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I think a lot of you are missing the point of the article. Joe isn't debating Sony advises you about auto-renew, he's pointing out that it goes against the auto-fund options and changes your previously set options, meaning if you don't normally have funds in your wallet and auto-funds were switched off, Sony will change it to complete the auto-renew rather than cancelling the service.

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Joe is making the point it goes against the rest of their system (auto-fund)

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I agree RTS always play better on a PC, but to be fair Tropico 3 played quite well on the 360.

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It's a great little trailer. Probably one of the best I have seen for a long time. I'm sure the game is going to be just as good as its intro.

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Why does it need to look good if it plays well? Graphically it's not brilliant granted, but if FIFA looked like that but plays like it does, would you not get it?

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The other RL titles have played well, just the players look shocking.

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My mate has got back to me. Pretty much what he has put is for him it doesn't bother him. It's a game at the end of the day. But he did say for others it is probably too close to the borderline for them.

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"A lot of service men are gamers. Quite a bit actually. I'm sure the first thing they wanna do when their tour is up is come home and start fraggin "six days in fallujah"..."

A very good mate of mine is in the RAF. He has had several tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He's also a massive lover of the COD series. I'm going to ask him what he thinks about MOH. I'm betting it doesn't bother him and if it gets good reviews, he'll buy it.

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Article updated due to crappy knowledge of geography!

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No but we'd be having the same discussion of the game was set in Iraq

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It's certainly making the game even more appealing to so many people. Possibly back at the top of the charts next week?

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I don't think it is MSN related at all. I've recieved this message from one of my friends who's not on MSN. Maybe it originated on MSN, but the message is certainly being sent through the message creator on the Xbox

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I have no problem paying for it, and I'll continue to quite happily pay for it as well

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