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Why are people always trolling any COD related news. Seriously, some people actually like the series and can't wait for this game, and people want to see the comments relating to the news story on hand, but there is always off topic bs that shows up in the comments section. Grow up people, lol

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It was a horrible DLC. LoS is one of my favorite games of this generation, but this DLC was too short, and really frustrating.

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With or without HD graphics and third parties, it is pretty amazing how Nintendo dominated this generation alone, by themselves

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The intro looked amazing but seriously WTF were they all doing, lol

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The 3DS is going to eat the PSP2 alive, and Nintendo is known to have quality hardware, but on N4G Sony is God and therefore most here will root for the PSP2

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Mario Galaxy 2 has a 97 on metacritic, equaling it's predecessor. LBP2 is doing very well critically

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You both forgot Twisted Metal

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People on this site were praising him last week for giving black ops a 6/10, lol

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I just hope it doesn't mean Sly 4 for the PSP, or that it is not handed to another developement studio like Jak and Daxter: The Last Frontier

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Great score. God of War has always been amazing

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One of these scrolls had a reference to Portal.

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Its actually amazing just how much better GT5 looks compared to prologue

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I can't believe they marked it down for having no multiplayer.

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I hope not. I like having a box with a manual and beautiful art on the box.

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Hmmm, I was hoping there would be more characters to play in the story mode like in Black

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The graphics look great, and the fast paced action looks awesome, but the environments just seem so generic.

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The moment Agro fell off the cliff in Shadow of the Colossus right before facing off the final colossus, right before the final cutscene in MGS4 where Snake pulls the trigger on himself in a cinematically well crafted moment, pulling the master sword from the stone for the first time in Ocarina of Time. There are so many emotional moments in the games I played over the years.

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Such common sense. GT5 demolishes Forza on every level possible.

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I am looking forward to this game, but its not a day one purchase. It comes two weeks after GT5. Talk about bad timing. Still though, the game looks and sounds awesome. I wish it came out during this long summer drought.

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