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You mention in your post FFXII-2 and a big typo and don't expect to be taken as a troll? You realize there is a Final Fantasy 14 right? You realize this is an upgrade to FF14 and it's being called FF14 2.0? FF13-2 is its own game.

As for your comment of new and good RPGs they have been trying that this generation too or were you asleep during Infinite Undiscovery, The World Ends With You, The Last Remnant, Nier, etc?

The last 3 FF games have been crap...

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I wasn't aware N4G even did cool contests like this.

It feels great that people enjoyed the Gears 3 review. Hope I can contribute more in the future. :)

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Was there a lot of niche games even released in September? September's sales being down have more to do with the fact that jack shit came out when compared to other months.

Look at November of this year... how is there ANYWAY for that month to not see a sales boost when compared to 2010? 9+ AAA games so that there is something for everyone.

What they needed was more top caliber games throughout the year so consumers have the money to spend at a monthly ...

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If you are going to troll at least make it hard to tell if you are serious. This is too easy to tell is a 15 year old trying too hard to rile people up online.

As for giving FF14 another chance I'm not even open to it. I bought the LE day one, and was a dedicated FFXI player for 6 years. FF14 was beyond a letdown and a joke. They had to cut subscription costs to keep any player base, and the whole games existence has been nothing but a giant burning of money.

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Thank you for reading it. ;)

I agree that tweaks are probably just around the corner. EPIC is probably taking all the feedback in now and trying to gauge the best course of action, especially with the adding of new playlists that could segment the audience and possibly make matchmaking harder for users.

I hope people who aren't even fans of the franchise or shooters at least give it a rent, because it does such a fantastic job of satisfying such a wide v...

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@Pandamobile I thought that Bad Company 2 just used EA's servers for consoles. Dedicated yes, but I heard numerous reports from players with issues on them for consoles. I had PC version so I wasn't sure what the console state was like online.

I never ever heard DICE touting dedicated servers for the original Bad Company on consoles. I still haven't heard anything in the way for BF3 either. Developers need to seriously state these things. Dedicated servers can and...

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It's always great to see the bar raised once again in gaming in various fields. There should be no excuse now for bigger franchises like Call of Duty, Halo, and Battlefield not to use dedicated servers on consoles as well in the future.

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There's a lot of solid titles this month for every type of gamer. From niche JRPG titles, to big AAA shooters. Seems like everyone should have something they want to snag.

These 5 games are just the ones that have gotten more buzz around them than the ones not mentioned. Will they be THE best? Time will tell. Are they all MUST play? Depends on your tastes, but all 5 are something I would rent in a heartbeat to at least experience, and if I was a rich gajillionaire I'd...

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Derek Neal the lead on the game will probably get this all ironed out soon. He's asking the community what they wanted to see fixed. It's a shame they launched the game as is, because if you read most reviews for this game they will tell you the same things I did. Giantbomb's Jeff G. said a lot of similar things, but he graded more kindly.

I'm someone who wants to spend hundreds of hours with this game, and so for it to launch busted is a pain, because I don&#...

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Hate me why? My opinion doesn't match up with yours, and I didn't give this game a 9/10 or 10/10 like every other blind drooling oaf on the net these days. Go read the whole thing before you come to a conclusion about me and my review. You see a 6 and you assume the worst.

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Yeah I don't know a thing about fighting games. *rolls eyes* I'll body you free.

Games I play on a damn near daily basis:
KoF13 Arcade
Garou Mark of the Wolves on GGPO

Games I can't wait to buy:
KoF 13 console
Tekken Tag 2

Games I didn't like this gen fighter wise:
KoF 12
SF3 Online Edition (as is)

So I'm glad ...

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Easily one of the most under the radar releases this year, and from a company that is damn near bankrupt. Hopefully people give this game a chance and some love.

Got mine paid off. <3

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MvC3 isn't a crappy game, but even I can't help but feel that I paid Capcom $60.00 for a beta only to have the real game come out 5 months later. :/

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This game is hot cocaine. STRAIGHT INTO MEH VEINS!

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Aside from a few bugs that are common to big open world games like this, it's a blast. :P Still wish we had gotten the other Cole design though.

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Mother of God no! Then all Capcom would be doing is pumping out casual game after casual game, no more new IPs, and just keep doing the same games they've been doing forever.

As bad as some of Capcoms choices have been these past few years I can at least give them props for trying plenty of new IPs.

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Awesome game. Super relaxing and fun. :)

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<_< It's really tactical when you can just drop them and they instantly blow up. It makes the Triangle button chuck back mechanic completely pointless. They need to add like 1-2 seconds before detonation so you can possibly hurl them back and not instantly die everytime you melee someone first and he just throws it at his feet to kill you both.

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It explains WHY it looked bad. Maybe take 1 minute out of your day to read the reasoning before coming to a conclusion.

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Your opinion is awesome, because I'm sure you frequent the site or have ever even bothered to read this or any websites articles for that matter. 2 bubbles? Oh yeah you're a troll account in a basement somewhere.

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