US' type game on their hands.. #10
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Awesome My launch line up so far is Ryse, Call of Duty Ghost, Dead Rising 3, Watch Dogs and Battlefield 4.

As for the Play-station 4 there' thing actually i mean Killzone is just a bad Halo ripoff,Knack is a banjo kazooie ripoff and Driveclub is a poor man's Forza. #9
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Game looks incredible and Microsoft snagging it as a XBOX1 exclusive makes it more incredible.

Now if only Kojima uses the cloud to make this game even better it will be one of the best games ever made. #6
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I don't get why people are making such a fuss over what Microsoft are doing...I mean don't Sony fans realize that Sony are going to implement the exact same feature's as Microsoft but not only that but Sony is going to start charging to play on-line. #3
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I think Microsoft is doing a good thing with this. It's about time the brick and mortar shops were completely killed off.

I mean there's no need for them anymore it should be digital only for now on.

Not only would it save Developers/publishers money for not having to mass produce games on physical disc's but it would save cooperation's money for not having to employe's people to work in brick and mortar shops. #2
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