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oh dear the legions are out today

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Nope its now super grindy or pay cash to skip the grinding.. Just like most apps on your phone..

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At least they offer some way of playing older games on ps4.. Xbox needs this feature as there is a demand for it. Remasters prove there is a market for classic games and Sony are giving into that market. My only issue is if your not remastering it and people have already bought at least digital for ps3 they should be entitled to stream the ps3 version for free to ps4.

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you dont like that the official playstation site isnt advertising the game is also on xbox?? Are you high or something?? Why would xbox gamers go on the playstation blog to look for xbox games?? Simple answer is they wouldn't and I wouldn't expect MS to post the games are available on ps4 either. PS blog speaks to there audience just like major nelson does on his blog.

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Nintendo need a big win as sales are slowing down and the fact yet again they are only doing a nintendo direct and the only major titles to look forward to is a delayed zelda and mario maker its not looking good for the future of WiiU. nintendo needs some massive announcements at E3 to assure those people who already own a wiiu like myself they made the right choice choose the console. Sony and MS already are selling plenty even if Sony is selling over double what MS is plus they both got ple...

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But its not an exclusive so it doesnt count unlike bloodbourne right?

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DAMMIT we wanted Burnout EA :(

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no you don't go away! Shoo!

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On that 4th scene though the graphics are just not up the scratch compared to other scenes.. Maybe some textures are left low on purpose so the meaningful ones which stand out the most will make the game look better?? Unsure but its a decent port to consoles but I would still say a massive downgrade for PC if the consoles are pretty much matching it on ultra.. Least its got 4K :)

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UK is the only place in Europe MS has had a fighting chance and Sony is slowly taking it away from them. Ms though is fighting strong and that means great deals for gamers as so far Sony has been outselling MS worldwide even with a more expensive console but it had to start catching up with them eventually and it was always going to start with UK and US.

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Battlefront is going to be battlefield Star wars with a TON of DLC to milk it to the hilt. While sims has gone downhill Battlefield actually did okay with the latest release. It has at least tried something new and released a lot more stable this time around and EA have finally got that 120hz working on beta servers. Meaning we are going to get a better experience online very soon!

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They don't worldwide numbers do however we cannot get true worldwide numbers so we can either rely on estimated numbers from vgchartz or actual numbers from just the US. There is no alternative..

the numbers also show what games sell most on what console and the only games that have sold most on Xbox One are Battlefield, NBA and COD. Apart from NBA which is a surprise the other 2 tell us a lot we need to know about the console and its audience still MS cannot shake the s...

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Erm you mean MS not Sony..Sony have outsold MS worldwide since launch no need to pretend the NPD is the world unlike MS has been doing.

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a lot of price dropping and deals.. Seen it in the UK too there has been some deals where in the UK anyway you can get an xbox one for as little as £200!

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They finally outsold it in on region by a tiny amount after about 4 price drops? I wouldn't say that was a major win.. Ms however will once again pretend though like NPD covers the planet and they won in worldwide sales with this news.

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Nice list :)

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GT7 and hopefully S-E finally gets there a**es into gear and do a ffvii remake as they have already remade 1-6 and since 7 is the one most ff fans want and now is the perfect time.. It makes sense S-E DO IT! I would also love a new Suikoden but as we know Konami are probably getting out of the gaming industry after MGS.
I think Fallout by now is a given and they might as well just tell us already as they have been leaking stuff from that game and covering the leaks for way too long no...

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Slim consoles could happen to reduce costs but increasing hard drives wont because of that reason. Unless they add it as a new SKU. Hoenstly its so damn easy to swap out a HDD on ps4 or add an external HDD to you xbox nowadays you don't need a new SKU. Anybody with a screwdriver can swap out there ps4 hard drive watching a kid on youtube show them how.

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I have a wiiU and all that gets played on it is mario kart and smash.. I love the games but I feel ripped off I paid over £300 (for console and games) to play 2 games.

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How is this not just gears on 360?? Any proof its actually a new xbox one version?? The thing is if your gonna fake a game make small size videos and images as you would compress the pixels and thus make it look better. Its the trick fakers have been using for years now. We all know the games in development but I cannot trust these as being leaked images/videos from the actual game.

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