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1. The original Forza Vs GT5P "nonsense" actually existed to show how forza didn't seem any further in advance despite being much newer.

2. Where is your fair comparison? You don't compare any real shots.


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Yeah, we've already seen the difference between these two games:

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They look pretty similar to me. And if anything, the PS3 version's jaggier...

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It'll probably do well though. Legitimately. Sure, it's not *quite* as good graphically as GT5 Prologue, but it is very nice.

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LOL, we wouldn't expect anything less.

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It's quite amazing really...

If Forza can't even top GT5 prologue, how's it going to look when the real GT5 comes out in March?

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Yeah, that's really nice. I'm guessing there's no chance that it'll be released outside of Japan though... Might have to import.

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Not really the point being made. You might want to actually read the article.

The point is, that after championing backwards compatibility, Sony is taking that away so any new adopters have to download PS2 games they want to play. Buying old PS2 games from pre-owned racks in stores is also being shut out as well.

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Compared to the Dreamcast, the PS2's only real competition at the time, it got off to a flier. And you can't deny backwards compatibility made the choice to go from PSone to PS2 (rather than to DC or even Xbox or GC) more compelling - something that's not an issue any more. The point that was being made at the end, perhaps not as eloquently as it should have been.

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A fake review? What?

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I think we know IGN will give this 9 or above.

It amazes me people actually view IGN as THE place to get the most honest review. C'mon, don't be so naive - IGN has advertisers to please, PR people to stay friendly with... you're far more likely to get an honest review elsewhere.

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Snake's man-boobs?

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It amazes me how pathetic it is. They should've gone all out and made it so that if people swing the controller around, the character does a full and exaggerated 'around the world' motion.

If they're going to do it, then they should really DO IT.

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It's a high price to pay for something that will only ever cause embarrassment when someone comes round and sees it.

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Heh, adds slightly more credibility to this:

And to think, everyone thought it was fake.

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Puff piece.

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He's done loads of videogame work... who cares?

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