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Looks good it's unfortunate it's only on PS4 since it is such a weak console the Xboxone is now the most powerful console ever created thanks to the cloud if this game was on it the graphics would be 20x better.

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Dynamic weather is overrated long live the king of racers Forza and the losers Driveclub and Gran Turismo.

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Game looks great the ps4 would melt trying to run this game hell it already melts trying to run a simple game like Rocket League lol!!!!

This game is another great exclusive to the Xboxone while the ps4 doesn't have any exclusives till next year.

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I've read a rumor that some of Sony's exclusive studios might be bought out next.

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Awesome now if Microsoft can buy out Sony that would be great. I would love to see the Uncharted series on Xboxone.

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Microsoft owned the Mass Effect IP but those games still made it to the PS3 so there still is a very big chance the Resistance games will show up on the Xboxone.

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Since Insomniac is now Multiplatform we will be seeing these games on the Xboxone.

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Looks like a Gears of war rip-off except with 99% of the gameplay being QTE's. Looks boring as hell.

It truly shows that Microsoft are the only one's who actually put effort into their games.

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And with the cloud the Xboxone with be 4x times more powerful than the PS4 can't wait to see future games blow all Sony Exclusives out of the water.

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Look's 100x times better than Sony's outdated remote play tech.

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Look's like the HoloLens is set to destroy Sony's outdated Morpheus tech.

I bet sony fans wish they could get something amazing as the HoloLens but unfortunately sony can't afford something like it

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It's a great service especially since they will be bringing all the EA games from the Xbox 360 like the Mass Effect trilogy to the Xbox-one.

It will be great to play all those games again on the Xbox-one for only 30 euros a year.

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Awesome prize would love to win.

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So basically no actual gamer in japan has bought a ps4 i guess they are waiting for the real next-gen console the Xbox One to arrive

They must know the horrible truth about the PS4 that it can't even play exclusive titles at 1080p and Sony have to go out and lie to peoples faces.

Here is a link to what I'm talking about

Actually it you Sonyfanboys who are butthurt now that it has been reveled that killzone shadow fall actually run's at 720p for both single/multi-player and not 1080p as you guys have been going on since the ps4 launch.

Now you guys say resolution doesn't matter LOL!!!

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Sony lied about killzone shadow fall being 1080p when it's only 720p for both single and multi-player.

They lied about Knack being 1080p when it's 640p.

The order 1886 was said to be 1080p when it's 800p

Heck even infamous second son run's only at 720p upscaled to 1080p.

Ryse for the Xbox One is only 900p but and it's the best looking next-gen game available.

So it looks like the Xbox One...

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Sony must be having dire financial problems if they are cancelling most of they're new Ip's.

Hope The Order: 1886 doesn't get canned too.

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I predict 120m for XboxOne and 70m for PS4.

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naughty dog and Santa Monica LOL!!!!

There not even in the same league as 343 Industries and Lionhead Studios.

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